ChemMaths 17.1 ChemEng Software Design     update

... time in solving problems, performing calculations, obtaining chemical/mathematical/scientific data. Improve productivity, easy to use, all the right ... geometry,area/surface/volume,statistics and many other mathematical problems and equations. Plot, create,print numerous 2D/3D graphs of data. .... Free download of ChemMaths 17.1

Metes and Bounds 5.2.1 Sandyknoll Software     update

... and Bounds is a software that can create plot maps, perform calculations in square feets, acres, hectares, perimeter distance and more. Metes and Bounds turns data into a deed plot map. It can calculate square feet, acreage and ... down to minutes and seconds. Can auto-close a plot drawing if the final plot segment is missing. .... Free download of Metes and Bounds 5.2.1

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SimplexNumerica Dipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf Wirtz.     update

SimplexNumerica is an object-oriented numerical data analyzer and presentation application. The previous version under ... suited for publication type graphics, analysis of arbitrary data, analysis of measuring data, etc. SimplexNumerica has a wide-ranging library of ... and numeric functions can be checked in separate data sheets. The tool windows are dynamically updated to .... Free download of SimplexNumerica

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GPS Utility 5.30 GPS Utility Ltd.    

... GPS information. You can use it to transfer data to/from a GPS receiver and store the data in PC files in one of several text ... can digitize waypoints, routes and tracks. You can plot your GPS information as a map and add ... file formats. This makes it easy to transfer data to and from other GPS and CAD/CAM applications. .... Free download of GPS Utility 5.30

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Veusz 1.26 Jeremy Sanders    

Veusz is a GUI scientific plotting and graphing package. It is designed to produce ... or Mac OS X, and binaries are provided. Data can be read from text, CSV or FITS files, and data can be manipulated or examined from within the application. In Veusz plots are created by building up plotting widgets with .... Free download of Veusz 1.26

3DFieldPro 4.4.8 Vladimir Galouchko    

3DFieldPro is a contouring plotting and 4D-3D data program. 3DFieldPro converts your data into contour maps, surface or volume plots.3DFieldPro allows create the contours (isolines) on surface and isosurfaces in volume from regular data set or scattered points. All aspects of .... Free download of 3DFieldPro 4.4.8

QtiPlot Ion Vasilief    

QtiPlot is a cross platform data analysis and scientific visualisation solution. Thanks to its ... used for teaching as well as for complex data analysis and visualisation in companies, high schools, universities ... · Fully Python scriptable · OpenGL based 3D plotting · Publication quality plots and easy export to various image formats (EMF, .... Free download of QtiPlot

3DFieldPro x64 Vladimir Galouchko    

3DFieldPro x64 is a contouring plotting and 4D-3D data program. 3DFieldPro x64 converts your data into contour maps, surface or volume plots. 3DFieldPro x64 is an advanced software application whose ... 2D/3D maps of contours (isolines) based on numerical data. In addition, you can visualize 4D maps and generate the contours from regular data or scattered points. You can export 3D mesh .... Free download of 3DFieldPro x64

LightningChart SDK 8.0 Arction Ltd    

... and 3D measurement, engineering, trading, finance and research data visualization SDK for .NET, WPF and WinForms. LightningChart ... is entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D graph view, 3D view and polar ... graph view is especially designed for professional high-speed data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific .... Free download of LightningChart SDK 8.0

gretl 2017a Build 201 Allin Cottrell & Riccardo "Jack" Lucchet    

... useful features. It is possible to show data set values, get summary statistics, build a frequency distribution or box plot, edit attributes and values, as well as to ... tobit, interval regression, models for count and duration data, etc. Output models as LaTeX files, in tabular ... GNU R, GNU Octave and Ox for further data analysis .... Free download of gretl 2017a Build 201

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CHEMIX School 4.50 Arne Standnes    

... a molecular 3-D viewer, calculator, curve fit, function plot, data manipulation, derivatives, definite integrals for one and two functions, ternary phase diagram plotter, binary phase diagram plotter, trend plots of physical/chemical properties of the elements, spline interpolation, .... Free download of CHEMIX School 4.50

ViewCompanion Standard 10.60 Software Companions    

... is a powerful application for viewing and printing plotter files generated by your CAD program or plotter driver. ViewCompanion can read plotter files using HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL (HPGL with raster data) and Calcomp file formats. In addition to plotter (plt) files ViewCompanion Standard can read CGM and ... formats to a single multi-page PDF file. HPGL plotter files can be converted to AutoDesk DXF format, .... Free download of ViewCompanion Standard 10.60

AutoCAD 2018 2018 Autodesk, Inc.    

