PC Keylogger Pro 3.1.7 PC Keylogger    

PC Keylogger Pro is the most advanced and stealth ... screenshots, emails sent and received, messenger/chat conversations etc.). PC Keylogger Pro allows you to remotely view the ... your secured online account. See more at www.pckeylogger.com PC Keylogger Pro is a professional monitoring tool that is completely undetectable/invisible to antiviruses. PC Keylogger Pro is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, .... Free download of PC Keylogger Pro 3.1.7

Logger for BuildingPortalSuite Tekniska Byrån    

Logger is a compact and easy to use application for PC which easily collect measured data from your KNX system. The application can be placed as a desktop shortcut for fast access. The measured data can be used for analysis or visualization via .... Free download of Logger for BuildingPortalSuite

PC On/Off Time 3.2 A. & M. Neuber Software    

... hours) by default, and the program analyses it. PC On/Off Time is Freeware. Your working time is displayed graphically. PC On/Off Time also shows the working time of all computers on your network. .... Free download of PC On/Off Time 3.2

Spy Keystroke Logger 3.31 JeMonitor Software, Inc.    

Spy Keystroke Logger is a secret keystroke recorder program to spy PC activity at home or workplace. This keyboard recorder ... power surveillance tool Key features of Spy Keystroke Logger: Log all keystrokes typed: username&password, IM chat, file/email text edition, website history and .... Free download of Spy Keystroke Logger 3.31

Key logger Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.    

Wondering how to monitor your employee’s PC usage at workplace? How about a keylogger that ... remarkable tool to secure your LAN network, activity logger is an ideal computer surveillance utility for modern organizations. It allows them to keep a track of their employees’ working and idle time at workplace. This .... Free download of Key logger

Advanced Modem Data Logger AGG Software    

... be, look no further than Advanced Modem Data Logger, for it may well suffice all of your ... requests or have TAPI interface. Advanced Modem Data Logger contains a task schedule to dial a phone ... and write the data simultaneously! Advanced Modem Data Logger can work as a Windows service, which means .... Free download of Advanced Modem Data Logger

XUS PC Lock Professional Edition 4.3 XUS Software    

XUS PC Lock is a powerful lock computer application. It ... you to lock your computer. Before using XUS PC Lock, you have to define your lock pattern. ... other order will not unlock the computer. XUS PC Lock can lock the whole computer. This is ... available today with lots of customization options. XUS PC Lock is the ultimate customizable lock computer application .... Free download of XUS PC Lock Professional Edition 4.3

USB HID Logger 1.5.2 build 613 AGG Software    

... What problems can be solved with USB HID Logger? More and more devices that support the ... "native" software. Getting started is easy. USB HID Logger is ready! After the installation, start USB HID Logger using the shortcut in the Start menu. Click ... Data export in real time. . USB HID Logger can work as a DDE or OPC server .... Free download of USB HID Logger 1.5.2 build 613

Remote Logger 2.29 Remote KeyLogger    

Remote Logger is a professional remotely deployable keylogger, the best solution for monitoring your whole network. Remote Logger runs silently at the lowest level of Windows ... the monitored users from removing the software. Remote Logger intercepts all user names and passwords secretly, in ... as well as html based user logins/passwords. Remote Logger records all computer activities including keystrokes, internet history, .... Free download of Remote Logger 2.29

Kid Key Logger Pro 1.4 100dof    

Kid Key Logger Pro is a powerful, fully featured, keylogger, specifically ... let them play on their computers. Kid Key Logger Pro can log keystrokes, mouse and windows events ... emailed or uploaded on a server. The key logger can be remote-controlled from another PC or from an Android device. kid Key Logger .... Free download of Kid Key Logger Pro 1.4

Device Monitoring Studio HHD Software    

PC Ports and connections data monitoring, logging and analyzing ... an USB, Serial and Network protocol analyzer data logger software and can be used to capture, log, view and analyze data coming to and out of your computer. Recorded log files can be replayed later even on another computer. Device Monitoring .... Free download of Device Monitoring Studio

SurveilStar 3.28.633 SurveilStar Inc.    

