Parental Control PRO 2.27 Parental Control    

Parental Control PRO is a stealth application that can ... emails, both sides of chat conversations and more. Parental Control PRO allows you to specify what days ... on your system! Get more info at Parental Control PRO runs in total stealth - the ... have the ability to terminate the blocking engine. Parental Control PRO is compatible wirh Windows 2000, XP, .... Free download of Parental Control PRO 2.27

Parental Controls Parental controls    

... details, online chatting etc in secrete manner. Freeware parental controls software successfully log full detail of every ... including G-mail, FaceBook, MSN, Yahoo Messenger etc. Amazing parental controls software capture all opened websites and click ... activity that carried out on computer system. * Parental control software take high quality picture of the .... Free download of Parental Controls

Parental Control Utility Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.    

... Track his/ her computer usage with this amazing parental program. You can not only monitor your child’s ... performed on it. This tool is the best parental control software application for busy parents who are ... enjoy a worry free parenthood with this advanced parental program and safeguard your child on internet. .... Free download of Parental Control Utility

Parental Skype recorder 5.8    

Parental Skype recorder is a unique tool for stealth Skype monitoring. Once installed it starts automatically on Windows startup, shows no icon on the taskbar or system tray and secretly monitors Skype activities. All type of Skype conversations will be recordered to compact mp3 files with call details: time of .... Free download of Parental Skype recorder 5.8

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Parental Control Software Parental control software    

Affordable PC activity monitoring utility helps users to monitor and capture employee, friend and external person activity such visited web address (banking and share trading site), change or modify in confidential document, accessed of personal files and folders, sent/received email, login webpage, search engine searched and many more thing which are .... Free download of Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software 1.8 Website Blocker    

... website blocking program is safe to use. Smart parental control software works secretly in hidden mode and ... stoping them from being downloaded on your system. Parental control software is easy to use and comes with inbuilt help manual that makes it easily accessible for all technical as well as non-technical .... Free download of Parental Control Software 1.8


Parental-Controls.NET --An internet filter software that helps parents protect ... prevent them from indulging in unrestrained virtual space. Parental-Controls.NET filters out adult web sites, which with objects ... and softwares with a high anti-rate over 99%. Parental-Controls.NET has Multinational-language filtering, Web sites whitelist, Web sites ... adults, who with password, can surf internet unlimitedly. Parental-Controls.NET is your first selection for Internet purification. Parental-Controls.NET .... Free download of Parental-Controls.NET

Stealth Parental Control 1.3.11 Parental Control Software    

Stealth Parental Control offers a complete Internet Monitoring and Parental Control Software solution. Stealth Parental Control can secretly record information on your computer ... system! Our advanced stealth technology ensures that Stealth Parental Control remains completely hidden from everyone except you. Parental Control PRO is compatible with Windows 98, ME, .... Free download of Stealth Parental Control 1.3.11

KeepMyFamilySecure free Parental control 1 Parental Control Solutions Ltd.    

Free easy to use parental control client, simple install, aimed for novices mom and dads that want a simple child protection software, without the hassle that some of the big brands require. Software comes with many exciting features like: Age preset selection that allows you to choose which sites to .... Free download of KeepMyFamilySecure free Parental control 1

Free Parental Control Software Parental control software    

Free Parental Control Software is efficient and smart utility enabled ... number of users in absence on administrator. Advance parental control application design with smart and intelligent features ... information while user is composing email on computer. Parental keylogger application helps you to trace and record ... sites browsing and much more etc. Software for parental control facilitates you to trace activities of your .... Free download of Free Parental Control Software

Spyrix Free Parental Control 1.6 Spyrix    

Spyrix Free Parental Control gives parents full control over children computer. ... keywords blacklist (e.g. porn, sex, drugs). Spyrix Free Parental Control can not only block sites but provides ... time of use of each application. Spyrix Free Parental Control is easy in use and configure, it is also absolutely free. .... Free download of Spyrix Free Parental Control 1.6

Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1.30 Qustodio    

Free parental control. Qustodio helps you protect your kids online. See how they use the Internet, set healthy access limits, and protect against dangerous or inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. Qustodio is easy, superior and free. Qustodio?s advanced technology ensures that no content escapes supervision. Whenever your children are .... Free download of Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1.30

Visikid Parental Control 1.1.5 Visikid Parental Control    

Visikid helps parents to teach their children responsibility while they are working, learning or playing with computer. It also allows parents to protect kids from various virtual world threats. The application does not block any Websites, neither software. Instead of these, Visikid gathers information about kid's computer activities and delivers it .... Free download of Visikid Parental Control 1.1.5

SurveilStar Any Parental Control 1.2.3 SurveilStar Inc.    

