Math Resource Studio 4.4.2 Schoolhouse Technologies Inc.    

Create professional-quality mathematics worksheets to provide students in grades K to ... part of a complete numeracy program. Over 70 mathematics worksheet activities can be produced to advance and ... operations, number concepts, fractions, numeration, time, measurement, money, problem solving and more. Using the friendly, intuitive interface, ... and font. The worksheets that you create with Mathematics Worksheet Factory are not pre-designed but are randomly .... Free download of Math Resource Studio 4.4.2

Universal Math Solver MathePhysics Courseware Ltd    

The latest version of Universal Math Solver is UMS Online (October 20, 2011). UMS is designed to solve and explain mathematical problems entered by the user. This program provides step by step solutions to most problems in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and introductory/intermediate calculus for .... Free download of Universal Math Solver

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Master Math Word Problems 1.9j Fast Rabbit Software, LLC    

Solving word problems is an area where elementary students overwhelmingly display difficulties. Master Math Word Problems can help sharpen skills through practice. Third through ... watch for key words and translate those into mathematical operations. Students can learn new math skills, practice logic, get extended practice with word problems, but most of all they learn that they .... Free download of Master Math Word Problems 1.9j

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MatheAss 8.20 Bernd Schultheiss    

MatheAss (former Math-Assist) is a computer program for the numerical solution of many problems in school mathematics. It finds wide use in Germany in high school mathematics, for schools in the federal state of Hessen ... state license, which allows all secondary schools using MatheAss. "MatheAss" means Mathematical Assistant and that's exactly .... Free download of MatheAss 8.20

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MatheAss for Win98 8.20 Bernd Schultheiss    

MatheAss (former Math-Assist) is a computer program for the numerical solution of many problems in school mathematics. It finds wide use in Germany in high school mathematics, for schools in the federal state of Hessen ... state license, which allows all secondary schools using MatheAss. "MatheAss" means Mathematical Assistant and that's exactly .... Free download of MatheAss for Win98 8.20

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Infinity 1.3.1 MathRevolt    

... - to compute. Various calculations and some serious math is exactly what computers were created for. These days, there are many things that require mathematical modeling: from exchange rates prediction to engineering and ... the point where smart people start looking for math software that is flexible enough to handle solving ... what you are looking for! Introducing Infinity by MathRevolt, the unique math application that brings actual mathematical .... Free download of Infinity 1.3.1

Probabilities 3.2.0 Dew Research    

Probabilities is a collection of mathematical functions and statistical distributions. It includes probability density ... distribution. In addition, the package includes many basic math functions with full complex number support. For fast calculation, all the math functions are written in assembler. .... Free download of Probabilities 3.2.0

FC Compiler 1 Optimal Designs Enterprise    

... Tweak parameters.. The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on ... computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. Minimizing ... user to concentrate on the science or engineering problem at hand and not on the (numerical) process .... Free download of FC Compiler 1

Mathcad Prime 3.0 Parametric Technology GmbH    

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 delivers new capabilities that allow engineers ... optimize their critical design processes. PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 lets you type equations just as ... can use the equations to solve virtually any math problem you encounter. And you can place text anywhere ... Variable definitions are the backbone of your PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 worksheets. Some variables are specific to .... Free download of Mathcad Prime 3.0

Smooth Operators 1.0 Curry K. Software    

... order of operations. An interactive lesson teaches the math concepts thoroughly with explanations and example problems, including an optional section on exponents. Popular memory ... types in the answers. Score is always displayed. Problems can include parentheses and exponents, and the learner ... supervisor can select the number of operations per problem and the size of operands. In the course .... Free download of Smooth Operators 1.0

GEUP 3D 3.0.1    

... 3D is an interactive solid geometry software for math calculation and visualization. It allows to create dynamic and general constructions/applications visually by defining math elements. GEUP 3D allows the modification of the ... GEUP 3D you can study graphically a general problem and obtain dynamically its particular cases. This property ... with its calculation capability, enables you to study problems of different areas of Mathematics like Calculus, Algebra, .... Free download of GEUP 3D 3.0.1

HEXelon MAX calculator 6.07 HEXelon MAX    

HEXelon MAX Solves math expressions like: Sin(Pi)-Root(-8;3)+3 Creates user's functions (e.g. surfaces, ... from Internet. Program shows position of bugs in math expression made by user. Descriptions of bugs help solve a problem. Prompter shows functions, variables, constants. Simply press SPACE ... 3 calculators - user can calculate three various math expressions. Button Undo and Redo. History of math .... Free download of HEXelon MAX calculator 6.07

CurvFit 6 Optimal Designs Enterprise    

... sampling rate error, etc.). Helps learn 1) whether math model is good for given data; 2) convergence ... & Hardcopy Plot options are now available. Industry problems with solutions over the past twenty plus years ... textbook to show the power of Calculus (level) Problem-Solving. The textbook is on our website at .... Free download of CurvFit 6

My Contraction Timer Emerald Cut, Inc.    

... for paper & pen, then have to do math. Large buttons and display make My Contraction Timer ... had other things on your mind? - no problem, My Contraction Timer allows you to add in or modify a contraction to keep the best possible record of your progress. Need .... Free download of My Contraction Timer

Aibase Aibase Creative Software    

... levels (science) build on lower levels (visualization, simple math). Understanding a problem depends on the visualization of carefully chosen perspectives. T The goal is to explore knowledge multiple times more efficient than with traditional methods. .... Free download of Aibase

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DreamCalc Graphing Edition 4.9.0 Big Angry Dog    

... and annual rate calculations. Fully featured range of math, scientific & statistical functions. Supports natural fractions, complex ... Miss using postfix algebraic or RPN input? No problem! DreamCalc supports all common input forms, including modern prefix and classic postfix algebraic, as well as Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). .... Free download of DreamCalc Graphing Edition 4.9.0

Label Spirit Starter 7.0 B7.0.8 Orchid Software    

... from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions. FEATURES: "WYSIWYG" ... your mouse. Need to make a change? No problem -- you can move and resize objects almost instantly, right on the screen. Choose template from label stock: · Label Spirit includes a .... Free download of Label Spirit Starter 7.0 B7.0.8

GREatest Quant Prep 1.0.6 GREatest Prep    

... Besides obvious benefits, you will also increase your problem solving speed, build self confidence and improve your ... ensure real GRE conditions. - Tests contain only problems updated for New GRE format of the test. - High quality problems have correct answers and complete explanations. - Advanced Statistics of Progress is provided by math category, question type and difficulty. - Completely offline .... Free download of GREatest Quant Prep 1.0.6

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