Combat Mission: Afghanistan 1.01 Battlefront    

... third party studio to create a completely new game in the Combat Mission series. CM Afghanistan is a standalone game and not an expansion, and does not require any of the other games to play! CM Afghanistan covers two periods ... pack: based on the latest CM engine in development, the game includes all new artwork, terrain, new .... Free download of Combat Mission: Afghanistan 1.01

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jk-ware Theater 3.3 jk-ware    

... is a playful PC testing application containing three games, Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile, ... be run simultaneously to evaluate PC performance. Each game can be re-sized to display at the full ... recall as configuration. Blocker Plains is a reaction game with six levels, an unlimited number of balls, .... Free download of jk-ware Theater 3.3

FreeGamia X Reaction Lite 1.0 FreeGamia    

... is an incredibly colorful and fun platformer-shooter. The game is set in the distant future, when advanced ... hope for humanity is Technology X-Reaction, the latest development of military engineering. It's an exoskeleton that combines ... solve puzzles that get more complex as the game progresses. XReaction Lite is an incredibly colorful and .... Free download of FreeGamia X Reaction Lite 1.0

Most Popular Solitaire 2.10 Goodsol Development Inc.    

... of 30 of the most popular solitaire card games combined into one extraordinary game. With beautiful playing cards, full undo and redo of all your moves, automatic game saving, and complete statistics, Most Popular Solitaire is ... it ought to be. Play the most popular games - Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, Scorpion, Canfield, Golf, .... Free download of Most Popular Solitaire 2.10

Solitaire Well GranderSoft Development    

... Diamond. These solitaires are rarely found in card games. The program has the maximum thought-out user-friendly interface ... and redo, ability to save and load unfinished games, hints on the number of cards in the ... sound effects, over than 4 billion possible starting game positions, select a game number, 3 customized card .... Free download of Solitaire Well

London Mania:Tube Stations 1.2 NewFreeScreensavers    

London Mania: Tube Stations is a free game, which helps to explore Underground of London, learn ... Mania: Tube Stations? London Mania: Tube Stations quiz game features a metro map of London without names of stations. The aim of the game is to mark all the stations on the map by answering the questions. The game offers three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy .... Free download of London Mania:Tube Stations 1.2

Free World Of Tanks Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company featuring mid-20th century ... rate. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling a tank or armored vehicle. The game models the effects of both armor and cover ... Japan have also been confirmed to be in development. A planned "Tree of Europe" has also been .... Free download of Free World Of Tanks Screensaver 3.0

Blitz3D 1.83 Blitz Research Ltd.    

If you've been yearning to create games but have been frustrated by the complexity of ... Blitz3D provides a simple yet powerful environment for game creation - simple, because its based around the ... includes many commands to help you out with game creation - but not too many! Rather than ... Blitz3D enthusiasts. Can you write commercial quality games in Blitz3D? Why not - others are! Great .... Free download of Blitz3D 1.83

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Unity 3.4.2 Unity Technologies    

Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games. Simple With Unity 3, we've put ... We rewrote Unity's rendering pipeline so your games can look the best they can – and ... the table – a key part of making games look great and run fast across all devices. .... Free download of Unity 3.4.2

Unity for Mac 3.4.2 Unity Technologies    

Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games. Simple With Unity 3, we've put ... We rewrote Unity's rendering pipeline so your games can look the best they can – and ... the table – a key part of making games look great and run fast across all devices. .... Free download of Unity for Mac 3.4.2

Pinup Pix 1.18 Gzwo Software Development    

For all friends of the timeless Arcade games there is the old classic Qix in a ... level. This sounds very simple however in the game, opponents attempt to prevent you from your task. ... you start drawing a new line. During the game the opponents sometimes drop a coin which you. Free download of Pinup Pix 1.18

Corona SDK 2014.2511 Ansca, Inc.    

