Hide Drives on Windows 3.0 SecurityXploded    

Windows Drive Hider is the free software to quickly Hide and Protect your Drives from other users on Windows. Windows has built-in feature which allows you to Hide selected Drives from showing up in 'My Computer', File Explorer ... File Open/Save Dialog boxes. This way you can hide your protected files from other users on the .... Free download of Hide Drives on Windows 3.0

Hide & Protect any Drives 3.06 IM-Soft    

Hide or restrict access to any drives such as Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash, and deny access to partitions of your hard drives with "Hide & Protect Drives". Stop unauthorized software installations and data leak by .... Free download of Hide & Protect any Drives 3.06

Hide Folder Ext 1.5 FSPro Labs    

This unique program lets you hide a folder on external or removable disks and ... all other folder hiding programs are intended to hide folders on internal hard drives, Hide Folder Ext hides data on external devices. It's important to protect ... if you use them to move important data. Hide Folder Ext helps you to prevent data disclosure .... Free download of Hide Folder Ext 1.5

Hide Folders 5.4 B5.4.2.1155 FSPro Labs    

Hide Folders is an innovative software application which enables ... protect all the private information on your hard drive. You can swiftly make your files and folders ... Windows users to computer experts. Since 2001, our Hide Folders software products help our users to hide private files and folders from prying eyes. .... Free download of Hide Folders 5.4 B5.4.2.1155

Disk Drive Administrator 10.02 IM-Soft    

Hide, lock and protect your local, network, Floppy and USB drives, and disable the AutoRun feature for them using ... checkboxes located within the group boxes representing individual drives. Another great feature you can use lets you disable the AutoRun feature based on drive types. This means you can disable, for instance, .... Free download of Disk Drive Administrator 10.02

M Hide Drives 2.0 Mohsen Ektefa    

A small application that allows you to hide/unhide your drives. M Hide Drives is a free utility that enables you to quickly hide/show any drive on your computer. All you need to do is check the drive letter from M Hide Drives' main window and press Hide/Unhide. .... Free download of M Hide Drives 2.0

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SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free Brainzsquare Co., Ltd.    

SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free is the essential tool for users who share a PC and wishes to hide specific folders from others. SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free allows the user to hide unlimited number of folders, which won’t appear even ... become visible only while the program is running. Hide your secret photos, videos and documents to protect .... Free download of SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free

Privacy Drive 3.6.2 Cybertron Software Co., Ltd.    

Privacy Drive is an easy-to-use encryption software that uses Virtual Disk & On-the-fly Disk Encryption Technology to lock, hide and encrypt all kind of pictures, videos, documents, ... unauthorized access. Using industry-leading strong encryption algorithms, Privacy Drive allows you to create multiple encrypted volumes to ... can use them just as other normal hard drives. All data on the virtual disks is stored .... Free download of Privacy Drive 3.6.2

Privacy Drive Portable 3.6.2 Cybertron Software Co., Ltd.    

Privacy Drive is an easy-to-use encryption software that uses Virtual Disk & On-the-fly Disk Encryption Technology to lock, hide and encrypt all kind of pictures, videos, documents, ... unauthorized access. Using industry-leading strong encryption algorithms, Privacy Drive allows you to create multiple encrypted volumes to ... can use them just as other normal hard drives. All data on the virtual disks is stored .... Free download of Privacy Drive Portable 3.6.2

1st Disk Drive Protector 10.0 Emailarms    

... abusive use of removable media with 1st Disk Drive Protector. This software will easily help you enforce ... to use removable media or access your local drives. You can not only hide, lock and prevent usage of local, network, Floppy and USB drives but also disable the AutoRun feature for them. ... unauthorized software installations and cluttering of local disk drives. The design of the program offers you functionality .... Free download of 1st Disk Drive Protector 10.0

Cyber-D’s DriveHide 2.01 Dario Volaric    

Cyber-D's DriveHide makes it easy to hide drives from the Windows Explorer window in Windows Vista ... cardreaders for example, you probably have 6 extra drive letters in your Explorer window. You probably only ... slots and it's always a guess in what drive your card ended up in. Why not simply hide the drives you never use and make your .... Free download of Cyber-D’s DriveHide 2.01

Aomei Partition Assistant Free Edition 4.0 hard drive eraser    

... format, convert primary to logical and vise versa, hide partitions, copy/clone disk, copy/clone partition, wipe hard drive/partition, disk surface test, repartition hard drive without losing data etc.. Its built-in three wizards: .... Free download of Aomei Partition Assistant Free Edition 4.0

Hider 2 2.2.2 MacPaw Inc.    

