UtiluMFC Utilu.com     update

... Collection you can quickly see how your websites look when rendered using different versions of the Gecko render engine. The version number of each included version of Mozilla Firefox can be found in the window title. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection also includes the Firebug and Web Developer add-ons for all .... Free download of UtiluMFC

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EML to MSG Converter 1.0 GSTech Software     new

... a demo, under which user can have a look on the processing quality and procedure of GSTECH EML to MSG Converter. This demo has some limit as it can give you the 10 EML files in DEMO after conversion. IN FULL VERSION: Here user will have full process of conversion .... Free download of EML to MSG Converter 1.0

SmartFTP 9.0.2471.0 SmartSoft     update

... transfer files across the Internet. With a modern look and feel and features including FTPS, SFTP, FXP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, B2, OneDrive, Google Drive, Multiple connections, and more. SmartFTP is a solid FTP client that is constantly being improved. Take SmartFTP for a test ride today and see for yourself .... Free download of SmartFTP 9.0.2471.0

Duplicate Photo Cleaner WebMinds, Inc.     update

... can compare photos based on how similar they look. This allows you to easily compare photos of the same subject and delete low quality shots that you don't need. You can also use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to sort through resized, edited and converted images. Duplicate Photo Cleaner has three scanning .... Free download of Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Pest Control Online Booking 4.2 Binary House Software     new

... on the customers main screen for ease of look up. Also know what rodent or pest problems any customer has had, and where those problems are located, what treatments you have used. This historical recount is complete and permanently stored with each customer for quick reference. It's perfect for workers .... Free download of Pest Control Online Booking 4.2

Firefox 55.0.2 Mozilla Foundation     update

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Windows, OS X, and Linux, with a mobile version for Android, by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. .... Free download of Firefox 55.0.2

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DiskCatalogMaker X 7.2.3 Fujiwara Software     update

DiskCatalogMaker features an Aqua look and feel, has a super fast search algorithm ... View your catalogs: · Finder like intuitive look and feel. · You can print a catalog. · Use "Select Original" to reveal an item on Finder. · Use "Open Original" to open an item directly. · .... Free download of DiskCatalogMaker X 7.2.3

NXPowerLite for File Servers Quick Scan 7.1.7 Neuxpower Solutions Ltd     update

... - a PDF remains a PDF. It will look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller. So running NXPowerLite can be completely transparent to end users. If you want to find out how much space you could save by optimizing your files. A preliminary scan takes just minutes .... Free download of NXPowerLite for File Servers Quick Scan 7.1.7

Frink for Mac OS X 2017-08-15 Alan Eliasen     update

... of physical quantities, freeing you from having to look them up, and freeing you to make effortless calculations without getting bogged down in the mechanics. Perhaps you'll get the best idea of what Frink can do if you skip down to the Sample Calculations further on this document. Come .... Free download of Frink for Mac OS X 2017-08-15

Frink 2017-08-15 Alan Eliasen     update

... of physical quantities, freeing you from having to look them up, and freeing you to make effortless calculations without getting bogged down in the mechanics. Perhaps you'll get the best idea of what Frink can do if you skip down to the Sample Calculations further on this document. Come .... Free download of Frink 2017-08-15

Print Distributor 2017.8.14.1200 Frogmore Computer Services Ltd     update

... path. · Virtual printers created by Print Distributor look exactly like a normal printer to your user's making the whole system very reliable and support free. · Load balancing improves the reliability of your printing by distributing prints across a group of printers. · Scripting support lets you write your .... Free download of Print Distributor 2017.8.14.1200

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Postbox 5.0.17 Postbox, Inc.     update

... just text for business use. Either way, you'll look like a hero on each and every message send. * Gmail Label support makes organizing easy * Dedicated Important view for high-priority messages * Send and Archive your messages in just one step * Add detected dates to your .... Free download of Postbox 5.0.17

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Hardcopy 2017.08.14 Siegfried Weckmann     update

