iProxyEver Anonymous Online 2.4.0 iProxyEver Online Privacy Protection    

... attacks? *Want to get totally anonymous and protect yourself from network surveilance & traffic analysis? *Want to ... most powerful privacy protection tool, ProxyEvery is definitely your best choice. iProxyEver is a very handy software capable of hiding your real IP address & location with a series of reliable ... click. Super Features: Allows any application programs in your PC to access the internet through proxy severs. .... Free download of iProxyEver Anonymous Online 2.4.0

Identity Cloaker 1.2.0 B20 Tomas France    

... Cloaker is an application created to help you hide yor identity when navigating online. It's also ... lure that helps them in phishing attacks, gather your web surfing habits, steal your sensitive information sent through such servers etc. The .... Free download of Identity Cloaker 1.2.0 B20

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Anti Tracks 9.0.1 Giant Matrix Ltd    

Just about everything you do on your computer can be tracked. That's because every time ... create files using any type of application on your computer, traces of data get stored on your hard drive. Even when you clear your browser history, delete files, and empty your recycle bin, those traces of data remain. While .... Free download of Anti Tracks 9.0.1

Hotspot Shield for Mobile 3.42 AnchorFree    

FREE VPN for your Android Device Hotspot Shield for Android provides ... times: PROVIDES INTERNET SECURITY & PRIVACY: protect yourself in Wi-Fi hotspots (VPN encrypts all traffic); protect your identity and your IP address to stop unwanted tracking. GIVES YOU ACCESS to your favorite sites: Unblock any blocked content and services--get .... Free download of Hotspot Shield for Mobile 3.42

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Keep It Safer 1.5 RIA Software Co    

... and maintain software work! Block selected applications! Protect your personal data! Green list: Software added into this ... recommended that you put in this list all your personal software needed for your company or you personally to run all the ... that you want to forbid to start on your PC, you can add it into this list. .... Free download of Keep It Safer 1.5

Wujie 14.04 UltraReach Internet Corp    

... Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & ... UltraSurf is a small application which protects your Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & ... safe and does not pose a threat to your system. This is called a 'false positive'. The .... Free download of Wujie 14.04

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ZenMate for Chrome 3.3 ZenGuard    

... that provides a VPN solution - encrypting all your browser traffic and routing it through our ZenMate ... wherever you are. Try ZenMate out for yourself - Install now for free! What we ... or using public WiFi, ZenMate encrypts and secures your connection and protects your privacy from nefarious 3rd .... Free download of ZenMate for Chrome 3.3

ZenMate for Opera 3.3 ZenGuard    

... that provides a VPN solution - encrypting all your browser traffic and routing it through our ZenMate ... wherever you are. Try ZenMate out for yourself - Install now for free! What we ... or using public WiFi, ZenMate encrypts and secures your connection and protects your privacy from nefarious 3rd .... Free download of ZenMate for Opera 3.3

AskVPN Best Free VPN Service 2.0 AskVPN.com Inc.    

... allows you to have unrestricted access to all your favorite sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix and ... Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. Secure & Anonymous: Hide Your IP & Location, Encrypt WIFI Support Protocols: PPTP / .... Free download of AskVPN Best Free VPN Service 2.0

DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 2.1 DeSofto    

... then no doubt you are interested in saving your money by reducing the traffic. Indeed, now it ... and traffic type. However, this will significantly reduce your GPRS, EDGE or WiFi internet traffic. There is no need in changing your programs' settings as DeSofto Traffic Compressor will install ... up to 30% faster. Now you can access your favorite web-sites almost at the speed of light, .... Free download of DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 2.1

SO Delete History 1.0 Softwares Orbit    

... PC and Browser data cleaning software that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up all the tracks ... Internet and computer activities. SO Delete History maintains your privacy so that you can easily share your computer with someone else without embarrassment. This easy ... stop you getting worried that someone can see your online/offline secrets. SO Delete History is a utility .... Free download of SO Delete History 1.0

Hotspot Shield 3.42 AnchorFree    

... software that allows you not only to secure your connection while surfing wifi hotspots, but also to ... USA. About Hotspot Shield * Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption. * Protect yourself from identity theft online. * Hide your IP address for your privacy online. * .... Free download of Hotspot Shield 3.42

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ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53 Soft-Net    

... this server” option to enable it in all your browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. ... servers at a given time. FEATURES: Hide your IP and details: · Just stay anonymous when you are surfing the net. Hide your IP, county and details using our free proxy list. .... Free download of ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53