Hider 2 is an app that lets you hide, encrypt, and password protect private data on your Mac. Just launch Hider 2, enter your password, and select a file to add to the Hider 2 vault. Once added, you can toggle between ... files with Finder or Spotlight when hidden in Hider 2. And upon hiding your file, Hider 2 .... Free download of Hider 2 2.2.2

Private Folder 1.1.70 eMing Software Inc.    

Private Folder is a free tool which can hide or password protect your private folder. Works on Windows 7 and 8 Feature Highlights: + Hide folder The folder will not be displayed in ... + When folder or it's parent renamed, or drive letter changed, the rule will automatically adjusted to ... mount point will also got blocked. + The hide/lock apply to all users (include administrators) on all .... Free download of Private Folder 1.1.70

Secure Folder SubiSoft    

... an easy-to-use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and encrypt folders through an intuitive and ... MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 file hash. • Drive Manager - Manage drives on your system. • Website Blocker - Restrict .... Free download of Secure Folder

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CD-DVD Lock 3.04 Ixis Ltd    

... restricting access to certain partitions of hard disk drives. You can restrict access by two ways: hide your devices from viewing or lock access to ... copying data between removable media and hard disk drives as well as deny access to media itself. .... Free download of CD-DVD Lock 3.04

WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.9 WinMend.com    

... the absolute system safety, this application can quickly hide files and folders on local partitions and/or on ... hidden files/folders will be safely hidden whether the drive is accessed in another operating system on the same computer or reinstalled on another computer. You can set a password for this application. Hidden .... Free download of WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.9

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.7 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... for your files. Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Make files folders and drives read only; Password protect files folders and drives. Gilisoft File Lock Pro is available in Chinese, .... Free download of GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.7

Wise Folder Hider 3.39.148 WiseCleaner    

Wise Folder Hider is designed to password-protect your folders and files ... select them. In addition, you can choose to hide an entire USB drive to prevent others accessing personal or important data. However, the drive is still visible in a file explorer along ... completely hidden. Different from other folder hiders, when it comes to modifying a hidden file .... Free download of Wise Folder Hider 3.39.148

east-tec SafeBit 2.1 East-Tec    

... on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual encrypted disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all the ... SafeBit allows you to change the name, description, drive letter, password, size and you can also set .... Free download of east-tec SafeBit 2.1

Folder Hidden Rodan Software    

... you a safe and easy way to quickly hide your private data. Its affordable but highly advanced ... folders with Folder Hidden program. Folder Hidden can hide files not only in hard disks, but various kinds of removable storage devices such as USB drive, portable disks, etc. Using Folder Hidden, your private .... Free download of Folder Hidden

idoo File Encryption Pro 5.4 Idoo Encryption    

... can help you quickly and safely lock and hide folder ,and it can use 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your folder located on HDD drive Features and Benefits: Hide file :idoo File Encryption free ultility can hide your private folder in folders and drives to make them completely invisible to users and .... Free download of idoo File Encryption Pro 5.4

HDD Regenerator 2011 Abstradrome    

Hard disk drive is an integral part of every computer. It ... One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on a disk surface. Bad ... may unable to boot altogether. When a hard drive is damaged with bad sectors, the disk not ... information is restored. Program features - Fast hard drive problems detection - Ability to detect physical bad .... Free download of HDD Regenerator 2011

DirCryptHide 1.58 Gunnar Daehling    

... of folders with all subfolders (even on different drives) can be moved in a highly scripted container ... needed, this container file will mount as another drive. When moving the data is first copied, while no error occurs, the original folder is deleted, at the direction of the container, the data .... Free download of DirCryptHide 1.58

BDV SecretFolder 2010 Badevlad software company    

... creation of secret folder on your USB Flash Drive which you may show or hide with one mouse click? Well, really as easy! ... software. You may put it on your Flash Drive — it is portable and takes only 140 Kb. Key Features Works with FAT/FAT32 drives only, including USB Flash Disks. Automatically create SecretFolder .... Free download of BDV SecretFolder 2010

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