Password Gorilla for Mac Frank Pilhofer    

... application which can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The source files written are supposed to be compatible between platforms. They are tested to run on Linux kernel .... Free download of Password Gorilla for Mac

ADTPro - Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS for Mac OS X 2.0.1 David Schmidt    

... compatible with 64k of memory Runs on Linux, Mac OSX, OS/2, Windows, and probably Solaris Understands many digital disk formats: .DSK, .PO, .NIB, 2IMG Understands many physical Apple disk formats: DOS, ProDOS, SOS, Pascal, CP/M, among others Serves the original ADT client as well as the ADTPro client Bootstraps Apple .... Free download of ADTPro - Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS for Mac OS X 2.0.1

ZinjaI for Mac OS X 20131127 Pipeh Software    

... portability: it can run on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, converting projects paths and other settings beetwen both system automatically visual representations: drawing of flowchart diagrams, class hierarchy diagramas, directly from source code external tools integration: quick GUI generation with wxFormBuilder, source comparing and merging with diff, internal documentation .... Free download of ZinjaI for Mac OS X 20131127

Gromacs for Mac OS X and Linux 4.6.5    

... written Altivec assembly loops both for Linux and Mac OS X. Gromacs is normally 3-10 timesfaster than any other program; check the article in Journal of Molecular Modeling (reference can be found under resources) for a comparison benchmark. * GROMACS is user-friendly, with topologies and parameter files written in .... Free download of Gromacs for Mac OS X and Linux 4.6.5

Jelly SMS for Mac OS X 1.0.8 Finbarr Brady, Keith Flynn    

... iOS or Android device, and also on your Mac OS X, Windows or Linux desktop computer. FEATURES: · Removed phone book import from certain operator sites due to incompatibility Fixed support · Added support · Made startup more robust when checking database, or existing instance. · .... Free download of Jelly SMS for Mac OS X 1.0.8

Energy2D for Mac OS X 2.0 Concord Consortium    

... browser on Windows (XP, Vista, and Windows 7), Mac OS X, and Linux, provided that Java (Version 5 or higher) is installed and enabled. In addition, Energy2D can be used as a standalone application for creating energy simulations. Your simulations can be deployed as Java applets that run within a .... Free download of Energy2D for Mac OS X 2.0

QtGrace for Mac OS X 0.2.3 Beta Andreas_Winter    

QtGrace is a small, easy-to-use application specially designed to offer users a program to display or plot data, analyze data and prepare it for printing. This software is special because it combines the convenience of a graphical user interface with the power of a scripting language which enables it to do .... Free download of QtGrace for Mac OS X 0.2.3 Beta

FNProg2PDA for Mac 8.2.1 Tom van Breukelen    

FNProg2PDA for Mac is a freeware add-on tool for the FNProgramvare software (homepage export information from the FNprogramvare databases (for assets, books, CD's, LP's, video's, DVD's, software or stamp collections) to a HanDBase, JFile3+, List, MobileDB, Pilot-DB, P.Referencer, SmartList To Go, Dbase3, DBase4, DBase5, FoxPro Database, MS-Excel spreadsheet, user definable .... Free download of FNProg2PDA for Mac 8.2.1

Universal Media Server for Mac OS X 6.6.0 subjunk    

... operating systems, with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The program streams or transcodes many different media formats with little or no configuration. It is powered by MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, MediaInfo and more, which combine to offer support for a wide range of media formats. .... Free download of Universal Media Server for Mac OS X 6.6.0

QuteScoop for Mac OS X 2.1.12 Beta QuteScoop Team    

QuteScoop is a small, easy-to-use application specially designed to offer users a platform-independent status indicator like ServInfo for VATSIM, IVAO and any other FSD network. Using the Time Warp mode you can see the predicted plane positions and booked ATCs. .... Free download of QuteScoop for Mac OS X 2.1.12 Beta

GroIMP for Mac and Linux 1.4.2 Department Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest G    

GroIMP (Growth Grammar-related Interactive Modelling Platform) for Mac and Linux is a 3D-modelling platform. As such, GroIMP contains features known from modelling software: Interactive editing of scenes Rich set of 3D objects, including primitives, NURBS curves and surfaces, height fields Material options like colours, textures Real-time rendering using OpenGL .... Free download of GroIMP for Mac and Linux 1.4.2

Lucidor for Mac OS X 0.9.10 Ordbrand    

... format. Lucidor runs on the GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms. FEATURES: · Read EPUB e-books. · Organize a collection of e-books in a local bookcase. · Search for and download e-books from the Internet, for example by browsing OPDS catalogs. · Convert web feeds into e-books. .... Free download of Lucidor for Mac OS X 0.9.10

