Any Image x64 5.1 FMJ-Software     update

Any Image x64 is a tool for doing high quality image file conversions. Features: Converts large batches of image files just as easily as a single file. Supports many different image file formats. Supports several types of text meta ... data. True support for deep color and HDR image formats (16-bit integer and 32-bit floating point data/color .... Free download of Any Image x64 5.1

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Able PostScript Converter 2.0.33 RasterVect Software    

Able PostScript Converter converts EPS, PDF, PRN, PS and AI formats into TIFF format in batch mode. You can choose various TIFF color modes and resolution. After conversion you can view and edit your created multipage TIFF files. Some features: - Batch mode. - Fast converting. - Very user-friendly interface. - .... Free download of Able PostScript Converter 2.0.33

Cheewoo Shape Tracer 2.7.2003.1003 Cheewoo Engineering    

Converting raster image data file of a part / pattern into a vector shape file without manual digitizing. Supporting image scanning twain device to acquire image data as a input. Contains advanced image processing feature to remove noise in the original raster image. Contains image size adjustment and image distortion correction .... Free download of Cheewoo Shape Tracer 2.7.2003.1003

Фотоконвертер 7.3.19 reasoft    

Photo Image Converter is advanced batch image processing software, enabling you to convert and edit ... to handle some rare or outdated format: Photo Image Converter supports virtually any format you may encounter ... TIFF, PDF and ICO. Powerful yet intuitive, Photo Image Converter is the first-choice software for designers, photographers ... all the other people who have to perform image processing tasks but don't want to waste time .... Free download of Фотоконвертер 7.3.19

reaConverter 7.3.19 reasoft    

reaConverter is a powerful batch image converter which allows you to convert multiple images between a huge variety of different formats in a single operation. The bulk image converter provides immense support for different formats, so ... can use it to open and convert any image of any format you are ever likely to .... Free download of reaConverter 7.3.19

reaConverter Lite 7.3.19 reasoft    

Free batch advanced image converter and image editing application. reaConverter Lite can handle ultra-fast batch conversions between JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP images with access to lots of advanced picture editing ... Remove, Black and White Noise Remove Watermarking tools: Image Watermark, Text Watermark, Dynamic Watermark, Primitive Drawings Free ... or Pages. reaConverter Lite is uber-powerful and free image conversion tool with a great variety of features. .... Free download of reaConverter Lite 7.3.19

reaConverter Pro 7.3.19 reasoft    

Convert Multiple Images Quickly with a Bulk Image Converter reaConverter is a bulk image converter providing a quick and convenient way to convert any number of images with just a few clicks. Thanks to its ... When you need to convert large numbers of images all at once or make simple changes to .... Free download of reaConverter Pro 7.3.19

Image Resizer 2.0 BaiqiSoft    

Baiqi Image Resizer is a very useful and easy to use software for resizing single and multiple images and photos. With this software you can resize/shrink your images and photos before sending them by email or ... to any social services. Features: Batch resize multiple images and photos. Supports JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIF .... Free download of Image Resizer 2.0

Image Tuner 6.3 Glorylogic    

Image Tuner is a free batch image resizing, renaming, conversion and watermarking tool with a ... and straightforward interface. Based on an extremely fast image processing engine, this award-winning software has a bare ... and will help you with the most typical image-related tasks. You can work with individual files and entire folders to resize, convert, rename and watermark images with surprising ease. .... Free download of Image Tuner 6.3

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Bixorama Outerspace Software    

Bixorama is a convertor between 11 formats and effect adder. Bixorama can convert between 11 different panorama formats including Apple's QuickTime VR, Microsoft's DirectX DDS, angular maps, sphere maps and various cube map layouts. FEATURES: · QuickTime VR .MOV · Apple's QuickTime VR is the most popular panorama format .... Free download of Bixorama

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Nconvert 7.00 Pierre E Gougelet    

... set of tools, designed to help you convert images from one format to another, rotate, crop and resize them, perform fine adjustments or apply filters and effects in order to improve their quality. NConvert is compatible with more than 500 formats (including Multipage and animated still formats APNG, .... Free download of Nconvert 7.00

PDF24 Creator 8.1.4 Geek Software GmbH    

... files, to convert documents like Word, Excel or images to PDF, to add watermarks, to combine a ... a digital paper or to export as an image or an other file type. An integrated file ... Options to capture the screen is included. Import images from scanner or camera is also supported. All .... Free download of PDF24 Creator 8.1.4

Convert PDF to Image 11.50 Softinterface, Inc.    

'Convert PDF to Image' is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file ... utility specifically designed to convert PDF files into image files. If you need to convert one or ... many different folders, into a variety of different image file types, this is the tool. The most ... TIFF, and PDF to BMP. 'Convert PDF to Image' can be especially useful if you require complicated .... Free download of Convert PDF to Image 11.50

Convert Image to PDF 11.50 Softinterface, Inc.    

