FrostWire 6.5.4 B241 Frostwire     update

... an easy-to-use gateway to the world of torrents, file-sharing and peer-to-peer content distribution. Featuring a BitTorrent ... available as a desktop client or an Android application. The FrostWire Basic app available on Google ... of public domain, creative commons and free downloadable files - and unlike other BitTorrent clients - presents .... Free download of FrostWire 6.5.4 B241

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DC++ 0.866 Dcplusplus    

... network. Direct Connect allows you to share files over the Internet without restrictions or limits. The ... DC++ is a client for the Direct Connect file sharing network. The Direct Connect network is a decentralized ... individual servers (hubs) that users join to share files with other members on that hub. Each hub .... Free download of DC++ 0.866

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Trilix 5.2.0 TrilixP2P    

Trilix is the most comfortable and elegant file sharing system for Windows that help you find and download every file-type (like .mp3, ogg, wma, wmf, wav, mpg, mpeg, ... trendy networks. The software offers a very complex file-management system, made up of folders variedly divided and ... arranged Also the program allows you to share files with millions of users and give out your .... Free download of Trilix 5.2.0

Meteor Share 5.1.0 Meteor Share    

MeteorShare is one of the most advanced file-sharing programs available at present, one that is most ... very loyal user. Whether it is movies, MP3s, applications, books or other you wish to download, this application does have what it takes to keep you ... you can connect to. As opposed to older sharing programs, this one does not have one central .... Free download of Meteor Share 5.1.0

DexterWire 5.8.0 DexterWire    

... for the download or use of the DexterWire application. .... Free download of DexterWire 5.8.0

Torrentum 4.3.0 MyNetSharing    

Torrentum is a highly-competent p2p file sharing application built for downloading fast any files you may wish to get over the Internet ... advanced users. With this p2p client, the download/file sharing process becomes a real enjoyable experience as it ... concerning your torrents, queuing-priority systems (on torrents and files). You will definitely find this program easy-to-work-with from .... Free download of Torrentum 4.3.0

qBittorrent 3.3.12 Sourceforge    

qBittorrent is a free BitTorrent P2P client coded in C++ / Qt4, developed by a Ph.D student (Christophe Dumez) from the University of technology of Belfort-Montbeliard in France. It is based on Libtorrent (Arvid Norbergs) and the Qt toolkit. It was started in March 2006 and has been in active development .... Free download of qBittorrent 3.3.12

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Google Drive 2.34.5075.1619 Google    

... reply to comments on anything (PDF, image, video file, etc.) and receive notifications when other people comment ... Search everything. Search by keyword and filter by file type, owner and more. Drive can even recognize text in scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Let’s say you upload a scanned .... Free download of Google Drive 2.34.5075.1619

Ares Ares Galaxy    

Ares is a free open source file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares peer to peer network. As ... you can search and download just about any file shared by other users. Latest versions support BitTorrent .... Free download of Ares

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MyImgur 64-bit 3.85 MyImgur    

... specific windows and send them to Imgur for sharing, or select a few files from your computer and drag them to Imgur ... further actions. It is also the -only- desktop application with full Imgur account support. Main features: .... Free download of MyImgur 64-bit 3.85

MyImgur 3.85 MyImgur    

... specific windows and send them to Imgur for sharing, or select a few files from your computer and drag them to Imgur ... further actions. It is also the -only- desktop application with full Imgur account support. Main features: .... Free download of MyImgur 3.85

NitroShare 0.3.3 Nathan Osman    

... be hassle-free in every aspect. Just install the application on any machine running Ubuntu or Windows and ... the other machines on the local network. The application integrates with the operating system, using application indicators on Ubuntu and the system tray on .... Free download of NitroShare 0.3.3

Zapya WebShare 1.3 DewMobile Inc.    