... (You can print also still supplementary SAP® information, look example.) You can store the Hardcopy also directly in a database. Example This can be also your database of the SAP® system. You can printout in landscape format (also automatic, dependent on the size). You can determine the margins. You .... Free download of Hardcopy 2017.08.14

Opera 48.0.2679.0 Opera Software     update

... and animated background themes help me personalize the look of my browser. * Bookmark, tab and passowrd ... >- Toolbars >- Bookmarks Bar. Choose your look and layout Opera's vibrant user community has created ... to try, so you can have a customized look for your browser. Create your own shortcuts .... Free download of Opera 48.0.2679.0

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GSA Proxy Scraper 2.24 GSA     update

... you and collecting your data without your consent? Look no further, we have a solution for you GSA Proxy Scraper is a powerful, easy to use, Windows based, proxy scraping software that can harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably with just a few simple clicks. No more .... Free download of GSA Proxy Scraper 2.24

CCFinder 7q Abelssoft     update

... CCFinder is very easy to use and already looks like a Windows 8 application. The free version ... color filter on the picture to change it's look. The Pro version from version V1.2 on also contains a way to save a 'document of proof' PDF containing the image, a time stamp, .... Free download of CCFinder 7q

Active Dancer Mac Edition 1.2.181 ActiveDancer.com     update

... to use and update. Enhance or change the look and feel of your Mac desktop environment with Active Dancer free software. .... Free download of Active Dancer Mac Edition 1.2.181

Gadwin Rockmer 3.0.1298 Gadwin, Ltd.     update

... use Timeline window to make your study process look like a game. If you’re an intermediate musician and you’re looking for the place you can practice in the most comfortable way, Gadwin Rockmer is just what you need! Forget about the billions of windows .... Free download of Gadwin Rockmer 3.0.1298

SocialMedia driven App Developer 2.48 Dynamic Applications     update

If you could look 1 year ahead of competition, would you want to see? - we'll give you 4 years. SocialMedia driven App Developer will help you to find new solutions for your 21st century Startup. Fine-tune cost-driving, reach, efficiency and sales parameters as you want. See their combined effect .... Free download of SocialMedia driven App Developer 2.48

Windows 10 Manager 2.1.4 Yamicsoft Technology Limited     update

... access time and improve application responsiveness. Customize the look of system by tweaking Explorer, Desktop, Taskbar and notification area; create the quick startup items on Taskbar with the Jump List launcher; tune up boot menu, edit context menus of mouse Right-Clicking; Edit the Win + X menu that shown when .... Free download of Windows 10 Manager 2.1.4

Cryptbox 2017.7q Abelssoft     update

... and places them into virtual data safes that look like ordinary system drives. This protects you against data theft from mean cybercriminals. CryptBox is innovative and accepts different types of passwords for safe access, you are allowed to use your iPhone/iPod, images or usb sticks. The AES-256-bit-algorithm protects your data .... Free download of Cryptbox 2017.7q

Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) 2.40 XVEL Software     update

... you show your customers how their house will look before you open the first paint can. Color Style Studio is like an interesting and exciting game that focuses on color rather than color management. .... Free download of Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) 2.40

DFX 9 Audio Enhancer 13.008 Power Technology     update

... custom preset. You can also change the look of DFX by choosing from the many available DFX skins in the online skins library, or creating your own skin. Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement Effects The most important aspect of any audio program is how well it sounds. .... Free download of DFX 9 Audio Enhancer 13.008

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Qmmp 0.10.10 Qmmp Development Team     update

... you to listen to music inside a good looking environment, providing support for the most common audio ... user. It brings a little bit of Winamp’s look and feel, but it’s simpler in functionality than Nullsoft’s audio player. The user can easily customize the interface by selecting one of the .... Free download of Qmmp 0.10.10

software award   

Coloring Book 17: Strange and Unusual 1.00.61 Dataware     update

... 50 pages of strange and unusual scenes that look like they are right out of an art museum! The young person in your family will get exposure to modern art by coloring these drawings. The images will spark imagination and creativity, allowing a child to think outside the box. This .... Free download of Coloring Book 17: Strange and Unusual 1.00.61

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