Kill the Wabbits 1.0    

... place left to go and enjoy the quiet. Kill the wabbits! Aim and shoot the cannon by using your mouse cursor. If you click close the the cannon your shot will not go far. If you click far away from the cannon your shot will be far away. .... Free download of Kill the Wabbits 1.0

Messenger Plus! 6.00.0 Build 77 Yuna Software    

Messenger Plus! is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger that adds tons of features and extras to the software. Extend the possibilities of Messenger and make your experience a lot more entertaining! Skin Messenger: Completely change the look of your Messenger windows on the fly with our vast database ... Laugh: Custom emotion sounds, multi-formatting, and lots of Messenger tweaks to enhance your messaging experience. Log .... Free download of Messenger Plus! 6.00.0 Build 77

Messenger Plus! Live Patchou    

What is Messenger Plus!? Messenger Plus! is a plugin for Windows Live Messenger that adds more features to the instant messenger like skins, tabbed conversations, custom sounds and more. Get More From Your Windows Live Messenger With Messenger Plus! * Play with plugins and cool ... at the same time. * Full support of Messenger 2009 and 2011. * Search the web using .... Free download of Messenger Plus! Live

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Messenger Reviver 2.3.5 Jonathan Kay     update

Messenger Reviver 2 automatically installs, repairs and/or modifies Windows Live Messenger 2012, 2011, 2009, and 2008 as well as Windows Messenger to continue signing in despite being blocked by ... To bypass the forced upgrade, download my Messenger Reviver 2 utility and run the application. As this requires changes to Messenger you may receive a message asking you to .... Free download of Messenger Reviver 2.3.5

Kill Insect Game 1.0 3dfishgame    

The insect attacks to download the source code, the insect army come! Never let them fall, use the mouse to press them die! The maintenance of world peace! Your task in this fun strategy and shooting game is to clear all nasty bugs from the backyard. There are many kinds of .... Free download of Kill Insect Game 1.0

Messenger Assist 5.5 BookmarkSoft    

Messenger Assist saves both your and interlocutor's time. Do you use an Skype or Windows Live Messenger? Do you like to listen music? If there's ... who's still waiting for you. But there is Messenger Assist. Messenger Assist automatically pauses music on calls. It's free .... Free download of Messenger Assist 5.5

@Kill 1.1 aSwIt Srl: Mail, Print for DOS, Windows    

... windows (applications) on your Windows machine and to kill some of them by specifing their title. Unlike other killing utilities it works also with hidden and system ... on execution, so it can decide whether to kill it or not (and which is the exact .... Free download of @Kill 1.1

Messenger Key 9.7 Lostpassword    

... for ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo instant messengers. Messenger Key is a program to recover passwords for ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo instant messengers. Features: * All versions of Mirabilis ... * Mirabilis ICQ Lite is supported * MSN Messenger is supported * Google Talk Messenger is .... Free download of Messenger Key 9.7

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Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171 BK-Soft    

Kill Win Pro is developed as a Shutdown-tool for Windows Operating Systems. Using Kill Win Pro you can set a timer for ... before the shut down action. For convenience, Kill Win Pro features system tray menu, which can ... execute scripts (with editor) start a script when Kill Win Pro is started command-line options for 'General' .... Free download of Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171

Kill Win 2.2 BK-Soft    

Kill Win is a shutdown tool with a wide range of functions. Using Kill Win your work with Windows will be more efficient. You can even configure Kill Win to close all folders / windows at a given time, start a DOS-box or .... Free download of Kill Win 2.2

Kill Winamp 1.61 Johan Torp / Nocturnal Development    

Winamp/computer timer that counts time or songs played. Either closes or stops winamp or turns the computer off after a certain number of minutes or songs played. Completely freeware. .... Free download of Kill Winamp 1.61

-123 Popup Video 1.1 A1 Wyka-Warzecha    

Popup Video! is an exciting new java applet that allows you to easily create popup's like in the music videos! Simply create hotspots, popup menu location and text, and you've got a cool looking popup image! .... Free download of -123 Popup Video 1.1

Bimoid messenger Bimoid    

Bimoid messenger is the simple and lite client program for ... messages between users through Bimoid server. Using Bimoid messenger, you can connect to any Bimoid server installed ... have appropriate access and server address. To try messenger you can connect our community by setting our ... server address ( in the "Server" tab of messenger program. Basic features of the messenger: .... Free download of Bimoid messenger

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Blockup Popup Windows 1.6.0 FreeConverterSoft    

Blockup Popup Windows is a standalone application that will block ... browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer. It blockups popup windows automatically from a list which you add the window titles. Blockup Popup Windows gives you the ability to block spam sent via instant messenger. It can automatically block most pop-up ads that .... Free download of Blockup Popup Windows 1.6.0

Free vBulletin IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0 TopCMM Software Corp.    

