PDF Find and Replace 2.4.0 A-PDF.com    

... file. Imagine that if you need to edit the same text word for a PDF, for example, ... is some many this kind of word from the PDF; you need to edit the PDF one by one. It will spend much work times. For improving the work efficiency, I think you need to find .... Free download of PDF Find and Replace 2.4.0

The GodFather 0.88 Beta TGF    

Do you own mp3 files ? How about ogg, mpc, ape, flac, aac, apl, wv, mp4, ofr, spx or tta files ? Do you have a lot of them ... is easier to create a chaotic budge of files with strange names and in wrong locations than to have a clean and nice collection where every file is where it .... Free download of The GodFather 0.88 Beta

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Duplicate Files Remover Software 1.0 Clean Duplicate Files    

If the speed and performance of your system is too much slow due to the presence of duplicate files on your system then Duplicate Files Remover Software is the best option for you to remove all the unwanted and waste duplicate files. Duplicate Files Remover Software is the secure and user friendly .... Free download of Duplicate Files Remover Software 1.0

Phone Number Extractor Files 3.6 Lantech Soft    

Phone Number Extractor Files v3.6 extracts phone numbers/ mobile numbers/ fax numbers from document files such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ... PPTX, XML, HTML, ASP, PHP & all Other files.It automatically remove duplicate phone /mobile /fax numbers. It is fastest tool for extract Phone Numbers from all supported files.It also supports Phone Numbers filter through which you .... Free download of Phone Number Extractor Files 3.6

Hide Files for Playbook 1.0 Runisoft Ltd.    

Hide files is Blackberry Playbook software which helps in maintaining privacy of data. Hide files can hide pictures, documents, videos and any other type of file from unwanted people. Hide files will protect files avoiding them to be being modified, seen or ... protected features allow only authenticated person to access the hidden files. Hide files allows hiding files and .... Free download of Hide Files for Playbook 1.0

Duplicate Filter 1.6.4 CodingBest Software    

Duplicate Filter can instantly find, compare and manage duplicate files in your computer and neighborhood computers in the network. You can rename, move or remove duplicates after finding duplicate mp3 music, songs, photos, images, videos, documents and other files. It can also find duplicates of a user-specified file, compare files by .... Free download of Duplicate Filter 1.6.4

ArkFinder 1.0 AlyxSoftware    

ArkFinder is a file utility which let you find duplicate file on your Hard Disk. Compare between files is made easily with graphics element that permit ... quick view of differences about name, size, date and content of files. View archives in Hexadecimal, Ascii Count bytes differences between files Evidenziate and Search differences between files Seek different .... Free download of ArkFinder 1.0

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Duplicate Sweeper 1.07 Wide Angle Software Ltd.    

Duplicate Sweeper makes finding, selecting and removing duplicate files on your computer quick and easy. Using Duplicate Sweepers advanced search algorithm, files with the same content are quickly identified - even if ... Duplicate Sweeper makes it easy to select which files to keep based on date. You can even preview the files contents using the in built document viewer .... Free download of Duplicate Sweeper 1.07

Ace Utilities 6.1.0 Acelogix Software    

... optimize your PC's performance. It allows you to find and remove the junk files in your PC, invalid registry entries, delete your internet usage history, provides plug-in support to erase the usage-history for over 200 third-party applications, manage your internet cookies and much more. With a detailed startup-manager you can ... programs, services, drivers, etc start automatically with Windows and optionally disable them. Furthermore, Ace Utilities also includes .... Free download of Ace Utilities 6.1.0

Duplicate Photo Finder Plus 3.01 TriSun Software Inc.    

Duplicate Photo Finder Plus - Quickly finds the duplicate pictures on your drives relied on picture content, and you can remove the unwanted pictures as you expect, so as to recover your valuable disk space, reduce the management costs and avoid the unnecessary confusion. It works very fast because of our high-speed picture comparison algorithm is built-in. And the result (duplicate pictures) is 100% accurate due .... Free download of Duplicate Photo Finder Plus 3.01

XiXi Duplicate MP3 Finder 1.0 XiXi Software    

XiXi Duplicate MP3 Finder - Fast finds the duplicate audio on your drives relied on their content, you can remove the unwanted audio as you expect to recover your valuable disk space, reduce the management costs and avoid the unnecessary confusion. It works very fast because of our high-speed audio comparison algorithm is built-in. And the result (duplicate audio) is 100% accurate due .... Free download of XiXi Duplicate MP3 Finder 1.0

Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder 1.6 Boxoft.com    

Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful photo tool that lets you to find and remove all similar and duplicate pictures and photos in a folder and its sub folders with varying degree of similarity automatically. Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder is very easy to use, you just select .... Free download of Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder 1.6

