Fresh Pictures Incloud GmbH    

Fresh Pictures delivers fresh and inspiring pictures directly to your Windows 8 start screen. Using ... internet. Features Live Tile with inspiring pictures right on your start screen Use the Fresh Pictures gallery view to browse through the most popular Reddit pictures in style. Add your own subreddits or enjoy .... Free download of Fresh Pictures

Undersea Pictures Screensaver 1.2 CustomAquariumScr    

Undersea Pictures Screensaver shows 15 images of brilliantly and exotic ... unusual underwater creatures you never knew existed. Undersea Pictures Screensaver is very easy to use. Download this free screensaver, enjoy this beautiful underwater world and decorate screen of your PC with the amazing undersea world. .... Free download of Undersea Pictures Screensaver 1.2

Fish Pictures Screensaver 1.2 CustomAquariumScr    

Fish Pictures Screensaver is a free cool screensaver that shows ... All images are very beautiful and attractive. Fish Pictures Screensaver is the ideal door to a world of immense calm and relaxation. Install this screensaver and see the beautiful backgrounds of bright fishes on your computer desktop. .... Free download of Fish Pictures Screensaver 1.2

EDM2014 Pictures&Audio2Video 3.0 Easy-Data    

... tool you can create video slideshow of your pictures with nice transitions. You can also add audio from most known audio formats. There are lots of options to select from to adjust the final video. This tool is freeware, and is a part of the upcoming EDM2014. .... Free download of EDM2014 Pictures&Audio2Video 3.0

Automatically Take Webcam Pictures 1.0 freesoft80    

This software takes automatically webcam pictures at certain interval. You can choose webcam picture ... can choose webcam picture quality! Automatically take webcam pictures software can be setup to start automatically at system boot, in tray or in hidden/stealth mode! .... Free download of Automatically Take Webcam Pictures 1.0

Talking Pictures for Android 1.1 SpinkeySoft    

... can add audio files to your photos and pictures. Every "Talking zone" can be dragged and dropped ... zones to each photo. Once finished the talkin pictures can be saved onto your device's memory, ready ... Your friends will be amazed by your Talking pictures. Have a look to the showcase and at .... Free download of Talking Pictures for Android 1.1

FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 balesio AG    

FILEminimizer Pictures reduces the file size of JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and EMF images, pictures and photos by up to 98% using an ... technique which preserves the original quality. As FILEminimizer Pictures does not create any zip or rar archive, ... no unzipping necessary. The optimized images, photos and pictures are then much smaller, ideal for sharing on .... Free download of FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0

30 pictures PDF Volume 1 1.0 Wallpaper Fond Ecran    

... to open your ebook and look at the pictures. Click on a picture to open its webpage and to set it as wallpaper (5 sizes available), share it on Facebook, use as electronic postcard, play the puzzle (slide and swap puzzle, easy, moderate, hard, very hard). You can also rate .... Free download of 30 pictures PDF Volume 1 1.0

Neon Pictures Free Screensaver 2.0    

This screensaver shows you off the 25 images made in the nice neon glow technique. Images cover nowadays life and depict many well-known symbols. Install this screensaver to see unusual beautiful colors on your desktop that will definitely please your eyes! .... Free download of Neon Pictures Free Screensaver 2.0

PhotosLogExp 2012 Computer Club 2000+    

... to Store, Retrieve, Search, View, Manage, & Archive Pictures, with detailed information & Categories, Photo Editing and ... autosave. Photos Editing includes various filters and effects. Pictures may be retrieved from the DataBase to the default editor, to MSPaint, copied to the clipboard, saved to its original format, to bmp, jpg, .... Free download of PhotosLogExp 2012

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook ObviousIdea    

... available as a shell extension. When you see pictures or folder of pictures in your file explorer, just select the pictures and right click to "send to facebook". the ... Facebook, you can easily create new or add pictures to your existing photo albums, you can even .... Free download of Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

PictureTitle Xyrow    

... the current Web 2.0 digital word, everyone takes pictures, and wants to share them with friends and ... to view text. PictureTitle can also resize your pictures so they can be sent and received faster, ... free, a small logo is added to modified pictures, for adding a different logo or adding none, .... Free download of PictureTitle

