Remote Desktop Connect HK YIHE International Trade Limited    

Remote Desktop Connect is a remote controlling application to take control of your partners PC. You can chat, share files, but also take control over the whole desktop. It does not require any setups or technical ... Any person can run this software without skills. Remote Desktop Connect is created using Visual Studio and .... Free download of Remote Desktop Connect

SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.4.0 Tomsk, Inc.    

SkyFex Remote Desktop is a free online remote desktop service that allows watching and controlling remote computers in real time. It works transparently through ... use it. SkyFex is a secure service for remote support solutions and help desks. It works directly ... time. Here is a brief list of Skyfex Remote Desktop features (full feature list is available at .... Free download of SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.4.0

ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop ThinRDP    

ThinVNC is a pure-web Remote Desktop access solution. The remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform ... JSON and HTML5 canvas to deliver a high-performance Remote Desktop access over the web, using HTTP and SSL ... to ensure that you can connect to your remote computer from any place. Choose ThinVNC PRO to .... Free download of ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop

Supremo Remote Desktop Nanosystems S.r.l.    

Supremo is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It is a complete and powerful utility for remote access and support over the internet. With Supremo you can remotely control any computer, without the need to change ... the highest security level available. Supremo Remote Desktop is an easy-to-use software that will enable .... Free download of Supremo Remote Desktop

Remote Control PRO 3.7 Alchemy Lab    

Complete and efficient remote control solution that gives you full control over remote computer as if you were working directly at it - viewing/controlling remote desktop, running windows and console applications, working with clipboard and files, instant messaging and more. Unattended easy-to-use deployment and ... 128-bit network traffic encryption, built-in messaging, task and file manager, clipboard transfer support and other advanced features. .... Free download of Remote Control PRO 3.7

Remote Support System 1.7.3 R.D.H. LLC    

... will allow you to create a single exe file that a client can download off your Web ... you (through firewalls) and allow you to provide remote support. You now can provide support for clients you've never even met, transfer files and directories, chat with the client, reboot the remote PC with auto-reconnect, reboot the remote PC into .... Free download of Remote Support System 1.7.3

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LogMeIn Free Remote Access for Mac 4.01.2229 LogMeIn    

... browser; access to a Windows PC or Mac, remote control and desktop viewing, copy and paste between computers, Wake on ... firewall, router or proxy configuration. No requirement for remote PC admin rights. .... Free download of LogMeIn Free Remote Access for Mac 4.01.2229

Radmin Remote Control 3.5.1 Famatech Corp.    

... (Remote Administrator) is the popular, award winning secure remote control software which enables you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse. You can remotely access the same computer from multiple places and use advanced File Transfer function, multi-user Text and Voice chats, Remote .... Free download of Radmin Remote Control 3.5.1

LAN Desktop Spy Monitor 4.1 desktop spy monitor, Inc.    

LAN desktop Spy Monitor is an effective tool to help ... waste of computer. The main functions of LAN Desktop Spy Monitor: Spy and capture employee’s computer screen ... text content of email and message send, document file content edited or modified and other input with ... Record Website visit and filter some sites. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can log all sites that your .... Free download of LAN Desktop Spy Monitor 4.1

Antamedia Remote Control Software 1 ANTAMEDIA    

Easy-to-use remote control software helps you administer and control remote computers any time and anywhere just like you ... remember.With a double click admin can start a remote desktop connection, transfer files and chat with a user. This is how ... found it very simple and efficient ! Antamedia Remote Software uses the HTTP/S protocol, allowing to safely .... Free download of Antamedia Remote Control Software 1

NetOp Remote Control 10.50 B2011248 Netop    

NetOp Remote Control is the complete solution for the service ... of your computers: from the completion of complex remote maintenance and file transfer, through remote user support, to network-wide software and hardware inventorying. ... and comprehensive rights management. FEATURES: · Remote Control - Host desktop display as full screen or window, Host control .... Free download of NetOp Remote Control 10.50 B2011248

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ThinRDP Server 2.2 Cybele Software, Inc.    

... can access all of their Windows programs, documents, files, and network resources through their preferred device PC, ... IP address. This includes access to applications and desktops running Microsoft RDS/ Terminal Services and RDS/VDI platforms, such as session-based applications and virtual desktops. ThinRDP facilitates the complete spectrum of cross-browser, cross-platform ... OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS can connect remotely into their Windows desktops through their favorite browser. .... Free download of ThinRDP Server 2.2

ThinVNC Cybele Software, Inc.    

ThinVNC is a pure-web Remote Desktop access solution. The remote computer can be accessed from any operating system ... JSON and HTML5 canvas to deliver a high-performance Remote Desktop access over the web, using HTTP and SSL ... to ensure that you can connect to your remote computer from any place. ThinVNC delivers secure, .... Free download of ThinVNC

SecureFX 7.3 VanDyke Software Inc.    