FreeFixer 1.13 FreeFixer    

... tool which will assist you when deleting potentially unwanted software, such as trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits and viruses. FreeFixer works by scanning locations where unwanted software has a known record of appearing or leaving traces. The scan locations include your home page settings, the programs that run on your computer, the programs .... Free download of FreeFixer 1.13

Unused Stored Procedures 1.20 Kellerman Software    

Clean up the stored procedures in your SQL Server Database. The Unused Stored Procedures application performs an intelligent comparison of your source code and stored procedures to determine which stored procedures can be removed. It has advanced features such as handling of stored procedure dependencies, multi-line comment handling, and template based drop script generation. It also detects .... Free download of Unused Stored Procedures 1.20

IObit Uninstaller Portable Portableapps     update

IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish "Windows Add or Remove Programs" option fails, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. This application requires administrative rights. The tool creates a system restore point as a .... Free download of IObit Uninstaller Portable

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PCBrotherSoft Free PC Cleaner 8.4.1 PCBrotherSoft Co., Ltd.    

... system, allowing it to breathe while wiping away the junk data and temporary files. It scans your disks quickly and then displays the garbage files that occupy your disk so that you can decide which of them you want to remove permanently. Moreover, it is suited for cleaning both internal disks and external storage devices. In order to keep your .... Free download of PCBrotherSoft Free PC Cleaner 8.4.1

Mac Internet Security 2013 10.7 Intego    

... Think again. You’re not immune to network attacks and malware just because you use a Mac. There are people working day and night to compromise your network, steal personal information and develop malware and viruses that can wreak havoc on your computer and files. Protect against all these threats with Mac .... Free download of Mac Internet Security 2013 10.7

DiskFerret Swooft Software, LLC    

DiskFerret is a disk space analysis and management tool. It analyzes the files within a drive, network share, or folder, and provides charts and detailed information to help you understand where and how disk space is being used. Drive Monitors continuously monitor local or remote drive free space and notifies you via email when you are low .... Free download of DiskFerret

Advanced Win7Cleaner 1.4 http://win7cleaner.com/    

... analyzing disk space, uninstalling applications, cleaning up those unwanted garbage files, find duplicate files on your disk, cleanup invalid information in your ... system performance, protects your privacy by removing all the unwanted traces in your system. Additional, Advanced Win7Cleaner removes traces of your online and offline activities. Advanced Win7Cleaner is the easiest and .... Free download of Advanced Win7Cleaner 1.4

YAC 6.0.188 Elex do Brasil Technology Inc    

... is a small utility which is designed to remove common malware, browser hijacker and other nasty adware and virus you might find installed on your computer. An all-in-one free professional tool to keep your PC safe, clean and fast, quickly and effectively scans and fixes your PC, protecting it from a wide .... Free download of YAC 6.0.188

Replace Pioneer 2.73 Mind Pioneer Software    

... UNIQUE text replace tool, it can convert text files to any user defined format and any encoding as long as you can give the rule. Text can be obtained not only from ... a webpage or a DOS command. Find text much more accurate - Supports maximum 7 ... by pattern matching. · Paragraph range filter: among the matched paragraphs, user can select a range to .... Free download of Replace Pioneer 2.73

Free PC Cleaner 4.4.2 SoftTop    

Free PC Cleaner, a system cleaning and maintenance tool that allows you to clean your computer from temporary and junk files as well as broken shortcuts, web browsing tracks and more. To eliminate clutter, free up disk space, protect privacy and improve system performance, this free disk cleaner is ... you can keep your computer up to date and in tune, you and your PC will live .... Free download of Free PC Cleaner 4.4.2

PC Win Booster Free Sorentio Systems Ltd.    

... your disk clean by removing any unnecessary folders and files. Usually, these unnecessary, or junk files appear as a result of program's incomplete uninstalls, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin Files and Unused Empty Folder. PC Win Booster Free, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, helps you quickly wipe out all the junk files. Using the program is indeed easy. .... Free download of PC Win Booster Free

PC Win Booster Sorentio Systems Ltd.    

Scan, clean and fix your PC. Remove obsolete, harmful or unused items, create system backup, fix system errors and much more! Make your PC operate clean, safe and fast. Scan critical errors and vulnerabilities. These errors can arise from the presence of viruses or rootkits. Scan different 17 ... entries, shared DLL's, COM/ActiveX, Windows Applixation, etc. Save the heart of Windows! Now, you can change PC .... Free download of PC Win Booster

Total Uninstall 6.16.0 Gavrila Martau    

Total Uninstall utility removes any program easily. Accurate analyzes installed programs ... With "Installed Programs" module Total Uninstall analyzes the installed program and creates the installation log. This is used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of the provided built-in uninstaller. Total Uninstall utility can ... monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you .... Free download of Total Uninstall 6.16.0

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