Run-Command 1.06 Nenad Hrg    

Run-Command is a small, portable windows program and created as an alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog. In this program you will find a number of improvements e.g. the function run as administrator and add to favorites commands for frequently used commands. You can comfortably manage the favorites and grouping by command categories is also possible. Features: - Very small .... Free download of Run-Command 1.06

Command Prompt Portable 2.3 Portableapps    

Command Prompt Portable is a simple utility that allows you to have a custom command line setup on any Windows computer you come across. It has built in support for the command line interpreters on both Windows 95/98/Me and Windows ... as the ability to customize using simple DOS commands by editing the .bat file within CommandPromptPortableDatabatch after .... Free download of Command Prompt Portable 2.3

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Automatically Run Or Close Programs At Certain Times Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... a solution to users who want to automatically run or close programs at certain times. The user can schedule the process to occur every x number of hours or daily at a specified time or weekly on a specified day. The required programs are added to lists for closing and .... Free download of Automatically Run Or Close Programs At Certain Times Software 7.0

Image Comparer Command Line 1.1 Bolide Software    

... groups of images, and no comparison will be run inside each group. If only one object is specified, comparison will be done among these images, unless this object is a single image file. Options list: -O:output file - specifies comparison results file. By default, standard output device is used. -E:error .... Free download of Image Comparer Command Line 1.1

EZ Command 1.3 EZ Project    

EZ Common needed. A batch of programs are run according to a configuration file. When an error is returned by a program, the execution batch can stop. Confirmation may be required before a program starts. .... Free download of EZ Command 1.3

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FR Command Line Text Find and Replace 1.12 Procon Systems    

... file paths given in the @Files), and * run a TEST mode check to list the files that will be affected. * function as just a text FIND utility. .... Free download of FR Command Line Text Find and Replace 1.12

SWF to BMP Converter Command Line v2.0 Inc    

VeryDOC SWF to BMP Converter Command Line can be called with other software application.It ... from video to jpg. SWF to BMP Converter Command Line supports these options: 1. Run on all the windows platforms. 2. Video to image(png jpg,bmp .... Free download of SWF to BMP Converter Command Line v2.0

SWF to JPG Converter Command Line v2.0 Inc    

VeryDOC SWF to JPG Converter Command Line can be called with other software application.It ... from video to jpg. SWF to JPG Converter Command Line supports these options: 1. Run on all the windows platforms. 2. Support various target formats .... Free download of SWF to JPG Converter Command Line v2.0

Database Command Executor 2.3 Precision software & consulting    

... a simple utility that can perform a sql commands on a database. You can execute an insert, update or delete commands as well as select statements. Utility returns the ... values in a simple editable grid. Statement is run as many times as rows in the grid, the user defines. If you run the utility without command-line parameters, the full GUI .... Free download of Database Command Executor 2.3

RunFromProcess 1.05 NirSoft Freeware    

RunFromProcess is a command-line utility that allows you to run a program from another process that you choose. The program that you run will be executed as a child of the specified process and it'll run with the same user and security context of .... Free download of RunFromProcess 1.05

Swiss File Knife StahlWorks Technologies    

... list dir tree sizes, filter and replace text, run an instant ftp server, http server for easy ... into one, create and verify md5 checksum lists, run a command on all files, detab text, create hexdumps from ... between files, print colored text to terminal, locate commands in the path, print last lines of a .... Free download of Swiss File Knife

NppExec 0.5 Vitaliy Dovgan    

Notepad++ plugins is a collection of tools which plays a role of completion for Notepad++. This project contains Explorer, Function List, Hex Editor, Spell Checker and a console program NppExec. Other plugin developers are invited to share their projects .... Free download of NppExec 0.5

DevxExec 1.16 DevelopEx - custom software company    

... a simple task especially if you need to run an application with GUI on Windows 2008/Windows Vista/Windows ... specific user account. DevxExec is designed exactly to run application from a windows service. Using DevxExec you can run applications from your service under Local System, Network ... desktop the application should be started. It has command line interface. To see the help, run DevxExec .... Free download of DevxExec 1.16