'Convert Image to PDF' is a simple to use, yet sophisticated utility specifically designed to convert images into PDF files. If you need to convert one or thousands of varying image file types into PDF, this is the tool. ... TIFF to PDF and JPG to PDF. 'Convert Image to PDF' can be especially useful if you .... Free download of Convert Image to PDF 11.50

Convert Image 11.50 Softinterface, Inc.    

... file operations such as delete, copy, etc. Convert images of many types. Convert JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EMF, PNG, PCX, TGA, ICO, CUR, ANI, WMF, RAS, J2K. JPG Converter tools. GIF Converter Software. Save and restore complex conversion configurations Supports recursive subfolders Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at .... Free download of Convert Image 11.50

PhotoPDF Photo to PDF Convertor 3.6.3 Evinco Solutions Limited    

... output. User can specify the paper size, like Image Size, A3, A4, A5, or self-defined. The output orientation can be chosen between portrait and landscape. And the resolution can be adjusted from 72 dpi to 1800 dpi. PhotoPDF supports BMP, JPG and GIF format. .... Free download of PhotoPDF Photo to PDF Convertor 3.6.3

Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac 2.0.6 EffectMatrix Ltd.    

... Mac vector tracing software that automatically converts bitmap image like JPEG, GIF and PNG to clean, scalable ... Vectorizer 2 for Mac uses a totally new image quantization algorithm that produces more natural color after ... up to 64 colors now. - Automatic tracing images of 70+ formats JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF, .... Free download of Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac 2.0.6

Soft4Boost Image Converter Sorentio Systems Ltd.    

... quality and look, apply various effects, copyright converted images. It is easy and fast with Soft4Boost Image Converter. Convert tons of images to all key formats in one go! Work ... SFW, WB1, PDD, etc. Convert and save your images in PDF-format. Apply auto-correction settings to improve images parameters such as brightness and contrast. Select between .... Free download of Soft4Boost Image Converter

WMF Converter Pro 3.4.2 Cristallight Software    

The program is mac wmf image converter and viewer application. It allows you to ... of them, or selected ones as mac native images in one of 10 file formats, including vector ... (Photoshop), BMP, SGI, Mac ICNs and more. The image resolution setting can also be used when saving in raster image formats. On Windows, many graphics and forms are .... Free download of WMF Converter Pro 3.4.2

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Ultimate Raw Photo Converter Sunpix group s.r.o.    

... a step by step wizard. To extract the images, you first need to select the source folder ... select the format you want, output quality and image size. Designed for owners of Any SLR cameras. With the help of our program you will easily be able to convert raw files. Program .... Free download of Ultimate Raw Photo Converter

Pano2VR 5.1 Garden Gnome Software e.U.    

... an application to convert spherical or cylindrical panoramic images into Adobe Flash 9 & 10, HTML5 (WebGL/iPhone/iPad), ... Pano2VR allows you to patch the input image dynamically. You can select an area of your panorama and export it to your image editing software. The Patch Tool supports alpha channels ... fixed are remapped and the rest of the image is not touched. The patch tool can .... Free download of Pano2VR 5.1

Adobe DNG Converter Adobe Systems    

Raw file formats are extremely popular in digital photography workflows because they offer creative professionals greater creative control. However, cameras can use many different raw formats — the specifications for which are not publicly available — which means that not every raw file can be read by a variety of software .... Free download of Adobe DNG Converter

Blender - 64 bit 2.78c Blender    

... deform, smooth, wave, collision, explode, smoke), render an image, use Undo and Redo, take a screenshot or screencast. Features: Photorealistic Rendering Blender now features a powerful new unbiased rendering engine called Cycles that offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering. The built-in Cycles rendering engine offers: * GPU .... Free download of Blender - 64 bit 2.78c

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! Picture-Desk Batch Converter 1.3a KudrSoft    

... advanced tool for batch conversion with lot of image processing features from rotating, image resizing, adding an anti-theft "X", overlaying text and/or a logo onto the image to more advanced requirements such as leveling RGB, ... batch converters, "Picture-Desk" enables you to select individual images or select groups of images (as many groups .... Free download of ! Picture-Desk Batch Converter 1.3a

ImBatch 5.3.1 High Motion Software    

ImBatch is a batch image processor with a nice graphical user interface. It will allow you to edit multiple image files at the click of a button by ... combining Tasks. ImBatch can batch resize and convert images in minutes instead of hours or days if you do it manually. It handles all popular image formats: BMP, DIB, RLE, TIF, TIFF, FAX, G3N, .... Free download of ImBatch 5.3.1

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