haXe 3.2.0 Nicolas Cannasse    

... haXe to target the following platforms : Javascript : You can compile a haXe program to ... program to NekoVM bytecode. This can be used for server-side programming such as dynamic webpages (using mod_neko for Apache) and also for command-line or desktop applications, since NekoVM can be ... with the required Makefiles. This is very useful for creating native applications, for instance in iPhone development. .... Free download of haXe 3.2.0

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Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition 2016sp1 Altova, Inc.    

Altova MissionKit 2016 Enterprise Edition is a software development suite of industrial-strength XML, SQL, and UML tools for information architects and application developers. Powered by RaptorXML for lightning-fast processing, Altova MissionKit Enterprise includes Enterprise Editions ... XMLSpy is the industry leading XML editor and IDE for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML technologies. .... Free download of Altova MissionKit Enterprise Edition 2016sp1

ScrypTik 1.16 Purple Oar Software    

Javascript authoring tool that can edit multiple files. Editor ... and always shows line numbers. Many pieces of Javascript and HTML template text may be inserted from menus. All Javascript code is extracted and syntax checked and checked for integration to the surrounding HTML objects. Programmer friendly lists of ascii codes and Javascript code tree to help the developer. Tree dispay .... Free download of ScrypTik 1.16

Enterprise Architect 8.0 Build 860 Sparx Systems Pty Ltd    

... the desktop, and to the complete implementation and development team. EA supports generation and reverse engineering of source code for many popular languages, including C++, C#, Java, Delphi, VB.Net, Visual Basic and PHP. Free add-ins for CORBA and Python are also available. With a ... model source code in the same environment. For those working in Eclipse or Visual Studio.Net, Sparx .... Free download of Enterprise Architect 8.0 Build 860

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SCaVis 2.3 Dr. Sergei Chekanov    

SCaVis is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students. The program incorporates many ... fully multiplatform and runs on any platform where Java is installed. As a Java application, SCaVis takes the full advantage of multicore ... SCaVis can be used with several scripting languages for the Java platform, such as Jython (the Python .... Free download of SCaVis 2.3

Wezarp Library DLL and DOTNET DLL 1.2.4 APPANDO    

... required to your remote device. Example of supported IDE: C, C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET, Java, LabWindows/CVI... Wezarp is based on a UDP/IP communication ... over internet). Choose the required Wezarp client available for iOS, Android and Windows to control or monitor your software. Wezarp Client for iOS is available on iTunes. Wezarp Client for .... Free download of Wezarp Library DLL and DOTNET DLL 1.2.4

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