Proxy Auto Checker 1.0 Simple Kind    

... of proxy servers. If you are looking to hide your IP address with a proxy, we can help! For ... and anonymously surf the web without exposing their IP information. When your IP address is hidden with a proxy, you will ... intentions, like hackers or scam artists - using your IP address and running it through IP lookup .... Free download of Proxy Auto Checker 1.0

QTracker 4.92 Ronald E. Mercer    

If you've ever played a multiplayer game on your PC, the in-game server browser has probably left ... you play, whether they're on the Internet or your LAN, without ever having to load a game. Find your friends, find new servers, watch games in progress, ... server to play on, just click connect and your game will load and automatically connect to the .... Free download of QTracker 4.92

Real NetStat 3.1 Flexbyte Software    

... utility for monitoring TCP and UDP connections on your computer. It is a great alternative to command-line ... which delivers easily understood network Real NetStat shows your TCP and UDP connections, the geographical location of the remote IP-address and its hostname and more. It gives you ... unwanted connections. Main features: - Allows you to hide important connections, manage and close unwanted connections; - .... Free download of Real NetStat 3.1

Advanced Security Net Level 2.3 SoftFolder Inc    

... access to all PC workstations you have in your network, apply executable patches to them, and schedule ... DOS windows, Registry editing, Internet and Network access; hide desktop icons, individual drives, Start menu items, and taskbar; apply password protection to Windows, restrict running applications, and much more. The software supports over .... Free download of Advanced Security Net Level 2.3

DU Meter 6.40 B4672 Hagel Technologies Ltd.    

DU Meter is a network bandwidth monitor for your computer. It shows real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your downloads and uploads. DU Meter can discriminate ... automatically, or you can supply a list of IP subnetworks you wish to monitor or ignore. If your networking traffic is not free (or it starts .... Free download of DU Meter 6.40 B4672

Visual Web Ripper 2.128.5 Sequentum    

... can supply a list of input values by yourself. *You can supply parameter data from a database, ... of anonymous proxy servers can be setup to hide your IP-address and facillitate anonymous web scrapping. *You can schedule .... Free download of Visual Web Ripper 2.128.5

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ISpy Lan Monitor 1.11 TIOsoft, Joerg Schueler    

... you an overview over computers beeing connected with your network/router. Here it does not matter whether these ... or an network wire. Are you sure that your network is absolutely secure and that there is nobody using it illegally? When do your kids switch on their computers and when do ... messages. - Change: extended Scanrange. No changes of IP-Scanrange available. - New: Filterfunction for history. - New: .... Free download of ISpy Lan Monitor 1.11

Net-Peeker Group Edition 3.50.1177 Ming Jin's Software    

... service to get detailed information on selected remote IP addresses and domain names. Desktop based firewall ... firewall and application firewall. Support rules on applications, IP addresses/port numbers, remote country, DNS names, protocol types, ... SYN floods, and DOS attacks. Stealth mode to hide your computer from hackers. Support importing spyware rules .... Free download of Net-Peeker Group Edition 3.50.1177

10-Strike Network File Search 2.2 10-Strike Software    

... from the remote computers or copy them to your hard drive. Generate and save handy reports. For network users: Find the necessary files on your local network! You can search documents on a ... look up new photos and multimedia files on your neighbours' computers. The preview feature allows you to ... computers. Find all video or MP3 files that your users hide on servers. 10-Strike Network File Search .... Free download of 10-Strike Network File Search 2.2

Ad Muncher 4.94 Murray Hurps Software Pty Ltd    

... - And many other things You can add your own filters to remove any section of a ... also replace sections of a web site with your own content by using "Replace text" filters. Your privacy can be protected using the "IP Scramble" feature, which bounces your web page requests through dozens of different servers .... Free download of Ad Muncher 4.94

BitComet 1.37 BitComet    

... It contains many advanced features that can accelerate your downloading up to 5 - 10 times faster, ... caching, speed limits, auto port mapping, proxies, and IP filtering. Taking a slightly different approach to ... Connection Optimization: Configuration is automatically set to match your connection type. · Intelligent Disk Cache: Memory cache .... Free download of BitComet 1.37

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wodFTPServer 3.2.2 WeOnlyDo Software    

... Support for all 3 protocol is transparent for your programming - you have same set of events, ... - you don't need to create accounts on your server at all, use users registered on your NT system great speed complete information on connected users - get their originating IP address, originating port, total connected time... custom initial .... Free download of wodFTPServer 3.2.2

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