Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net 1.1 anidotNET    

Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net is the .Net API for Google Code Issue Tracking service. This library is a fully open ... by Google. In the official Google Code .Net API there is no support for Issue Tracker service. That is why this project was born. The Google Code Issue Tracker client library for .Net will allow .Net .... Free download of Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net 1.1

Issue Tracker YouTrack Hosted 3.0 Issue Tracker IntelliJ Labs    

YouTrack from JetBrains is a web-based, keyboard-centric hosted issue tracker. It offers fantastic time savings for both bug ... native-language-like search queries and batch operations on multiple issues from the command window. With our hosted issue tracker you can: - Search for bugs and issues using native-language-like query syntax, aided by intelligent query .... Free download of Issue Tracker YouTrack Hosted 3.0

Comindware Tracker 1.8.87 Comindware Inc    

Comindware Tracker is adaptive business process and workflow management software ... and other CRM, ERP, EAM systems via Comindware Tracker API. With Comindware Tracker you can quickly automate your business processes and .... Free download of Comindware Tracker 1.8.87

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