QL Shutdown 3.8 QwertyLab    

QL Shutdown is a Power management solution for organizations of any sizes. Tool allows you to manage the power state of the large numbers of workstations by one ... by schedule, so you can obtain fully automatic power management for your organization without installing client software .... Free download of QL Shutdown 3.8

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Shutter Auto Shutdown 1.0 Abed Fetrat    

Shutter is freeware for executing Windows task automatically, such as Shutdown, Hibernate and Restart at a specified amount of time. It is developed to be a simple to use, clean Interface and handy Windows utility. Shutter does not require installation, the download comes only with one executable file. .... Free download of Shutter Auto Shutdown 1.0

PassMark Sleeper 2.3 Build 1009 PassMark Software    

... * Put a PC into any sleep state (S1, S2, S3) supported by the system * ... * Force the PC into the requested sleep state * Cycle through all sleep states or just all states supported by the system * Launch Sleeper from BurnInTest scripts to test sleep states between test runs. * Display the supported sleep .... Free download of PassMark Sleeper 2.3 Build 1009

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Phenom II Tweaker 1.1 Falcosoft    

... case of AMD Phenoms is always the Performance state 0 detected at boot time. This can be ... the right Clock speed (ie. the configured p0 state you set in k10stat). Warning! Only use this ... don't support hardware initiated, only SMI initiated C1E power saving features. If C1E is enabled in the .... Free download of Phenom II Tweaker 1.1

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BattCursor 1.2 Thomas Baumann    

... battery based on which you can see the State of your battery. It can also show advanced information, such as remaining run-time, battery voltage and power. Aero Glass For particularly critical moments (where ... This becomes once the battery is on low power yellow, at critical red. System-Tray Using .... Free download of BattCursor 1.2

iDefrag 2.2.4 Coriolis Systems    

... right thing automatically. No need to turn journaling off to defragment or optimize your disk. Support ... disk to cool down before continuing. Four powerful defragmentation algorithms Optimize or compact your disk ... for situations where you don’t need the full power of the optimizer, but have a few fragmented .... Free download of iDefrag 2.2.4

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