Zapya, the worlds fastest file sharing tool, has been well received on multiple platforms ... Wi-Fi network. Instead of having to download an application on to your computer, the all of the ... from the phone in PC web - Download files from the phone in PC web - Upload files onto phone - Access Android Apps(.apk) New Features: .... Free download of Zapya WebShare 1.3

Tribler 6.5.2 Tribler    

Tribler is an application that enables its users to find, enjoy and ... Tribler is a social community that facilitates filesharing through a peer-to-peer (p2p) network. A p2p network ... a centralised service, where every user downloads his files from one central server. With p2p, the user/downloader ... is no central computer required that provides every file to all users. When the Tribler application .... Free download of Tribler 6.5.2

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Torrent Captor 3.6.0 TorrentRaptors    

... torrents and queuing/priority systems for both torrents and files. Torrent Captor uses two main windows, large suggestive ... set a default download directory and transfer complete files; - UPnP sets the forward on your router; - Offers support for al MS Windows OS; - Adjustable disk cache. .... Free download of Torrent Captor 3.6.0

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FeyTorrents 3.6.0 Fey Tools    

FeyTorrents is a file sharing application that makes downloading and uploading easy, pleasant and ... additional skills being needed. Any type of large-size files including movies, Mp3s, applications, games, documents etc will be downloaded fast and ... prioritization), multi-file torrents (you can select only the files you want and prioritize them). In addition to .... Free download of FeyTorrents 3.6.0

ShareZilla 3.7.0 ShareZillas    

ShareZilla is an elite BitTorrent file sharing client developed for fast and easy downloading offering ... are just starting to grasp the meaning of file sharing. Just type in the search box the title ... media player that allows you to preview the files you are downloading to make sure they are ... the most resourceful p2p clients in terms of file-management systems - it assists you in monitoring and .... Free download of ShareZilla 3.7.0

LimeShare Pro 3.8.0 TorrentRaptors    

LimeShare Pro is a peer-to-peer file sharing client for the Gnutella network designed to help ... search results and turbo-charged connection. With LimeShare Pro, sharing and accessing all types of files with millions of other users becomes extremely easy ... of anything you want whether movies, music, games, applications, texts etc. Both visually and functionally LimeShare Pro .... Free download of LimeShare Pro 3.8.0

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LimeRunner 4.5.0 P2PHood    

Limerunner is an easy-to-work with p2p file sharing application designed to help you search and download any type of files from Gnutella and BitTorrent networks which amass tens .... Free download of LimeRunner 4.5.0

BitHit 4.1.0 P2PHood    

BitHit is a file sharing client based on the former Azureus software, developed ... there's a top window dealing with tracking the files being downloaded and another one displaying the files being seeded. You can right-click on any file and select Show Details to check out all ... what and how peers are linked to your files. The interface shows you the basic tab - .... Free download of BitHit 4.1.0

SharinHood 3.9.0 P2PHood    

... a newly developed p2p program for the ultimate file sharer who can use it to download any kind of files from films and music to software, games and ... organize them thanks to a complex system of file management. Using the program has many advantages such ... returned relevant results), an integrated media player for files preview so that you will always know the .... Free download of SharinHood 3.9.0

BitHost 3.5.0 TorrentRaptors    

... download speeds and unique features in terms of file management, BitHost is one of the best solutions for grabbing files over the Internet whether movies, music, software or ... like turbo-charged connection to Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, intelligent file-hashing, multiple results tabs, ability to block malicious clients, ... delivers fast search results and lets you preview files while downloading through a built-in media player for .... Free download of BitHost 3.5.0

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Shareaza Shareaza Development Team    

Shareaza is the most luxurious and sophisticated file sharing system you'll find. It can harness the power ... be: fast! Shareaza swarms across four networks! Sophisticated file-hashing: Say adios to corrupted files and mp3s that skip. Shareaza detects and fixes ... Player: Play all types of video and audio files, watch visualisations, edit playlists, and even control the .... Free download of Shareaza

Yet Another uTorrent 2.0.0 YAuT    

... uTorrent, wait a little time to download your file and enjoy! The program needs little resources from ... requires it and allows creating your own torrent files. Application gives all these powerful features but lets you ... considered, Yet Another uTorrent should be the torrent application of choice for newbies, intermediate, and expert users. .... Free download of Yet Another uTorrent 2.0.0

Binfer 3.3.3 GlobalSoftLink LLC    

Binfer is file transfer software for sending & receiving large files without uploading them on any servers. With Binfer you can: - Send large files like HD video, pictures, documents, etc to anyone over the internet - Receive big files directly to your computer from anyone, via a ... - Direct computer to computer transfers with desktop application - Send from Binfer and receive on iPad, .... Free download of Binfer 3.3.3

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