FireDaemon Pro 3.7.2660 FireDaemon Technologies Limited    

... system utility that allows you to install and run any 32-bit or 64-bit application or script (EXE, ... features easy service configuration via the GUI or command line, a low memory and CPU overhead, subprocess ... on-disk log files. FireDaemon Pro services can be run as LocalSystem, local and domain users. Network drives .... Free download of FireDaemon Pro 3.7.2660

Application as Service 4.0.160 Program Service Software    

... Windows service. With this utility you can easily run application as service at system boot without starting ... Application as Service on remote computer. You can run your application interactively (visible to users) or silently. Both, interactively and silently run services can be launched under user accounts. You ... on time. Services can be created using GUI, command line or XML configuration file. With Application as .... Free download of Application as Service 4.0.160

V-Mailer 1.2.1 Virdi Software    

V-Mailer is 32-bit command-line and batch mailer and supports SMTP authentication. It ... application, which means that it can only be run from the DOS prompt or from inside a batch file. It will send a message to any single email address. .... Free download of V-Mailer 1.2.1

SMPPCli 1.0.0 KaplanSoft    

SMPPCLi is a command line SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) client runs under ... receiver phone number and text locale from the command line. Freeware edition of SMPPCli limits text message with 10 characters and can be run only one instance at a time. .... Free download of SMPPCli 1.0.0

Sync 2.1 Zach Scrivena    

Sync is a simple command-line utility for performing one-way directory or file synchronization. ... relative pathnames. * SIMULATION MODE: Sync can be run to simulate file operations, so that the target directory is not modified. * UNATTENDED USAGE: With an appropriate choice of switches, Sync can be executed without user intervention. .... Free download of Sync 2.1

SmartCommand 2.1.6 Online TV    

Lets you run safely windowsXP Command, keep notes and run system tools. You can write and store notes, Run System Tolls. Msconfig, Regedit...ect, and program Alarms. .... Free download of SmartCommand 2.1.6

PowerCmd 2.2 PowerCmd    

PowerCmd enhances your command prompt with an easy-to-use Windows GUI-style interface and allows you to run multiple consoles within a single tabbed window. You ... font and colors, customizable toolbar for frequently used commands or tools and minimizing to tray are easy solutions to daily needs. .... Free download of PowerCmd 2.2

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OraCmd 2.9 Withdata Software    

OraCmd is a command-line tool for Oracle that can run sql command, import/export data, even without Oracle client. Main features: ... without installing Oracle client software. 2. Execute sql command. 3. Run sql script from file. 4. Load Oracle data .... Free download of OraCmd 2.9

NetTaskExec 1.3.5 Nsasoft US LLC    

NetTaskExec schedules programs and commands to run on local or network computers in the near ... must be running in order to execute a command or computer program. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly .... Free download of NetTaskExec 1.3.5

Impersonator 1.77 DimaWare    

... create a list of programs you need to run with other's users account. And run this list from a shortcut and/or command line and/or using an GUI of Impersonator. User .... Free download of Impersonator 1.77

Monkey Tools 1.00 Mad-Monkey    

... GUI based applications that can be controlled from command line. The utilities include: - iutil.exe is a ... nocmd.exe is a tool that allow you to run a dos script without the contents of a command window (hidden). - messagebox.exe is a console tool ... box onto a Windows desktop. - shutdown.exe (and command.exe), is a console tool that allows you to .... Free download of Monkey Tools 1.00

Automize 10.18 Hitek Software LLC    

Easy to use, No programming is required. Run 1000+ tasks a day. Scripting features are available ... file monitoring. In addition, the chaining feature can run tasks in sequence or conditionally depending on exit ... variables allow for advanced automation solutions. Number of command-line utilities are available to remotely and programmatically control. Free download of Automize 10.18

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