SurveilStar is a powerful and easy-to-use PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity. It ... records and reports, real-time multi-screen snapshot monitoring, dynamic PC/Internet control strategies, all these combine to build a complete solution for protecting your intellectual properties and business secrets, reducing slackers, prevent Internet and email abuse and .... Free download of SurveilStar 3.28.633

Micro Keylogger 2.03 Awosoft Technology    

... your kids and employees are doing on the PC and maintain a backup of your typed data ... logs can be received and viewed on a PC/Pocket PC/Smart Phone or any other device which can receive .... Free download of Micro Keylogger 2.03

Keystroke Spy Monitor 3.4 PC Spy Monitoring Software    

... away just in case another person using you PC and furthermore grab some vital data; to watch over and even log your other half’s instant message and email when you think he or she is cheating on you; to keep a watchful eye on your kids’ online activities simply in .... Free download of Keystroke Spy Monitor 3.4

OneCable.net - Explorer OnTimeLine    

SMS-X10-PC-remote control and data logger for GSM data, xls export, integr. Web server. S0-Counter Energy-Monitor With licensed mobile phones: Program start with mobile phone SMS, SMSrequest for measured values, email on limits, webcam-support, I/O-Support for Intronico cards, I/O-Support for Velleman cards .... Free download of OneCable.net - Explorer

Free Keylogger 3.9 Iwantsoft    

Free Keylogger is invisible spy keystroke logger. It is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. It intercepts everything that is .... Free download of Free Keylogger 3.9

Keylogger Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.    

Wondering how to monitor your employee’s PC usage at workplace? How about a keylogger that ... remarkable tool to secure your LAN network, activity logger is an ideal computer surveillance utility for modern organizations. It allows them to keep a track of their employees’ working and idle time at workplace. This .... Free download of Keylogger

Advanced Keylogger 3.0 Mykeylogger Software    

... clipboard. Advanced Keylogger can also take screenshots of PC activity at the specified interval so that you ... you can detect it is running on your PC. Moreover, you can set Advanced Keylogger to uninstall automatically on a specified date thus increasing its invisibility. .... Free download of Advanced Keylogger 3.0

Spy Software w Mobile Monitoring 24 Spy Software Inc     update

... Software. With Win-Spy you can monitor your 1)Local PC or 2) Remote PC or any 3) Android Device. It is a ... Win Spy includes Remote Install and Realtime Remote PC Monitoring With Win Spy Software Remote, you can ... it. This feature will work even if remote PC is behind a firewall or router. This Feature .... Free download of Spy Software w Mobile Monitoring 24

StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.854.2 StaffCop    

StaffCop Standard controls staff working on PC, creates detailed reports about actions of every employee, ... users of terminal servers. Using aggregated information about PC users actions you can optimize staff schedules, improve staff efficiency, detect and eliminate data leakage. Besides, data collected by StaffCop can be used as evidence during .... Free download of StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.854.2

Max Keylogger 4.0 MaxKeylogger Software    

Max keylogger is an all in one keystroke logger & monitoring Software. it is a complete PC surveillance software package, designed to keep track of ... for those do not want to struggle with PC configuration issues and required comprehensive monitoring reports. The ... to build a full control on your own PC with Max Keylogger. Besides you will be clear .... Free download of Max Keylogger 4.0

Supreme Spy 4.82 SupremeSpy.com    

... chat and monitor internet activity with this keystroke logger. Rewind and watch recorded computer activity like a DVD. This spying software for your pc will monitor and allow you to see what has been typed within an email, chat, and IM. In addition, this internet spying software contains .... Free download of Supreme Spy 4.82

Keylogger Free 5.5.4 KLFSoft    

Keylogger Free is smart free key logger software that can record everything that is entered from the keyboard on your PC to reports for your later review. By a ... to have everything in control! Being a keystroke logger, Keylogger Free records all keys pressed on the ... more. In a word, this powerful and invisible PC keylogger recorder software helps record virtually every action .... Free download of Keylogger Free 5.5.4

Activity Reporter Unistal System Pvt. Ltd.    

... record each and every activity occurring on your PC. This monitoring software has been developed with advanced ... make it an efficient tracking system to monitor PC and network activities of computer users in your ... kid. You can now silently monitor all the PC activities occurring on your computer in your absence. .... Free download of Activity Reporter

Ecodsoft Keylogger 2.3.42 Ecodsoft Studio    

Ecodsoft Keylogger is the best keylogger and pc monitoring software, which could work as parental control ... It is the ultimate invisible and undetectable key logger spy software that completely satisfies your PC monitoring and surveillance needs. Working in the background, .... Free download of Ecodsoft Keylogger 2.3.42

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