SurveilStar Any Parental Control is a powerful personal monitoring software which ... monitor, record, control kids internet activities. SurveilStar Any Parental Control is comprised of Server, Console and Agent. ... the computers with flexible controlling policies. SurveilStar Any Parental Control provides the necessary degree of interactivity, allowing ... computer without leaving your office! With SurveilStar Any Parental Control, Parents can watch real-time screen to monitor .... Free download of SurveilStar Any Parental Control 1.2.3

Any Parental Control 2.0 AnyKeylogger    

Any Parental Control Software can help you to keep track ... Internet use, and block websites and applications. Any Parental Control Key Features Block Websites Set keywords to ... use at a specific time. Capture screenshots Any parental control takes screenshots of screen at preset interval. Record browsing history Track all websites .... Free download of Any Parental Control 2.0

HT Parental Control 6.9.7 HideTools    

HT Parental Control is the best way to protect your child against any type of online threats. Parental Control is computer monitoring software with powerful application ... websites, keystrokes, screenshots and other computer activity. Our parental control software allows you to block specific applications, ... safety. The web filter is fully customizable. HT Parental Control helps you to make the internet and .... Free download of HT Parental Control 6.9.7

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Hidetools Parental Control 8.4.7 Hidetools    

Hidetools Parental Control protects your children online and offline. The ... block inapropriate websites, games, and selected applications. This parental control tool invisibly records everything your children do, ... browsers, games and so on. In addition, our Parental Control with powerful Internet filtering protects your children ... websites by specified URLs or by categories. Our Parental Control has a very user-friendly interface and doesn't .... Free download of Hidetools Parental Control 8.4.7

Care4teen Amazing Parental Control 1.5 Care4teen    

... the issue vigilantly through effective monitoring and strict parental control policies. While there are parental control features built in to newer editions of Windows, none of them are as effective as the powerful online service provided by This .... Free download of Care4teen Amazing Parental Control 1.5

Award Parental Control 2.1.1 Award Software, Inc    

Award Parental Control is easy-to-use and powerful parental control software, gives you the ability to control and monitor your children use of the Internet. You can control for how long and when your children are allowed to use the computer. .... Free download of Award Parental Control 2.1.1

KinderGate Parental Control 3.1 Entensys    

KinderGate Parental Control features content filtering based on morphological analysis, ... KinderGate is able to block contextual advertisement. KinderGate Parental Control can force to use Safe Search that ... blocked network requests. Unlike other security solutions, KinderGate Parental Control is able to examine content loaded via HTTPS protocol, which sometimes might appear .... Free download of KinderGate Parental Control 3.1

Belkasoft Parental IM Control 1.01 Belkasoft    

Belkasoft Parental IM Control allows parents to control their children's Internet chats made with various Instant Messengers. * All popular Instant Messengers supported * No need to know child's password * No need to be logged in under a child's account * Automatically searches all hard drive for .... Free download of Belkasoft Parental IM Control 1.01

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Hauberk Parental Control 1.0.1144.872 Hauberk GMBH    

Hauberk Parental Control Protect your kids from pornography, vulgar words ... Know what web resources your kids visit; Manage Parental Control remotely. Safe Internet for child: What will ... would monitor the Internet for the child. Hauberk Parental Control - allows parents to easily protect the ... Be sure your children are safe with Hauberk Parental Control! Remote monitoring and information about child's pastime: .... Free download of Hauberk Parental Control 1.0.1144.872

Anti-Porn parental controls Beijing Flying Bird Technology Co., Ltd    

Anti-Porn parental controls -- A very powerful and effective software to protect children from porn web . Anti-Porn filters out adult web sites, which with objects not fit for children, and even filters out chats when offensive and predatory language is used. Anti-Porn can work with all kinds of web .... Free download of Anti-Porn parental controls

Safe Eyes Parental Control 6.0.239, Inc.    

With our Safe Eyes Gold version, you can add your own list of sites to allow or block. The Gold version also includes an integrated pop-up blocker. If you need even more control, Safe Eyes Platinum will allow you to block Instant Messengers, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing, Newsgroups. Unlike other filtering products .... Free download of Safe Eyes Parental Control 6.0.239

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PCVice - Parental Control Vice 1.2    

PCVice gives you total control over programs that run on your computer. You decide when a program can start and how long it can run. - Prevent internet access during homework time - - Prevent game access during bedtime - - Allow chat program only on weekends - The control is .... Free download of PCVice - Parental Control Vice 1.2

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