... for Windows, Mac, and Linux is a secure file transfer client with advanced features like site synchronization and ... jobs - connecting to multiple servers, resuming multi-file transfers, and getting through network proxies and firewalls. An ... Establish a secure connection, then drag and drop files to and from the server and your desktop .... Free download of SecureFX 7.3

SupportSmith IT Support SupportSmith    

... Technician's side nor Customer's. Quickly and safely establish remote desktop connections with a suite of support tools to allow for the best interaction, such as remote control, desktop sharing, application sharing, online collaboration, chat, remote shell, file transfer and port forwarding. SupportSmith v2 IT Support uses ... v2 IT Support provides the technician with complete Remote PC System Information without disturbing the user. This .... Free download of SupportSmith IT Support

Instant Housecall 6.0 Instant Housecall Inc.    

Remote support for IT Pros and MSPs. View and ... in seconds. Brand the UI, splash screen and desktop icons with your company logo. Repair computers automatically with integrated Remote d7 from Foolish IT baked right in. Drag-and-drop files between PCs, reboot into safe mode and more. ... includes powerful features like reboot and reconnect, drag-and-drop file transfer, chat, session history and notes, multi-monitor support, .... Free download of Instant Housecall 6.0

BeAnywhere Support Express 1.50.04 Multiplicar Negocios    

Professional remote support solution. No software installation required. Provide immediate support to customers and colleagues without pre-installing software. Remote control, File transfer and Chat. Access to unattended PCs. Restart and automatically reconnect remote computers. Restart in safe mode included. Generate ... technicians spent. Export all data to an Excel file for further analysis and as proof of your .... Free download of BeAnywhere Support Express 1.50.04

LogMeIn Free 4.1.4408 LogMeIn    

LogMeIn Free gives you remote control of your PC or Mac from any ... computer you want to control. You'll see its desktop and be able to use all the applications on your remote computer as if you were sitting in front ... Access to a Windows PC or Mac * Remote control and desktop viewing * Copy and paste .... Free download of LogMeIn Free 4.1.4408

Satan-AnyWhere 1.3.9 William Kendi Nishio    

Satan-AnyWhere is a Java based open-source flexible remote control software. It got some common features of remote control softwares, like remote console, file transfer, remote desktop control, proxy, encryption, multiple sessions, chat, screen capture, .... Free download of Satan-AnyWhere 1.3.9

TeamViewer Portable 10.0.36897 TeamViewer GmbH     update

... USB stick, gets it's licensing from an .ini file on the stick and does not leave any ... registry values are stored there. FEATURES: Remote Control without Installation: · With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No ... and connect - even through tight firewalls. Remote Presentation of Products, Solutions and Services: · The .... Free download of TeamViewer Portable 10.0.36897

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TeamViewer 10.0.36897 TeamViewer GmbH     update

... or acquaintances with their computer problems from a remote location or have them help you? Do you want to make large files available to others - quickly and easily? Or would you like to show your desktop to someone at a remote location? In these and many other cases, TeamViewer ... personal user and benefit from its extensive capabilities: remote control of computers, transfer of files, working online .... Free download of TeamViewer 10.0.36897

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Anyplace Control 7.0 Anyplace Control Software    

... miles away you are going. Leave your heavy desktop PC at home while you are traveling! No ... notebook! Gain immediate control over your home PC desktop and its files while on the go with Anyplace Control! Accessing your PC remotely works in a few very simple steps and ... you need to access your machine from a remote location, you simply enter your computer name into .... Free download of Anyplace Control 7.0

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 Symantec    

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 is the world’s leading remote access software solution. It lets you manage computers efficiently, resolve helpdesk issues quickly, and connect to remote devices simply and securely. New features of this ... and native whiteboard support, while continuing to enable remote users to find, connect to, and control the ... and improved connection options. Provides unparalleled functionality: secure remote control, file transfer, command queue, remote management, quick .... Free download of Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5

Netman 6.41 Nanning Netman Computer Co.Ltd.    

Netman is free, LAN-Penetrated, Antivirus-approved, PC remote control software. By inputting counterpart’s IP and control ... easily collaborate with your partners or control a remote PC without the counterpart’s awareness. When the remote PC is connected, you can view and record the desktop, control counterpart's mouse and keyboard, transfer files between PCs, communicate via video and audio, .... Free download of Netman 6.41

Softick Commander 1.03 Softick    

Softick Commander is a file manager for Palm OS, which supports file browse and transfer over Bluetooth link, thus extending capabilities of Palm ... easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly. ... your photos, ring tones, documents and any other files in your Bluetooth environment; Access your mobile phone, .... Free download of Softick Commander 1.03

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