... is a complete and easy to use software development kit, that will allow you to develop complex ... uses the same industry-standard architecture as top-selling mobile games from Tapulous, Electronic Arts, and ngmoco. Develop ... your content from phones to tablets. Cut development time Corona’s framework dramatically reduces your coding. Tasks .... Free download of Corona SDK 2014.2511

Gobang Free    

Play Gobang against the Computer or play games with your friends! Gobang is a challenging strategy board game and is also called Gomoku or Five in ... artificial intelligence engine on the Store (under continuous development and improvement) Scalable Artificial Intelliegence Engine with five ... modes from very easy to very hard Play games with your friends in the two player mode .... Free download of Gobang Free

BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac 1.62 BVS Development Corporation    

... collection of 476 multi-featured, very different solitaire card games for Mac. You will be able to learn ... found elsewhere. You won't find so many original games in other programs. It also includes all of the most popular solitaire card games such as Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Freecell, Carpet, Forty ... modify rules of almost any of the included games, thus creating your own solitaire variation. BVS Solitaire .... Free download of BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac 1.62

Pretty Good Solitaire 15.1.0 Goodsol Development Inc.    

... Solitaire is a collection of 870 solitaire card games, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games found nowhere else. Pretty Good Solitaire contains a solitaire game for every mood. Whether you want an easy, mindless game or an intellectual challenge, you will find it ... redo them again if you wish. Leave a game while it is in progress and Pretty Good .... Free download of Pretty Good Solitaire 15.1.0

True Blue Pokies 1    

... the addition of their very first, branded casino game By Jason Cataldo April 7, 2014 Sydney, Australia ... with their addition of a fully-functional, branded casino game, “True Blue Pokies”. After countless hours of development time spearheaded by a hand-selected design staff, True ... “We are delighted with the addition of this game to our website and look forward to creating .... Free download of True Blue Pokies 1

Metroid Games 1.0 Mario City Games    

... created free Metroid fangame created by new amateur game development team. As any other Metroid fangame relased by Mario City this propably is the most advanced in graphics and platform movement. Your main objective .... Free download of Metroid Games 1.0

Texture Maker Reichert Software Engineering    

... seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video editing. It can create procedural and hand painted textures from scratch, remove visible seams from existing images, crop textures .... Free download of Texture Maker

ClanLib SDK for Linux 2.3.6 The ClanLib Team    

... a streamlined API. Its primary focus is on games, although not limited for that usage only. ... collisions Network library with sockets, web, irc and game interfaces Database supporting SQLite Sound supporting wav, tracker formats and ogg-vorbis Basic cross platform runtime (threading, file I/O, XML/DOM, etc.) Template based signal library .... Free download of ClanLib SDK for Linux 2.3.6

World of Tanks 9.8    

... Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the ... A flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the game. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with ... combination of multiple genres. A unique blend of gameplay "ingredients,” supported by top-notch graphics and stunning audio-visual .... Free download of World of Tanks 9.8

Any Recorder 3.60 Zjsoftware Development    

... Tape, CD Player, DVD Player, dialogs from movies, game sounds, Streaming Audio on Internet etc Captured sounds can be saved in WAV, MP3, OGG, Vox, G721, G723, G726, G729, AC3 and AAC files. The program offers direct support for RealPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Power DVD, Flash, Quick time and .... Free download of Any Recorder 3.60

FreeGamia Bears Dream 1.0 FreeGamia     new

... build a ship in this fun time management game! You manage the main character, a hard working ... bonus stars that are necessary to increase the development speed to build the ship! Help the Bear ... build a ship in this fun time management game! You manage the main character, a hard working .... Free download of FreeGamia Bears Dream 1.0

The Train Giant ArtDink    

... balance of build’em up, management simulation and infrastructure development as players take on the challenging role of ... Players will also be responsible for managing the development and smooth running of the city’s infrastructure, including ... · Day and night phases · Extensive in game-help · Plenty of management features .... Free download of The Train Giant

LcParchis 3.4 LCB Soft    

LcParchis is a program to play parcheesi games from 1 to 4 players, between them or ... able to select the players to play the game and those who will play automatic game controlled by the computer, the level of difficulty ... each one of them, the direction of the game and the speed of game. You can access .... Free download of LcParchis 3.4

LcDomino 3.6 LCB Soft    

... will be able to select the level of game of each one of the players, the limit of points of the game, the direction of the play, the speed of the game or the names of the players. You can use the help that the game tutor offers you, who advises you on the .... Free download of LcDomino 3.6

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