Gargoyle for Mac OS X 2011.1 Artifex Software, Inc.    

Gargoyle is an IF player that supports all the major interactive fiction formats. Most interactive fiction is distributed as portable game files. These portable game files come in many formats. In the past, you used to have to download a separate player (interpreter) for each format of IF you wanted to .... Free download of Gargoyle for Mac OS X 2011.1

BayesRate for Mac OS X 1.63 Jan Schnitzler    

BayesRate is a program to estimate speciation and extinction rates from dated phylogenies in a Bayesian framework. The method is described in: Silvestro, D., Schnitzler, J. and Zizka, G. (2011) A Bayesian framework to estimate diversification rates and their variation through time and space. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 11, 311 .... Free download of BayesRate for Mac OS X 1.63

Vidalia Bundle for Mac OS X Vidalia Bundle    

Vidalia is a cross-platform graphical controller for the Tor software, built using the Qt framework. Vidalia runs on most platforms supported by Qt 4.3 or later, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux or other Unix variants using the X11 window system. It was originally written by Matt Edman, and .... Free download of Vidalia Bundle for Mac OS X

psutil for Mac OS X and Linux 0.6.1 psutil Team    

psutil is a module providing an interface for retrieving information on all running processes and system utilization (CPU, disk, memory, network) in a portable way by using Python. Implementing many functionalities offered by command line tools such as: * ps * top * df * kill * free * .... Free download of psutil for Mac OS X and Linux 0.6.1

delaboratory for Mac OS X 0.8 Jacek Poplawski    

Delaboratory is a Free Software color correction utility, it allows you to modify color/contrast of your photo in a creative way - by peforming non-destructive operations in different colorspaces with floating-point precision per channel. FEATURES: · Floating point precision - it means that internal code uses not 8-bit (like .... Free download of delaboratory for Mac OS X 0.8

GUIDOLib for Mac OS X 1.5.1 Dominique Fober    

The Guido Engine Library is a generic, portable library and API for the graphical rendering of musical scores. The library is based on the GUIDO Music Notation Format as the underlying data format. The library takes account of the conventional music notation system and should be flexible enough to include any .... Free download of GUIDOLib for Mac OS X 1.5.1

Childsplay for Mac OS X 0.85.1 Stas Zytkiewicz    

Childsplay is an application designed to be used at home but it can also be used with great results in kindergartens. Python and PyGame based, it provides a framework for activities that are more 'game' like: they can have animation and move. FEATURES: · Memory activities that are fun .... Free download of Childsplay for Mac OS X 0.85.1

SwingOSC for Mac OS X 0.70 Hanns Holger Rutz    

SwingOSC is an OpenSoundControl (OSC) server intended for scripting Java(tm), such as to create graphical user interfaces with AWT or Swing classes. It dynamically creates instances of Java classes and controls them. It's main application is a graphical user interface toolkit for SuperCollider. .... Free download of SwingOSC for Mac OS X 0.70

HermeneutiX for Mac OS X 1.11 Carron    

HermeneutiX is a tool for diagramming syntactic and semantic structures of complex (not necessarily foreign-language) texts (e.g. bible parts or other historical excerpts). Respectively available ways of handling your texts: (1) Syntactic Structural Analysis [german: Lexikalisch Grammatische Analyse] (2) Semantic Structure Analysis (aka Discourse Analysis) [german: Semantisch Kommunikative Analyse] FEATURES: .... Free download of HermeneutiX for Mac OS X 1.11

primesieve for Mac OS X 5.0 Kim Walisch    

primesieve uses the segmented sieve of Eratosthenes with wheel factorization, this algorithm has a complexity of operations and uses space. Segmentation is currently the best known practical improvement to the sieve of Eratosthenes. Instead of sieving the interval [2, n] at once one subdivides the sieve interval into a number .... Free download of primesieve for Mac OS X 5.0

EpiFire for Mac OS X 2.73 Tom Hladish    

EpiFire is a small, easy to use, handy application specially designed to help you simulate epidemics on contact networks. Now, you can make use of this accessible and useful tool to perform the epidemic simulations you want. .... Free download of EpiFire for Mac OS X 2.73

ZeGrapher for Mac OS X 2.0.0 kide65    

ZeGrapher was designed to be a fast an easy-to-use mathematical function plotting application. This handy tool can be specially suitable for high school students that need to plot different functions. Features: Draw up to six functions and sequences (recurrent or explicit). Inter-calling between functions and sequences. Many options: colors .... Free download of ZeGrapher for Mac OS X 2.0.0

