Ini File Tidier/Verifier 1.4 Canadian Mind Products    

Windows *.ini file verifier, tidier and sorter. Tidies and sorts windows *.ini files, ones that look like this: [section] ; a comment item=value; To use: java.exe -jar ini.jar C:somedirsomefile.ini UTF-8 ... ini more than once on the same ini file or you will overwrite your backup. Don't run .... Free download of Ini File Tidier/Verifier 1.4

PDF Comment & Markup 4.1.0    

Nowadays, in order to prevent own PDF files from being infringed, many of us add password ... the case: you need to share the PDF file to the public but in the meanwhile, you ... no one can pirate your PDF. Adding stamp comment or what we call watermark to the PDF file may be the best solution. You can add .... Free download of PDF Comment & Markup 4.1.0

A-PDF Comment Collector 2.2    

A-PDF Comment Collector is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets Batch collectexport PDF comments into comments summary file. comments summary is a separate PDF file containing a compiled list of the comments in your document. With A-PDF Comment Collector, you can Merge Review PDF comments by summarizing larger numbers of comments into a .... Free download of A-PDF Comment Collector 2.2

Adobe Pdf file Security Removal Pdf protection remover    

... and free all the restrictions from locked pdf file. This easy to use & awesome utility decrypt batch pdf files security, removes user password and owner password. Program ... AES 128 bit encryption level security. Once pdf file get unlocked, it ensures that you can edit pdf, print pdf, copy pdf content on clipboard, comment pdf, sign pdf, form fill the pdf and .... Free download of Adobe Pdf file Security Removal

PDF File Security Remover pdf security remover    

Pdf file security remover software is fast desktop solution for ... including printing, text copying on clipboard, signing, editing, commenting, copy for accessibility, assemble, page extraction etc. If ... print button. No options are available! Trout Pdf File Security remover software which instantly removes various restrictions from bulk pdf documents and does .... Free download of PDF File Security Remover

Adobe Pdf file Security Remover Pdf password remover    

... encryption. Pdf encryption remover software decrypts batch pdf files and enables locked pdf printing, editing, copying, signing, commenting, page extraction and form filling. Pdf password security ... is one which is used to open pdf file after supplying while master password is one which .... Free download of Adobe Pdf file Security Remover

Encrypt Pdf to disable edit print file 1.3 Pdf splitter    

... when there is need to secure bulk pdf files either with user password or with owner guarding. ... to encrypt pdf content stream which protects pdf file from being unauthorized print, edit, copy, form fill, comment and sign etc. Apart from this, tool can ... documents. Download free evaluation version to protect pdf files, the only thing is that the trial version .... Free download of Encrypt Pdf to disable edit print file 1.3

CommentMakerPro 1.2 FeinSoftware    

FeinSoftware presents CommentMakerPro - comment generation tool designed to work in Visual C++ ... time", "too many other things to do", etc. CommentMakerPro does some of the work for you. It creates customizable class, function and file comment blocks that you can adjust to most companies' documentation requirements. For example, default settings of CommentMakerPro create comments that are compatible with a popular .... Free download of CommentMakerPro 1.2

Quick Crypt 1.1 Valkova Technology    

Quick Crypt is AES 256-bit file encryption software with a lot of features. You can store encryption properties like a password hint, file owner, and file comment in the encrypted file. Encryption properties can be viewed in the Encryption ... retrieval. Quick Crypt also supports setting an encrypted file to expire after a certain number of days. .... Free download of Quick Crypt 1.1

Quick EXIF Writer 3.0    

... But its main purpose is to help you comment your digital camera jpeg pictures. Quick EXIF Writer uses the EXIF standard (see for commenting the photos which means that the comment or description you write will be written in to the jpg file. Quick EXIF Writer uses the EXIF tags "User .... Free download of Quick EXIF Writer 3.0

AW Pdf Security Remover Software    

... security remover unlocks pdf for print edit copy file content. Tool quickly enables pdf print button, allows ... you lost your pdf document master password and file is preventing you from being printed, copied & ... unable to print, edit, copy, form fill, sign, comment, extract, convert your pdf document and forgot the .... Free download of AW Pdf Security Remover Software

Toolwiz Flipbook 1.5 Toolwiz Software    

... With this tool, you can convert a text file into a 3D ebook format only with few ... You can publish your book with protected Execute file, also you can add your own Advertisement and ... in one second. Toolwiz Flip Book supports comment mode which allows you to scrawl on the .... Free download of Toolwiz Flipbook 1.5

Unlock pdf print copy restrictions 1.3.5    

... or forgotten by you. Owner password restricts pdf file printing, editing, content copying and much other accessibility. ... RC4 as well as advanced AES encrypted pdf files even it uses 40 bit, 128 bit or ... documents. Once owner password removed from your pdf file, you will be able to print it, copy .... Free download of Unlock pdf print copy restrictions 1.3.5