RISE Editor RISE to Bloome Software    

... * as an integrated part of the RISE Editor. * as a standalone application. * using a script or from command line. Once you have generated and deployed your information solution as a web service RISE allows you to test run it. This allows you or your software team to .... Free download of RISE Editor

FolderWasher for Mac 1.01 iXoft    

... begin with period like ".DS_Store" files created by Mac OS X. When copying folders from Mac OS X to Windows, these files become visible... and annoying - see below notes about .DS_Store. Runs with any OS X on Macintosh and .... Free download of FolderWasher for Mac 1.01

Bing Ads Editor 9.9.14341.0 Microsoft    

... from other search engines directly into Bing Ads Editor. Get performance alerts: Adjust your campaign according to automatic alerts that notify you about key performance behaviors and status changes to budgets, ad groups, and keywords. Research new keywords: Discover new keywords and add them to your account using .... Free download of Bing Ads Editor 9.9.14341.0

coconutBattery for Mac 3.2.1 Christoph Sinai    

... surprise. coconutBattery is a small but very useful Mac app that analyses the current status of your ... you live information about the battery in your Mac and iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) including: Age of your Mac, iOS device and battery How often the battery .... Free download of coconutBattery for Mac 3.2.1

ToolWiz Photo Editor 6.1 Toolwiz Soft    

Photo Editing -Image: Rotate, Crop, Perspective, Resize, Reshape, Flip, Expand, Shrink -Color: Brightness, Temperature, Tint, Contrast, Toning, White Balance, Color Balance -Light: , Exposure, Highlights and Shadows, Natural Saturation -Detail: Clarity, Defog, Sharpening, De-noise, Retinex -Auto: Equalization, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Gamma Correct -Levels and RGB Curve tools -Desaturate: Classic, .... Free download of ToolWiz Photo Editor 6.1

PhotoSync for Mac 1.6.2 touchbyte GmbH    

... Download the free PhotoSync companion software for your Mac. Drag photos/videos onto the PhotoSync icon and they are transferred to your device in seconds - without iTunes. Access by Web-Browser Wi-Fi access to your photos/videos wherever you are – from any computer on the same Wi-Fi network by just .... Free download of PhotoSync for Mac 1.6.2

Gazelle Lite for Mac 12.36 B006518 Phostersoft    

Gazelle Lite for Mac is the entry version of our advanced multi-staff, ... Gazelle is compatible with all three platforms; Windows, Mac and Linux. We have also made it convenient for you to migrate your data from one to the other, should you decide to switch in the future. .... Free download of Gazelle Lite for Mac 12.36 B006518

Affinic Debugger GUI for Mac OS X 1.2.0 Affinic Technology    

Affinic Debugger GUI .aka. ADG, is designed as a graphical user interface for various debuggers. The current release is specifically targeted on GDB, the GNU debugger. With the graphical windows, ADG can unleash the full powerful GDB by viewing multiple types of information within one view and maneuvering debugger with easily .... Free download of Affinic Debugger GUI for Mac OS X 1.2.0

SpiderOak for Mac 6.1.5 SpiderOak Inc    

SpiderOakONE is a practical and reliable Mac OS X application that enables you to take ... you can effortlessly backup the content from your Mac’s desktop, documents, email, movies, music or pictures folder. SpiderOakONE also allows you to manually select the files that you need to backup. SpiderOakONE enables you to .... Free download of SpiderOak for Mac 6.1.5

iPhone Explorer for Mac Macroplant LLC.    

... Features * 100% Free iPhone browser for Mac and Windows * 100% Drag-and-drop interface for easily copying files to and from your iPhone * Create, delete and rename files and folders on your iPhone or iPod Touch * Works with all iPhones and iPod Touches including the iPhone 3G .... Free download of iPhone Explorer for Mac

newLISP for Mac OS X 10.7.1 Lutz Mueller    

... smallest systems · Makefiles for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, LINUX, SOLARIS, TRU64, Win32. Embeddable: · Shared library versions for all Platforms (.so, .dylib, .dll) International: · Unicode - UTF-8 support compile flavors Enterprise: · Well documented · Support via responsive community · Modules in isolated .... Free download of newLISP for Mac OS X 10.7.1

Elite People Search for Mac OS X & Linux 4.7 Anthony Gray    

... ZabaSearch. Key Features: Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Elimination of duplicate search results. Elimination of extraneous search results. Multiple searches at once. Searches by state, county, and city. Detection of multiple phone numbers matching to one person. Detection of multiple dates of birth matching to one person. .... Free download of Elite People Search for Mac OS X & Linux 4.7

DuckCapture for Mac 2.7 DuckLink    

DuckCapture comes with four capture modes that make screen capture easy! Capture a window on your screen, region of your screen, a very tall window need scrolling, or full screen. Moreover, you can change your captured area or add more areas to one image. DuckCapture allows you to add annotations and .... Free download of DuckCapture for Mac 2.7

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