TVideoGrabber Video SDK DATASTEAD Sarl    

... like the Logitech C920/C930, USB analog capture devices, IP cameras, screen recording, as well as from set of ... optional RTSP DirectShow source filter you can capture IP cameras and media servers in RTSP, RTMP or HTTP ... or playback, perform PIP video from another TVideoGrabber component, apply video processing like rotation, cropping and more. .... Free download of TVideoGrabber Video SDK

RVMedia 3.0.1 TRichView.Com    

... is a set of Delphi and C++Builder VCL components having the following functions: - receiving video from local web cameras and IP-cameras; - configuring IP-cameras and controlling their rotation; - reading sound from ... directly connected applications or using a client-server model). Components in the package: 1. TRVCamera: - receives video from different sources: cameras, remote IP-cameras, screen, video files - configures IP-cameras; .... Free download of RVMedia 3.0.1

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