Remove Pdf Print Copy Securities    

... pdf printing, permit content copying, enable form filling, commenting, signing and document editing (changing) by removing pdf ... permits to modify (edit) the document, assemble pdf, comment pages, digitally sign the pdf. Pdf security remover ... the product before making purchase. Features: 1. Supports file drag and drop option 2. Easy to use .... Free download of Remove Pdf Print Copy Securities

Copy Content from Secured PDF 4.0 Copy Content from Secured PDF    

How to copy content from secured PDF file? Is this query also troubling you? Get SoftSpire’s ... help users to copy text from secured PDF file. This PDF Unlocker is the perfect choice for ... cracking owner password from restricted, secured, locked PDF files. The software instantly enable PDF rights and permissions ... like edit, modify, extract text and graphics, highlight, comment, print, copy content from secured PDF file. The .... Free download of Copy Content from Secured PDF 4.0

AWinware Pdf Security Unlock Pdf security remover    

... and batch decrypt encrypted & password protected pdf files. Pdf Unlock, a password remover application instantly removes ... pdf print, edit, content copy, form fill, sign, comment, copy for accessibility and page extraction. Pdf protection ... and AES encryption level security. If any pdf file is protected with open password security, program prompts .... Free download of AWinware Pdf Security Unlock

AWinware Pdf Print Security Unlock    

... pdf restrictions and batch decrypt password secured pdf files. Pdf Unlock tool is a password remover application ... to print, edit, content copy, form fill, sign, comment, copy for accessibility and page extraction. Pdf security ... bit RC4 encryption level security. If any pdf file is protected with open password security, program prompts .... Free download of AWinware Pdf Print Security Unlock

INI Edit and Password Saver Asger-P Software    

... to use program, for creating and editing INI files and for managing all your passwords safely. If you are working with INI files, INI-Edit will handle all the INI syntax and file structuring for you. If you are creating or ... want to change some values in the INI File, INI-Edit can be a great help, with its .... Free download of INI Edit and Password Saver

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Apex Unlock PDF Copying Unlock PDF Copying    

... protection. User password protect to view your Adobe file by unauthorized user and owner password prevent all ... modify text, print document, edit content, extract pages, comment, signing, annotation, assemble, content for accessibility, etc. Software ... support to add prefix and suffix with resultant file name for better naming. If you have wanted .... Free download of Apex Unlock PDF Copying

Apex PDF Password Remover PDF Password Remover    

... working efficiency when there are large amount of files need to be dealt with add and remove ... encrypted owner password such as prevent copy content, file print, text modify, sign, comment, assemble document, annotation, copy content for accessibility, etc. ... being modified by unnecessary users. Software supports PDF files encrypted with 40 bit, 128 bit RC4 and .... Free download of Apex PDF Password Remover

Apex PDF Protect PDF Protect    

... tool that removes all restrictions applied on PDF file in just single mouse click. Batch mode operation ... working efficiency when there are large amount of files need to be dealt with. Do you have a PDF files which cannot be printed, copied or edited? These ... feature such as copying, printing, editing, signing, extracting, commenting, assembling, annotation, copying content for accessibility, etc. Remove .... Free download of Apex PDF Protect

ArchView 0.7.1 Solar Flare    

... an extension of Firefox. It can open archive file online and get the catalog. It also can preview or download files in archive. Currently, it support ZIP, RAR archives ... ArchView is that it can open an individal file without download the whole archive, since it only ... and FTP protocols. It can also handle local files via file: protocol. What ArchView Is Not .... Free download of ArchView 0.7.1

Apex Remove PDF Password Remove PDF Password    

... allows to decrypt owner password protection from PDF file. It provides two standard password protections like user ... The user password is protect to open PDF file and the owner password is restrict to use features without permission like copy content, print file, modify text, assemble document, sign, comment, annotation, copy content for accessibility, etc. This application .... Free download of Apex Remove PDF Password

Allow Printing in PDF 1.3    

... utility. 2. Tool support decryption of bulk pdf files in a single batch. 3. It is sufficient enough in removing user & owner both the passwords. 4. Pdf security remover unlocks 40 to 256 bit long encryption key. 5. Program runs successfully on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating .... Free download of Allow Printing in PDF 1.3

Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool PDF Encryption Removal Tool    

... all protection, limitation, permission, restriction of Adobe PDF file. PDF lock and unlock software remove user owner ... as copy content, edit text, modify content, print, comment, signing, view file, assemble document, annotation, copying content for accessibility, etc. ... Restriction Manager then encrypt or decrypt PDF file very easy manner. It is standalone software does .... Free download of Apex PDF Encryption Removal Tool

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