Zeus 1.5 KryptonScientific    

... be applied to sections of the molecular structure. Peptide/Nucleic structure can be "cartoonised" using 3d Ribbon based on Bernstein bezier curves depicting molecular backbone structure. Flexible colour configuration allows selection of invididual Atom colours by element, support for background gradient colours and colouring of residues by type. .... Free download of Zeus 1.5

Peptizer 1.8.4 Kenny Helsens    

Manual validation of MS/MS driven peptide identification is a critical evaluation process relying on ... of multiple Agent inspection the enables separation of peptide identifications by these rules. .... Free download of Peptizer 1.8.4

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PEAKS Studio 6.0 Build 20120 Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.    

... results. Whether studying an unsequenced organism, sequencing synthetic peptides or analyzing known sequences, PEAKS will return optimal ... FEATURES: de novo sequencing: · Sequence peptides without a database and potentially identify novel peptides that are not in any database. PEAKS DB: · Protein and peptides accurate identification inChorus: · Benchmark several engines .... Free download of PEAKS Studio 6.0 Build 20120

Database Manager Benoît Valot    

... creation of decoy protein databases (protein reverse, random, peptide reverse * combination of different existing databases .... Free download of Database Manager

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