CCFinder 2014z Abelssoft     update

... Commons Finder. CCFinder helps you to easily find pictures which were publicized under the Creative Commons License. ... means that you can re-publicize most of the pictures found, for example on your website. Additionally, The ... * With CCFinder you can easily find download pictures with a creative commons license from Flickr based .... Free download of CCFinder 2014z

SortKing 1.2 SortKing    

SortKing copies your digital pictures from your camera, phone, or tablet into a ... that your camera creates, which helps you locate pictures taken on a particular date and keeps your pictures organized. Without this utility, you must hunt through random-named folders to find pictures of your special events. SortKing uses intelligence to .... Free download of SortKing 1.2

Svetainiu kurimas Svetainiu kurimas    

The program for downloading pictures from web pages. Works like a internet browser ... Then we click "Proceed links" to start sending pictures. The program checks whether the images have the ... folder for each URL address and downloads the pictures. If necessary (you may change this setting), program archives all images .... Free download of Svetainiu kurimas

JPEG Picture Auto Rotator 1.0 FlashPeak, Inc    

JPEG Picture Auto-Rotator helps users automatically rotate pictures/photos/images in JPEG format into the correct orientation based by the EXIF meta data stored in the pictures by digital cameras. JPEG Picture Auto-Rotator runs on Windows XP or later systems. It's free for personal and commercial use. .... Free download of JPEG Picture Auto Rotator 1.0

DoublePics 3.07 DotNetFabrik    

DoublePics finds and categorizes pictures and movies that are duplicate or similar on ... - Tolerates different sizes - Recognition of mirrored pictures - Tolerates different file formats. - Multipage TIFF ... or tolerance allows you to detect - both pictures which are practically identical - and pictures which are somehow related, have been retouched, cut .... Free download of DoublePics 3.07

ThGCube 1.1.4    

Photo Cube with own pictures on desktop.With ThGCube you can watch your own picture on a rotating on the desktop. The Size, the position and the speed of rotation can be set. All few seconds a new picture will be integrated in the cube. The directory of the picture can .... Free download of ThGCube 1.1.4

Social Image(share your image and earn) 5.0.0 SteelSoft    

Organize, edit, and share pictures with this free photo manager and you earn. With this software, you can set the effect to your photos. The list of the software's graphic filters supported by the application includes gray, sharpen, soften, atomization, painting, lightning, etc. The enhanced photos may be published on .... Free download of Social Image(share your image and earn) 5.0.0

JMG Photo Printer Beta Goebel Johannes-Martin    

A program for printing and editing pictures. Pictures for printing are selected with checkboxes. So you ... with the mouse and the keyboard to select pictures and you can select pictures from multiple folders. Together with ufraw-batch RAW pictures are shown and can be converted to jpg. If you want to organize your pictures you can do this in the database treeview. .... Free download of JMG Photo Printer Beta

Pic Finder Rishi Dhar    

... application helps users to get access to all pictures in local HD. Select the drive where you want to search pictures and start search. After the search completed the list of pictures will display in left panel. Select an image .... Free download of Pic Finder

Bulk Image Manager Alex Monro    

... change the format of your images, photos and pictures. .... Free download of Bulk Image Manager

Smideo 2014z Abelssoft     update

... photos, holiday photos, presentations - Smideo takes your pictures and creates beautiful videos that you can show ... colleagues and friends. Today, cameras don't only make pictures - videos can be filmed too. These can ... Smideo integrates a picture-finder that can search for pictures on Flickr. Just enter a keyword and you .... Free download of Smideo 2014z

Sort MyPictures 0.1.1 A Brian D. Patterson    

Sorts pictures in your My Pictures folder according to Date/Time Taken. Alternatively you can use it to pull pictures off of removable media (such as SD Card) ... automatically as it is moved to your My Pictures folder. The current version is very early ... code but it works good. It can move pictures from removable media or rearrange pictures within your .... Free download of Sort MyPictures 0.1.1 A

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Room 12A Free Screensaver 1.0    

... uninstallation Contains no adware or spyware. Contains artistic pictures, clock, calendar and theme music sounds all with option to turn it off. Pictures can be used as desktop wallpaper. .... Free download of Room 12A Free Screensaver 1.0

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