Kadu for Mac OS X 0.12.2 Kadu Team    

New Kadu is a result of more than four months of KaduTeam's hard work. We focused on making history faster, improving Gadu-Gadu conferences support and network proxy configuration interface. A lot of attention was paid to fixing bugs and making small enhancements. After changing format of history it is taking .... Free download of Kadu for Mac OS X 0.12.2

Tuner for Mac OS X 1.03 William J. Farmer    

A musical instrument strobe tuner with cents and frequency display. With additional features useful for tuning accordions or melodeons. The strobe display may be disabled, if required. Using Play your instrument into your microphone and observe the display. The slider at the top left adjusts the microphone input level, .... Free download of Tuner for Mac OS X 1.03

Cain for Mac OS X 1.10 Sean Mauch    

Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions. It can spawn multiple simulation processes to utilize multi-core computers. It stores models, simulation parameters, and simulation results in an XML format. In addition, SBML models can be imported and exported. The models and simulation parameters can be read from input files .... Free download of Cain for Mac OS X 1.10

PasswordMaker for Mac OS X 0.7.2 Dave Marotti    

A port of the Firefox PasswordMaker plugin to a standalone Java application. latest version is 0.7.2. A few of the wider screenshots below are blurry due to Google limiting the width of the page. The program itself does not blur. Features: * Read/write RDF files. RDF .... Free download of PasswordMaker for Mac OS X 0.7.2

Objeck for Mac OS X 3.3.7_0 Randy Hollines    

Objeck is an object-oriented computing language with functional features. The language has ties with C#, Pascal and Scheme. In this language all data types, except for higher-order functions, are treated as objects. The language contains all of the basic features of a general-purpose (Turing complete) programming language with an .... Free download of Objeck for Mac OS X 3.3.7_0

ecran downloader for Mac OS X 5.0 Ecran Software    

Ecran Downloader is a small application that will help you download the desired files from the internet. Just enter the web address of the file you wish to grab and the application will immediately download it. .... Free download of ecran downloader for Mac OS X 5.0

Zorba for Mac OS X 2.9.1 The FLWOR Foundation    

General purpose XQuery processor - written in C++. Complete family of W3C specifications: XPath, XQuery, Update, Scripting, Full-Text, XSLT, XQueryX, and more. Seamlessly process XML data stored in different places. Main memory, mobile devices, browsers, disk-based, or cloud- based stores. Web mashups, cryptography, image processing, geo projections, emails, data cleaning... .... Free download of Zorba for Mac OS X 2.9.1

AFELO for Mac OS X 11.04 EducDesign s.a.    

Compressing images and sending them to your website has never been so easy before. AFELO allows to select images on your local computer, to resize and compress them and to send them onto your site in a few clicks. AFELO is free, it's easy to use and it's fully compatible .... Free download of AFELO for Mac OS X 11.04

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Putani PKI Explorer for Mac OS X 1.0.0 Santhosh    

Putani PKI Explorer is an easy to use and handy application that allows you to easily manage all your Java keystores and explore PKI objects, such as certificates, CRLs and more. The program enables you to create BKS, Java JCEKS, Java, PKCS12 or UBER keystores. Also, it comes with additional .... Free download of Putani PKI Explorer for Mac OS X 1.0.0

MQ File Mover for Linux & Mac OS X 4.1.8 Capitalware Inc.    

The MQ File Mover v4.1.5 (MQFM) application is a managed file transfer solution that facilitates the transfer of files using IBM's WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries). MQFM processes "Action" commands which are controlled through an MQFM Workflow XML file. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the MQFM Workflow .... Free download of MQ File Mover for Linux & Mac OS X 4.1.8

Balony October for Mac OS X 17.2012 bpyoung    

Balony is a small, simple, easy to use application, specially designed to offer you an image analysis and data inspection for agar plates generated in high-throughput yeast genetics and genomics experiments. Basically all that you have to do is select the folder that contains the files that interest you and you .... Free download of Balony October for Mac OS X 17.2012

DPG4X for Mac and Linux d0malaga    

DPG for X (dpg4x) is a program that was designed to allow the easy creation of DPG video files on Linux, but now it can also run on OS X and Windows. DPG is a special format of MPEG-1 video specifically made for playback on a Nintendo DS. Features .... Free download of DPG4X for Mac and Linux

Moon Planner for Mac OS X 1.0.7 Beta Marco LC    

MoonPlanner is a Java calendar that allow to view moon's phases, moon's signs (constellations in which the moon is), and show the part of the plant corresponding to each sign (flower, fruit, leaf or root). For every calendar's day the user can attach notes (that are stored in a persistent database). .... Free download of Moon Planner for Mac OS X 1.0.7 Beta

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