Pianino Synth Piano Redbird Interfaces    

Pianino is a friendly synthesizer which surrounds you with nice and warm synth ... ground for guitar, clarinet or even a real piano. The additive synthesiser inside Pianino's audio engine runs at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. It creates the bubbly harmonically rich pads that bands and keyboards from .... Free download of Pianino Synth Piano

PianoCheetah 20160217 Stephen Hazel    

PianoCheetah will help you practice piano a little better. Load any midi file. It'll ... nail to the wall. It uses a custom piano roll notation that works as good as sheet ... you're more of a casual player like Steve, pianocheetah will simplify a track down to one note ... don't need to bother with chords or octaves. PianoCheetah has a built in non VST synthesizer that .... Free download of PianoCheetah 20160217

Frinika 0.7.2 Frinika team    

... music workstation software containing sequencer, midi support, soft synthesizers, audio recorder, piano roll/tracker/notation editing and more. The goal of Frinika ... any time. Features: · Sequencer · Piano roll · Amiga-style tracker · Notation · Audio .... Free download of Frinika 0.7.2

Sofeh Music Studio Ramin Jafari    

... Nay (Arabic), Nay (Iranian), Nay Vega, Oboe, Organ, Piano, Piano Elec, Pizzicato, Qanoun (Arabic), Rolbra, Saw, Sax, · Sax Alto, Sitar (Indian), String, Tar (Iranian), Trumpet, Trumpet (Turkish), Violon, Zampona and ... · Drum .... Free download of Sofeh Music Studio

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