Cancer Educational Software 4.7 Zentrum Publishing    

Cancer software is an educational tool. Listed are many conventional, complementary, natural and alternative treatments. It does not invite to diagnose, prescribe, or self-medicate. Cancer software lists information, chemicals databank, text files, and alternative options. .... Free download of Cancer Educational Software 4.7

QMSys GUM Educational 4.7 Qualisyst Ltd.    

... Typ A quantities This software is designed for educational purposes and is distributed free of charge. .... Free download of QMSys GUM Educational 4.7

My Alphabet 2 Mladen Ban    

My Alphabet is an educational and entertaining program for children aged 3-7. The child will learn letters and number to ten in an interesting and fun way. Each letter and digit are presented by four words that begin in that letter. With a click on the letter, a voice pronounces .... Free download of My Alphabet 2

Prime Time: Math Adventure 1.8 Whirled Games    

... the student. Prime Time provides the benefits of educational software in a package enjoyable for both students ... to math. * For the first time in educational software, the ability for students to compete on-line against students all over the world is available. Working off the successful Tetris model, the basic .... Free download of Prime Time: Math Adventure 1.8

IllustraBoard Personal Edition 2 AureoSoft    

IllustraBoard (IB) is a professional and educational multimedia board for classes, presentations, studies, demonstrations, projects, schemes and ideas. It consists of: IB Presenter (full screen presentation mode); IB Pad (movable presentation mode); IB Cursor (interactive vector cursor that points real-time on top of slides, videos, animations and web conferences that .... Free download of IllustraBoard Personal Edition 2

American Hangman Presidents and States 2.0.8 Space-Time Associates    

American Hangman is a fun, colorful, soundful, educational word-guessing game based on the simple game of hangman we all played as children. American Hangman features colorful, non-violent graphics, Presidential pictures, State outlines, digitized sounds and synthesized speech. American Hangman is a terrific way to get a headstart on History, Geography .... Free download of American Hangman Presidents and States 2.0.8

IllustraBoard Commercial Edition 1.1 AureoSoft    

IllustraBoard is a professional and educational multimedia board for classes, presentations, studies, demonstrations, projects, ... * 9 board styles that can present diverse educational and professional subjects. * Built-in Flv video player and Swf player for demonstrations that use Adobe Flash technology. * Illustration Galleries and much more. .... Free download of IllustraBoard Commercial Edition 1.1

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FreeGamia Math Genius 1.0 FreeGamia    

This educational game for is children and adults, and can ... than 20 different tasks are required (achievements)! This educational game for is children and adults, and can ... than 20 different tasks are required (achievements)! This educational game for is children and adults, and can ... than 20 different tasks are required (achievements)! This educational game for is children and adults, and can .... Free download of FreeGamia Math Genius 1.0

GCompris 12.01 Bruno Coudoin    

GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children ... the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Below you can find a list of categories with some of the activities available in that category. - computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, different mouse gesture, ... .... Free download of GCompris 12.01

GuruCool PlaySchool KidZone Studios, Inc    

... learning progress ? GuruCool PlaySchool is the #1 educational app for kids in the Windows8 store available ... so look to us for fun, entertaining & educational activities to help your kids learn, explore n grow. Features Multi-sensory approach to learning that will kids engaged for hours- Beautiful music, .... Free download of GuruCool PlaySchool

MB Learn Yoga 1.80    

... peaceful. MB Free Learn Yoga is an advanced educational tool for learning the basics of yoga. It is a simple and very useful for beginners who want to learn how to practice the different Yogas. It is an advanced yet handy software that provides information on every aspect of yoga, .... Free download of MB Learn Yoga 1.80

Fun Math Tutor - Kids Special 1.0 RV AppStudios    

Fun Math Tutor is a fun educational based game for kids, specifically designed for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. Help your kids have fun while also learning something new. Teach basic math skills to your kids thru this fun and simple game. Play based on grade level for added fun and benefit. .... Free download of Fun Math Tutor - Kids Special 1.0

BoneLab 2 Demo 2.3.27 Next Dimension Imaging    

Educational program based on a fully dissectable high quality human Skeleton. New sectional 3D-views can be created labeled, colorized and saved. Internet bindings for all parts can quickly display related online content. BoneLab 2 has a new visual 3D interface and is easy to operate. It is the ultimate tool .... Free download of BoneLab 2 Demo 2.3.27

LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer 3.0.8 - Dipl.-Päd. Otto Mantler    

LESEN 2000 is an educational software that makes it easy to develop listening, ... 2000: Otto Mantler, School teacher and developer of educational games, Wiesstr. 13, A-6844 Altach, AUSTRIA, EUROPE, Phone & Fax: +43 5576 77085, E-Mail: email and email, Web: and .... Free download of LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer 3.0.8

Connect The Dots Ultimate IPV Solutions    

Connect the Dots Ultimate is a fun and educational activity for your children. Watch their enjoyment as they reveal entertaining images when they join the dots while learning numbers and letters. Accompanied with stimulating sounds and live voices to help your young ones associate what they see with what .... Free download of Connect The Dots Ultimate

Skoolbo Core Skills Skoolbo Pte Ltd    

The largest educational game ever and it’s FREE! Designed to help 4 – 10 year olds strengthen their Core Skills in literacy and numeracy. The multi-player games incorporate beautifully designed 3D worlds, individualized avatars and a highly effective rewards system. Teachers and parents receive comprehensive reports detailing not .... Free download of Skoolbo Core Skills

A Musical Tutorial 3.1a Ronald Swerdfeger    

Sight Read: Identify notes that appear on a staff. Sight Read Drill: Read notes in the time provided, in Continuous Mode mentally identify notes. Piano Keys: Identify notes on staff by clicking correct piano key. Scales: Display scales/broken chords as they play, step Mode plays/displays one note/chord at a time, displaying .... Free download of A Musical Tutorial 3.1a

Nimmer's SillyAna 2.4 NimmerSoft    

Nimmer's SillyAna v.2.4 is a Word game. It lets you practise parting words into syllables. You can divide the word into syllables, or put syllables together into words, or you can let the word be split up into single letters and assemble the word. In 3 languages and with built-in wordlist .... Free download of Nimmer's SillyAna 2.4

ProProfs eLearning Software 11.4 ProProfs    

... is used by Fortune 500 companies and top educational institutions to create and deliver online training and educational courses. Using ProProfs simple yet powerful tools, trainers ... a complete online training solution to businesses and educational institutions as it comes bundled with a training ... online training to a geographically dispersed workforce. Likewise, educational institutions can easily allows distance learners to access .... Free download of ProProfs eLearning Software 11.4

ProProfs LMS Software 10.7 ProProfs    

... tools for creating and delivering online training or educational courses. ProProfs LMS comes bundled with an online ... training sessions for a geographically dispersed workforce. Likewise, educational institutions can conveniently deliver online courses to a global learner base. Additionally, professional trainers can embed the online courses and assessment on their website .... Free download of ProProfs LMS Software 10.7

Natural Healing 6.8 Zentrum Publishing    

... free program upgrades plus unlimited program support! For educational use only. .... Free download of Natural Healing 6.8

MemoryLifter 2.4.1 LearnLift    

With MemoryLifter, a free multimedia educational software, you can easily produce your own virtual flashcards with text, sound, pictures, and videos. You can also learn with ready-made Learning Modules covering topics in languages, arts, social, applied and natural sciences which are available on The program facilitates easy management of .... Free download of MemoryLifter 2.4.1

EduPioneer2010 V1.6.3 Yanji Sofairsoft Co., Ltd    

Edupioneer is a professional scientific and educational typesetting software that contains word processing and graphics processing. It is famous for its generalized design and editing mode of WYSIWYG. It is designed for individuals who work in the first-line of science, technology and education, such as teachers, instructors, professors, researchers and .... Free download of EduPioneer2010 V1.6.3

Solitaire 5 Solitaire Games    

... classic card game that is both fun and educational. Solitaire keeps your mind sharp, and your day fun! Solitaire is played with 52 cards. Stack cards in descending order, alternating color. Start at the King, and build down to the Ace. The goal of the game is to get all .... Free download of Solitaire 5

Virtual Blackboard 1.1 TechZ Solutions    

Virtual Blackboard is a unique and innovative educational-cum-presentation tool with new functionalities. It is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tools. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation for better explanation on the screen. It is useful for professionals, teachers, parents, students as well as novice. .... Free download of Virtual Blackboard 1.1

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