MSI Package Builder Enterprise 5.0.2 MSI Package Software    

MSI Package Builder is an installation authoring tool that allows you to build MSI packages using easy visual interface and also customize and repackage third-party installations to MSI format. You can use it to produce MSI packages ready for silent deployment and repackage non-silent EXE installations to silent MSI packages in order to prepare them for automatic .... Free download of MSI Package Builder Enterprise 5.0.2

MSI Factory MSI Installer Builder 2.1.1011.0 Indigo Rose Software    

MSI Factory is the first visual MSI installer setup builder to fully leverage Microsoft's next generation Windows Installer ... compiler technology for creating 100% pure Vista ready MSI format installer packages in a faster and more ... and 200+ actions including HTTP downloads. What makes MSI Factory 2.0 different is our unique file-centered design .... Free download of MSI Factory MSI Installer Builder 2.1.1011.0

MSI Generator 3.1.0 Infopulse    

Repackage original software installations to MSI packages or customize them via MST transforms. Save ... even a non-IT user can create a quality MSI package only in 10 clicks while specialist can benefit from extensive control and customization. With MSI Generator, change any decisions without need to start packaging over (even switch from MSI repackaging to MST transform creation). Exclusive! The most .... Free download of MSI Generator 3.1.0

MSI Editor 3.1.0 Infopulse    

An MSI/MST package editor and creator designed to boost productivity of a software engineer. MSI Editor helps to save time by simplifying and streamlining the most routine and laborious operations in MSI/MST authoring, editing and fixing. Features and benefits: - ... at any stage. - Rows filtering. Benefit from MSI being a database. - On-the-fly validation. See and .... Free download of MSI Editor 3.1.0

Msi to Executable Converter 2.0 QwertyLab    

Tool to quickly convert MSI packages to Executable (.exe) files. Supports Windows Installer command-line options, allows you to edit full version information and load a custom icons. The tool can be used from both command line and GUI interfaces. .... Free download of Msi to Executable Converter 2.0

InstallAware Express MSI Installer 16 InstallAware Software    

... InstallAware allows you to ship a single hybrid MSI for both your 32 bit and 64 bit customers. Exclusive! First MSI Builder to Support Windows 8 InstallAware is the only .... Free download of InstallAware Express MSI Installer 16

InstallAware Studio Admin Install Builder 16 InstallAware Software    

Exclusive! Run Nested MSI Setups and Capture Progress with InstallAware Install Builder Deploy any MSI setup seamlessly within your InstallAware Wizard - even capture progress from the nested MSI. Install any feature set that the MSI offers, fully customizing the setup from the command ... Support on All Windows Platforms with InstallAware Setup Builder Allow users to install multiple copies of your .... Free download of InstallAware Studio Admin Install Builder 16

Paquet Builder G.D.G. Software SARL    

Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip Self-Extracting archive ... patches; wrap multimedia presentations or several Windows Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for delivery over the Internet... Create ready-to-deliver packages in minutes, without requiring any additional knowledge, or go further since you may also: - really customize .... Free download of Paquet Builder

InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer 16 InstallAware Software    

Exclusive! Simplified Installation Wizard Based Windows Installer MSI Development InstallAware's powerful MSIcode simplifies setup development by transparently managing all of your Windows Installer conditions, installation sequences and parameters using a concise and human-readable setup language. Drop-in setup actions are configured using dialogs, without requiring programming skills. MSIcode builds a standard .... Free download of InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer 16

InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer 16 InstallAware Software    

... perform complex setup tasks, without being encumbered by MSI constraints or a foreign development environment. Integrated Debugging Debug your setups visually with the integrated debugger. Set variable watches, step through code line by line, override variable values. Enhanced! Simplified Translation Tools Use InstallAware's visual localization tool to translate your user .... Free download of InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer 16

SSE Setup 7.4 Chris Long    

... FREE, easy to use, install creator ( setup builder ) to make installers for your software. Full-featured, trusted, mature, professional. * Installs can run on most all Windows OS's such as Windows 7 & 8.1 (you can disable support for any OS's you don't want) * Installs both 32-bit and .... Free download of SSE Setup 7.4

InstallAware Free Installer for Visual Studio 16 InstallAware Software    

InstallAware's new Free Installer runs inside Visual Studio and creates setups automatically, by scanning your loaded solutions for dependencies and output files, and including them in your setup. This special edition of InstallAware is freeware! You will be able to set basic project properties for your InstallAware setup directly inside the .... Free download of InstallAware Free Installer for Visual Studio 16

CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15 SilverCyberTech    

CyberInstaller Suite is a packetization and installation software oriented to any kind of developer. Thus, it can be applied to any language or development environment (.Net, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, .Net, etc.) and can be used either by the occasional programmer (free version) or by the professional developer .... Free download of CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15

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