123 Web Messenger Introduction: 123 Web Messenger is a real-time instant messaging software for your ... Client Application with friend list function, and Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar, empowering your website with a Facebook like web messenger. All of the clients are secure, reliable and ... The vBulletin Instant Messaging Addon for 123 Web Messenger is a FREE application, which can help you .... Free download of Free vBulletin IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0

Likno Auto Popup Window Addin 1.0 Likno Software    

Create any type of website popup window & popup dialog easily, such as: html window, html popup, jQuery popup, modal dialog, jQuery modal, modal window, javascript modal, CSS popup. The popular open source jQuery library is used to power your HTML modal popup dialogs. The "Automatic Opening on Page Load" feature .... Free download of Likno Auto Popup Window Addin 1.0

Squiggle LAN Messenger Overroot    

... application was developed to be a free lan messenger that does not require a server. Just download ... everyone on your LAN. Squiggle is a lan messenger done right. Server-less LAN Chat software that is ... transfer Spell Check, Buzz, Emoticons, Audio Alerts, Tray Popups Contact groups, Display message, Display Pic, Chat commands, .... Free download of Squiggle LAN Messenger

Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8117.416 Microsoft    

Get Messenger and stay in touch Windows Live Messenger makes it easier than ever to stay connected ... people you care about. Sure, you use Messenger to send instant messages, but did you know ... your friends’ phones.* This is Windows Live Messenger version 2009 aka Windows Live Messenger 9, the .... Free download of Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8117.416

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DHTML Popup 1.0 Apycom Software    

DHTML Popup Generator is an easiest tool in the web ... with overlay shadow; * Rounded corners of dhtml popup window; * Large images fit to browser window; ... FTP. Just upload files generated by the DHTML Popup Generator to your server and it will run immediately, even if it's a free .... Free download of DHTML Popup 1.0

DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger 1.0 TopCMM Software Corp.    

123 Web Messenger offers free Chat Module named DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger, and with which webmaster will be assist to integrate 123 Web Messenger with DotNetNuke and insert a free "Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar" located at the bottom ... List button. Other Features of FREE Facebook Like Messenger for DotNetNuke: 1) Auto-login After the integration of .... Free download of DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger 1.0

CD Messenger: Office Instant Messenger 2.1 Live2Support Pvt Ltd    

The Corporate Digital Messenger (Abbreviated as CD Messenger) from Live2Support sets an entirely new standard in ... number of employees who can use the CD Messenger. Whether it is a small office or a giant corporation, CD messenger can connect them all. it uses the Internet ... your productivity and further optimize the workplace. CD Messenger is the only “All in One” solution available .... Free download of CD Messenger: Office Instant Messenger 2.1

Windows Live Messenger 2012 16.4.3508. Microsoft    

Windows Live Messenger 2012 So much for free in one simple download, including Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Messenger. Windows Live Messenger remains an important player on the market and the new generation MSN Messenger follows the same trend as its competitors to ... file transfer and phone calling. Windows Live Messenger makes it easier than ever to stay connected .... Free download of Windows Live Messenger 2012 16.4.3508.

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Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.5 Kadir Demirel    

Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.5 has been prepared to translate interface language of Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 version into Turkish. If Yahoo! Messenger is not installed on your system it is recommended that you to install latest Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 (us) version first and then apply this ... pack. Don't apply this language pack to Yahoo! Messenger 11.0, 10.0, 9.0, 8.1 or previous other versions. .... Free download of Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.5

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Freo Messenger 3.0.0 FreoMessenger    

If you're looking for the most user-friendly instant messenger client to talk instantly in real-time using the ... a totally free and clean Windows multi-capable instant messenger client. With this free download you will be ... to online radio station and share files. Freo Messenger stores a plethora of great features (all you .... Free download of Freo Messenger 3.0.0

jQuery Popup Menu Style 13 1.3 Apycom jQuery    

... menu out there. Easily configurable and adjustable our popup menu comes with the full set of features ... there is no JavaScript being used for the popups. Pure CSS menus use the hover pseudoclass, on ... show drop-down menus without JavaScript. This Apycom jQuery Popup Menu is the smallest, fastest, and one of .... Free download of jQuery Popup Menu Style 13 1.3

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