* A listbox with HTML formatting capabilities * Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags * Standard, Office 2003, Office 2007 selection colors * HTML aware lookup and sorting and access of text without HTML tags * Supports the PictureContainer for adding GIF, ... Capability to have comment (non checkbox) items in HTMLCheckList .... Free download of THTMListbox

THTMLCombobox v2.1.0.0    

A combobox with HTML formatting capabilities. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags . With HTML aware lookup and sorting. Combobox can be flat style. Supports the PictureContainer .... Free download of THTMLCombobox v2.1.0.0


... to multiple DB fields with DB-aware design time HTML editor. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags. Included support for bevel borders + events for anchor clicks. .... Free download of TDBHTMLabel


A smooth auto scrolling credits label with HTML formatting capabilities. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags.Included support for bevel borders, events for ... images, mini scrollbar, various autosizing styles and a HTML property editor ... .... Free download of THTMLCredit


... down from the bottom of the screen with HTML formatting capabilities.Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags. .... Free download of THTMLPopup


... style Checkbox and RadioButton control with multiline & HTML formatted caption capability. * THTMLCheckBox * THTMLRadioButton * THTMLRadioGroup * THTMLCheckGroup * THTMLButton * TDBHTMLCheckBox * TDBHTMLRadioGroup .... Free download of THTMLButtons

TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup    

* BMP,JPG,GIF,WMF,EMF,ICO tiled,centered, stretched background, * HTML formatted text & caption, * Close and min/max button * Moveable & sizeable. * Persistent size and position in registry or INI file * Bitmapped captions * TAdvPanelGroup panel container * Smooth collaps and expand * TAdvPanelStyler for easy design time customization of .... Free download of TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup


... caption, custom border color * Captions can have HTML formatting This product is also available in TMS Component Pack. .... Free download of TAdvOfficeButtons


TParamCheckList is a check listbox where the user can easily set several parameters through inplace clicking, like in the outlook rules wizard. Parameters can be set through a custom interface, through selection from a drop down listbox or through a popup menu. Built-in inplace editors include: normal edit control, spin edit .... Free download of TParamCheckList

TRichView for Delphi 16.0.1 TRichView.Com    

... styles, Unicode, background images, print preview, export to HTML and DocX, RTF import and export, live spell, data-aware versions and more... RichViewActions is a set of components and actions for creating user interface for word processor applications (free addon). RichViewActions are translated to about 30 languages, and offer original high-quality .... Free download of TRichView for Delphi 16.0.1

TAdvListView & TDBAdvListView    

... to CSV, XLS, streams, files * save to HTML, DOC, formatted ASCII, XML * clipboard enabled : ... items & owner draw headers including headers with HTML formatting, background * color selection * flat scrollbar ... columns move/swap * Items can contain the Mini HTML reference * formatted text * Supports the COMCTL32 .... Free download of TAdvListView & TDBAdvListView

TMS FlexCel for VCL & FireMonkey    

... and printing .XLS/.XLSX files - Fully standards compliant HTML 5 file generation from .XLS/.XLSX files - Export .XLS & .XLSX files to SVG - Support for formula recalculation with over 200 Excel formulas - ApiMate tool for automatically showing needed Delphi/C++ code for generating specific .XLS/.XLSX file cells with Flexcel .... Free download of TMS FlexCel for VCL & FireMonkey


... GIF and full PNG alpha transparency support * HTML formatted panel content with optional hyperlinks, HTML specified images, ... * TMS TAdvFormStyler compatible for instant switch between Office 2003 / Office 2007 / Office 2010 / Office 2013 / Office .... Free download of TAdvSmoothPanel


... column styles including checkbox, image, progresss bar, hyperlink, HTML text * HTML rendering with images, hyperlinks of text in columns This product is also available in TMS Component Pack. .... Free download of TAdvOutlookList

HotXLS Delphi Excel Component 1.4.4    

... footer, page breaks... 11.Exporting workbooks and worksheets to HTML, RTF and CSV files. 12.Exporting Database tables or DBGrid to Excel, HTML or RTF files. This is Single License for single develper, for more info please visit .... Free download of HotXLS Delphi Excel Component 1.4.4

TMS Advanced DropDown Controls    

... Dropdown can have optional header or footer with HTML formatted text * Dropdown can be sizeable * ... addressbar like detail dropdown list with support for HTML formatted text, images,... * Different color picker dropdown controls * Time picker dropdown with interactive watch This product is also available in TMS Component .... Free download of TMS Advanced DropDown Controls


TAdvStringGrid,the high productivity & feature-packed grid control: flexible printing, enhanced display, easy navigation, flexible file input output, advanced edit controls, have graphics everywhere, 3rd party support, and more... A 150 page PDF developers guide is available for registered users. TAdvStringGrid Is also included in the TMS Component Pack, TMS Component Studio .... Free download of TAdvStringGrid

novaPDF SDK 8.5.938 Softland    

novaPDF SDK is a PDF software development kit that software developers can use to add the ability to create PDF files in their own applications. novaPDF SDK includes: - a COM interface for customizing novaPDF options. Any option that can be configured in the novaPDF Printing Preferences dialog, can be also .... Free download of novaPDF SDK 8.5.938

HierCube OLAP library for VCL 4.58 Radar-Soft, L.L.C.    

... exporting in the most common formats: PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, CSV, BMP, WMF, and other. - Easy localization. .... Free download of HierCube OLAP library for VCL 4.58

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