Close'n forget 0.11.6 Benoit Bailleux    

... You just have to install your new add-on into your Firefox browser, enable it and you're good to go! .... Free download of Close'n forget 0.11.6

Robe de Mariée 1.0 Robe de Mariée    

Robe de Mariée Toolbar for Firefox browsers. A cool Firefox add-on. .... Free download of Robe de Mariée 1.0

SearchThisSite 0.33 cK-LFC    

SearchThisSite is a Firefox extension designed to enable you to search the ... website's internal search engine (and not the default Firefox search engine or an external engine). .... Free download of SearchThisSite 0.33

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FoxyTunes for Internet Explorer 2.6 Alex Sirota    

... the web FoxyTunes is a powerful browser add-on. Control the music playing in your favorite media ... Features: · Multiplatform - works on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. · ... Suite · Position anywhere in the browser - on the status bar or on one of the .... Free download of FoxyTunes for Internet Explorer 2.6

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urlsum 0.21.7 Stephan Lauffer, nelsonglory & Stefan Reinauer    

... After installing and activating the plugin (left click on the icon in the status bar) you can ... the address field of your browser. Right click on the icon gives you the opportunity to register ... assignments. Hash and URL will be stored on the servers and so are accessible for .... Free download of urlsum 0.21.7

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SkipScreen 0.5.5s Worcester, LLC    

SkipScreen is a Firefox add-on that skips the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, and more! You will no longer want to download music .... Free download of SkipScreen 0.5.5s

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Littlefox 1.8.79    

... usage, leaving lots of room for browsing. For Firefox 2.0, and 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 nightlies. Includes support for personas, forecastfox, tabbrowser preferences, fusion, reloadevery, stumbleupon, basics, calendar, downloadstatusbar, quicknote, offline, rss-reader, sage, scrapbook, reminderfox, and tbx. Tested with downloadmgr, flatbookmark, foxamp, googlebar, spoofstick, and many more. .... Free download of Littlefox 1.8.79

EPUBReader Michael Volz    

EPUBReader is a Firefox addon which lets you read ePub-files just in ... need to install additional software! If you click on a link to an ePub-file, you are normally prompted by the Firefox "save as" dialog. With EPUBReader installed, the ePub-file ... directly displayed ready to read. It runs on every operating system Firefox does (Windows, MacOS X, .... Free download of EPUBReader

TV-Fox 19.0.0 IntechSoftware    

TV Add-on for Firefox - Watch TV directly from your Firefox Browser, 2780 Live TV Channels sorted by country ... to watch thousands of TV channels freely available on the internet. powered by the biggest and most .... Free download of TV-Fox 19.0.0

Session Manager Morac    

... Manager can save, backup, restore, and manage multiple Firefox tab sessions. It comes with the option of ... that makes it more powerful than the native Firefox session manager. In addition, it can save ... gives users several options for session management when Firefox is shut down. The plug-in automatically backs up .... Free download of Session Manager

FlexBar 0.9.4 Michael Koch    

With the Firefox Add-on FlexBar you can easily configure the visibility of ... a bar, open the FlexBar menu by clicking on the small arrow on the right of the FlexBar icon. Now click on the name of the element which state you ... Toolbar would make it impossible to handle the Add-on and with an invisible Tab Bar the usage .... Free download of FlexBar 0.9.4

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PixelZoomer 1.3.1 Matthias Schuetz    

PixelZoomer is a Firefox extension for web developers which allows for zooming ... a screenshot so that the view is based on real pixels. The add-on ought to replace the step of using an image editing software when .... Free download of PixelZoomer 1.3.1

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FoxyTunes for Mozilla Alex Sirota    

FoxyTunes is a powerful browser add-on. Control the music playing in your favorite media ... Tiny, unobtrusive and customizable * Multiplatform - works on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X * ... Flock * Position anywhere in the browser - on the status bar or on one of the toolbars * Volume controls * .... Free download of FoxyTunes for Mozilla