... part of your final drawing. Now you can plot to paper or create PDFs that include the ... Reality computing lets you work with point cloud data directly in AutoCAD. The point cloud now behaves like any other design element inside AutoCAD, with the same flexibility and control. .... Free download of AutoCAD 2018 2018

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Gerbview x64 7.66 Software Companions    

... multiple A4 pages. Print to all Windows supported plotter and printer devices. Save whole Workspace or single ... burn-in feature for converting markup elements to Gerber data. Delete selection of items from a Gerber file. Command line conversion and printing. .... Free download of Gerbview x64 7.66

Gerbview 7.66 Software Companions    

... multiple A4 pages. Print to all Windows supported plotter and printer devices. Save whole Workspace or single ... burn-in feature for converting markup elements to Gerber data. Delete selection of items from a Gerber file. Command line conversion and printing. .... Free download of Gerbview 7.66

DreamCalc Graphing Edition 5.0.4 Big Angry Dog    

... productivity of a real calculator. Graph Functions and Plot Data in seconds. DreamCalc offers comprehensive support for financial calculations, including amortization, bond price, YTM, MIRR, IRR, NPV, depreciation and annual rate calculations. Fully featured .... Free download of DreamCalc Graphing Edition 5.0.4

deltasql 1.8.1 Renzo, dangermouse, stuckas    

... Open Source tool to keep track of your database schemas. A strong version control system for databases saves time to developers, who would like to ... with minimal effort. With a version control for databases, the number of mistakes dued to different schemas ... deltasql is an Open Source tool to synchronize databases with source code. While developing middle size or .... Free download of deltasql 1.8.1

AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards 7.13.0 AnyChart JavaScript Charts    

... it possible for you to create even big data based charts in real time, with continuous updates and multi-level drill-downs. Moreover, whatever server platform or database you use in your project, AnyChart is ready ... spline, funnel, bubble, polar, column, columnrange, pie, box plot, linear and angular gauges, areasplinerange, and lots of .... Free download of AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards 7.13.0

CR FindGraph 2.111708    

... curve fits to discover the model that describes data the best. The software enables to smooth, interpolate, subtract, differentiate, integrate, and transform data and curves. The software includes the peak fitting ... parametric equations. Built-in Wizard helps to digitize the data. The program supports OLE automation and can be .... Free download of CR FindGraph 2.111708

ModCom 10.6 Weeder Technologies    

Free Windows software for Data Acquisition & Control, HMI / SCADA, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Process Control, Test & Measurement, Data Logging, etc. ModCom is a GUI-based HMI development ... run, built-in features include the following: Instrument-Gauges and Data-Windows can read external sensors and show voltage, temperature, ... external contact closures or internal alarms. Chart-Recorders can plot the data from any of the screen objects .... Free download of ModCom 10.6

Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... choropleth maps that are tightly integrated with your data. The Map Web Part delivers a great set ... manually positioned or docked to map and map plot area. - Multiple Titles - unlimited number of ... manually positioned or docked to map and map plot area. - Predefined Maps - the web part .... Free download of Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1

Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1 Nevron Software LLC    

... provide an easy and powerful way to display data driven linear and matrix barcodes directly inside SharePoint. ... manually positioned or docked to barcode and barcode plot area. - Linear Barcodes - the report item ... - Matrix Barcode - support for QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417. - Correction Level - support .... Free download of Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1

Unipro UGENE 1.26.1 Unipro    

... shortages. It comes with support for multiple biological data formats and it provides visualization modules for objects ranging from next-generation sequencing data all the way up to phylogenetic trees and ... researchers with a new way to process NGS data. Features: Integrated tools Multiple sequence alignment ... silico capabilities; Queries to NCBI BLAST and CDD databases; Protein secondary structure prediction using GOR IV and .... Free download of Unipro UGENE 1.26.1

UIChart iOS component 1.3.0 RustemSoft    

... to show graphs of a small amount of data, or you can scale it to show charts of very large sets of data. Chart objects can be positioned next to each ... you the freedom to create custom charts. The plot area is found inside the chart, and is where the UIChart control plots the data series. It is also where axes, .... Free download of UIChart iOS component 1.3.0

Movie Label 2017 12.0.2 Code:Aero Technologies    

... variety of information about your movies. Among the data downloaded is original title, cover art, trailer, full cast and crew list, genre, plot, release info, certification, trivia, awards, filiming locations and ... movie. Movie Label is built on a solid database engine that ensures stability and speed no matter the size of the database. A variety of reports can be printed and .... Free download of Movie Label 2017 12.0.2

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