IP Hider Ever iProxyEver Internet Privacy Protection    

... IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic and the real location while surfing the ... makes nobody know what you do on the internet. So you can surf wherever you want on ... automatically when dropped , all-round protection of your privacy. You can choose the applications you want to .... Free download of IP Hider Ever

UltraSurf 15.04 UltraReach Internet Corp    

Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, ... with millions of people using it to bypass internet censorship and protect their online privacy. ULTRASURF'S REACH: » Millions of unique ... from over 180 countries Ultrasurf also helps internet users in non-censoring countries to encrypt their communications, .... Free download of UltraSurf 15.04

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Wujie 15.04 UltraReach Internet Corp    

Privacy, Security and Freedom UltraSurf: * enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in ... – has become a household name among Chinese Internet users. UltraSurf is one of the “three swordsmen,” ... a high level of encryption on the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) platform. UltraSurf enables users to .... Free download of Wujie 15.04

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Disconnect for Windows 2.0.5 Disconnect    

... Disconnect is the easiest way to protect your privacy on all of your devices - iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Disconnect protects your privacy in 6 ways. First, it lets you see ... and identity theft threats (Paid). Fifth, it defeats Internet censorship and allows you to access content freely ... easily understand - at a glance - the privacy policies of 1000s of sites, plus other details .... Free download of Disconnect for Windows 2.0.5

PrivacyDr 2.0.8 ATSH ltd    

Privacy Dr. is a All-In solution for all your privacy and identity security. Privacy Dr. will clean all tracks and records of ... your browsing history, file usage and chat records. Privacy Dr. allows you to clean all or specific ... manipulate history records so it will look authentic. Privacy Dr. can handle all main browsers - Internet .... Free download of PrivacyDr 2.0.8

east-tec Eraser 12.9 East-Tec    

Protect your sensitive data and privacy, and securely erase all evidence of your Internet and PC activity. Go beyond any system optimization ... every trace of sensitive data from your PC: Internet history, Web pages, pictures, unwanted cookies, chats, conversations, ... from the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer, .... Free download of east-tec Eraser 12.9

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east-tec Eraser 12.9 East-Tec    

Protect your sensitive data and privacy, and securely erase all evidence of your Internet and PC activity. Go beyond any system optimization ... every trace of sensitive data from your PC: Internet history, Web pages, pictures, unwanted cookies, chats, conversations, ... from the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer, .... Free download of east-tec Eraser 12.9

Jumpto 2.5.0 Jumpto Media Inc.    

We looked at the Internet and realized that there were huge security issues in its design. When surveyed, 80% of Internet users in the US, Canada and the EU ... simple suite of products that would secure the Internet connection of anyone using them. When you install and use Jumpto your identity, privacy and anonymity are protected from any prying. When .... Free download of Jumpto 2.5.0

HistoryKill 2013.1.1 TrustSoft    

... software on your "deleted" history. This leaves your privacy and your security at risk. Erasing your history, cookies and Temporary Internet Files might give the appearance you have covered your Internet tracks but nothing could be further from the ... Take a look at HistoryKill's® feature-rich application: TRUE PRIVACY -- Deleting your "Internet Temp Files, History & .... Free download of HistoryKill 2013.1.1

iProxyEver Proxy Chain iProxyEver Internet Privacy Protection    

*Want to surf safely on the internet, be immune to all kinds of threatens, such ... world? As the world's handiest & most powerful privacy protection tool, ProxyEvery is definitely your best choice. ... application programs in your PC to access the internet through proxy severs. Supports DNS remote analysis(for Chinese mailland .... Free download of iProxyEver Proxy Chain

Net Nanny for Mac 2.0 ContentWatch    

... they can see whatever they want on the Internet, unless you're there to watch over their shoulders. With Net Nanny internet filter for Mac, the Internet is a safer place for your children. ... browsing and view instant message conversations from any internet connection. Review internet usage policies and see detailed .... Free download of Net Nanny for Mac 2.0

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Net Nanny 6.5 ContentWatch    

Net Nanny is a powerful internet filtering tool that allows you to determine what Internet content enters your home. It comes with maximum ... Already recognized as best in class, Net Nanny’s Internet safety reports have provided parents with info on your family’s Internet, Social Networking, and Instant Message activity. In .... Free download of Net Nanny 6.5

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SumRando VPN SumRando Pty. Ltd.    