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Typograf 1.17 Maxim Mazin    

Plugin for Firefox that automates usage of „Typograf“ service hosted at ... Plugin takes text from any text area in Firefox and processes it according to typographic rules (e.g. ... with quotes, minuses with dashes, etc. An add-on itself just takes text from the field, sends it to the server of .... Free download of Typograf 1.17

WikiTrust 0.4.21 Bo Adler, Luca de Alfaro & Ian Pye    

WikiTrust is an open-source, on-line reputation system for Wikipedia authors and content. WikiTrust ... To use WikiTrust, you need to install a Firefox add-on, and then visit one of the Wikipedias on which it is active (currently, the the English, ... will see a WikiTrust tab. If you click on it, you will see the text of the .... Free download of WikiTrust 0.4.21

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Personas Rotator 3.6 Baris Derin    

... new companion for Personas. Personas Rotator is a Firefox extension designed to automatically rotate the Personas skins ... and have favorites in the system, the add-on will try to rotate your My Favorites personas. ... Rotator settings just left-click the normal Personas icon on Firefox status-bar. This will open up the Personas .... Free download of Personas Rotator 3.6

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ColorZilla 2.8.1 Alex Sirota    

ColorZilla for Firefox. ColorZilla for Firefox is an add-on that assists web developers and graphic designers with ... DOM Color Analyzer - analyze DOM element colors on any Web page, find out what CSS rules ... elements under the cursor * Multi-platform - works on MS Windows, Linux and MacOSX. * Manipulate colors .... Free download of ColorZilla 2.8.1

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AutoPager Wind Li    

AutoPager is a Firefox extension which automatically loads the next page of ... an open source software. The AutoPager Firefox extension automatically loads the next page of a ... and, of course, Google. If you want to add your own custom autopaging to unsupported sites, the ... links and content. It's configuration is base on XPath. You can find there is a built .... Free download of AutoPager

ImageExchange for IE 2.9.1 PicScout    

ImageExchange is a Firefox add-on designed to ease the work of designers, bloggers, creative pros & corp. communicators, by rapidly identifying licensable images. The users can then access the images and begin using them immediately. With ImageExchange, .... Free download of ImageExchange for IE 2.9.1

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FireSSH 0.88 Mime Cuvalo    

FireSSH is a cross-platform Firefox extension designed as a handy and reliable SSH ... can access FireSSH from the Tools menu of Firefox. It will enable you to create new accounts and to make the necessary connections. You can start using it in a few steps. .... Free download of FireSSH 0.88

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Fast Dial 4.3.3    

... when choosing favorite Web sites and bookmarks.This free Firefox plug-in adds a single button to your toolbar that launches a blank page with a lot of empty squares. Simply double click a square and users are asked to input a URL, a picture if they want and a title for .... Free download of Fast Dial 4.3.3

Any Image Downloader 1.0.1 Image Downloader    

... adds new advanced download capabilities to your IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari so that downloading any ... Features: Integration with many browsers Support Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers. Easy to use Just right-click on any web pages, you can easily download all .... Free download of Any Image Downloader 1.0.1

Apture Highlights 2.0.0 Apture, Inc.    

Apture Highlights is a Firefox add-on designed to combine the power of Google search ... amazing searches. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web’s best content without ever leaving the page. Fast, .... Free download of Apture Highlights 2.0.0

No Squint 2.1.9 Jason Tackaberry    

NoSquint is a Firefox extension that allows you to adjust the default ... of no life outside Internet Explorer) who insist on using font-size: 50% are administered a harsh LARTing, NoSquint is a Firefox addon that can: Override the default text-only and full-page (both text .... Free download of No Squint 2.1.9

Cocoon 1.18c Virtual World Computing    

... with viruses and malware. You even get protection on open Wi-Fi access points. Cocoon makes the ... privacy is protected from companies compiling data based on your browsing history and selling it to the ... email accounts)? Cocoon let's you create email addresses on the fly and lets you easily manage or .... Free download of Cocoon 1.18c

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