Security and Privacy Encryption Software for Windows - SumRando VPN provides online security, privacy and anonymity with high level 128-bit AES encryption of our web traffic. Connect through our six different servers located worldwide - Sweden, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil and Turkey. Free .... Free download of SumRando VPN

ACleaner 4.5 Cleanersoft Software    

ACleaner is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool, that allows you to erase common Internet and computing tracks, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files and more. You can also easily erase the tracks of up .... Free download of ACleaner 4.5

Universal Shredder 2.664 Web Solution Mart    

Universal Shredder - Internet and PC cleaning utility. It's loaded with some ... PC strictly Private as well as clean. Clean Internet Usage : Clears browsers history, visited links, cookies, images, Yahoo, MSN and all messengers chat logs. File Shredder : Shreds important files so that even sneakiest file-recovery tools cannot .... Free download of Universal Shredder 2.664

ip-shield 1.6 ip-shield.net LLC    

... is the leading VPN software to protect your Internet privacy. Hides your real IP address to surf the Web safely and in complete anonymity. Protects your Internet privacy at home, work, hotels, Wi-Fi hotspots, anywhere. Encrypts your Internet communications for any Internet application like Web, Email, Skype or Messenger. Unblocks ... and YouTube and allows unfiltered, uncensored, and unmonitored Internet access to any site through firewalls. Provides a .... Free download of ip-shield 1.6

Tor The Tor Project, Inc.    

... that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. Tor provides the foundation for a range ... share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Individuals use Tor to keep websites from .... Free download of Tor

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Free Window Sweeper 2.8 FindSth Software    

Free Window Sweeper is a free privacy tool for cleaning up the history of your ... been doing on your computer, which raises several privacy concerns. Furthermore, much of your activity information takes ... recycle bin, and recent documents, etc. It supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Free Window .... Free download of Free Window Sweeper 2.8

WinUtilities Free History Cleaner 2.723 YL Computing, Inc    

WinUtilities Free History Cleaner is an Internet Eraser that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of Internet and computer activities. WinUtilities Free History Cleaner supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL, Opera and .... Free download of WinUtilities Free History Cleaner 2.723

DNSCrypt 0.0.6 OpenDNS    

... software that everyone should use to boost online privacy and security. It works by encrypting all DNS ... potential to be the most impactful advancement in Internet security since SSL, significantly improving every single Internet user's online security and privacy. .... Free download of DNSCrypt 0.0.6

Hide IP NG 1.85 Hide IP Software    

Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address? Hide IP ... the software you are looking for! Keeping your privacy is simple and easy: just start Hide IP ... Bypass the restrictions placed by some owners of Internet resources on users from certain countries or geographical ... unique IP address - your ID in the Internet. Avoid your personal information being used to send .... Free download of Hide IP NG 1.85

NetShred X 4.8.7 Mireth Technology Corp.    

... Clear History automatically with NetShred X, the easy-to-use internet track eraser app for Mac OS X that ... email programs leave behind. NetShred X is the internet privacy app that is easy, fast and cleaner. Easy ... because it will erase, not just delete all internet tracks for almost every browser and email program .... Free download of NetShred X 4.8.7

Identity Cloaker 1.2.0 B20 Tomas France    

Identity Cloaker is an application created to help you hide yor identity when navigating online. It's also important to note that free proxy servers are not usually free at all. In most situations the administrators of the physical server computers do not even know they are running a proxy server. .... Free download of Identity Cloaker 1.2.0 B20

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Quietzone 4.0.17217.7306 Returnil    

Quietzone is a simple to use, highly secure, privacy tool that gives you complete control over your Internet and PC privacy. You choose Who can see and record What ... simple as that. With Quietzone switched ON your Internet activity becomes private. It is not visible to ... your PC subsequently. Every time you surf the Internet your PC or device is at risk of .... Free download of Quietzone 4.0.17217.7306

VPN PRO 1.1 Innovative Solutions    

The fastest free VPN. Protect your privacy. Stay anonymous. You know you need more than a private internet browser to go incognito. With VPN PRO your online privacy is guaranteed, as we do not keep any ... your activities. We all want a fast, uninterrupted Internet connection. Whether we're downloading large files, streaming TV .... Free download of VPN PRO 1.1

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