Drive Bender Division-M    

Drive Bender is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for Microsoft Windows. Drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of storage, either as one or more drive letters, or a network shared drive. Drive Bender also provides the user with the ability to seamless expand .... Free download of Drive Bender

Digital 3D Screensaver 1.1.8 DiVision Software    

Get ready for an exciting virtual journey inside the strange world of your microprocessor where endless strings of digits make things happen, things like the internet, the virtual reality, the artificial intelligence and everything else. Immerse yourself into the mystical world of your computer with this State of the Art, fully .... Free download of Digital 3D Screensaver 1.1.8

Photo Gallery 3D Screensaver 1.0.9 DiVision Software    

Do you want to see your photos easily, more often and in 3D ? Every time you stop working on the computer a 3D virtual gallery will fill your screen and present your most important moments, people and places captured in your digital photos. Your memories can now be even closer .... Free download of Photo Gallery 3D Screensaver 1.0.9

Math Practice 1.1 VOVSOFT    

... basic interface. Choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once you click on one of these, math exercises are automatically launched, pick difficulty by choosing between three different levels. Math Practice does work flawlessly on all Windows versions and runs on low resources all the time, which makes it appropriate .... Free download of Math Practice 1.1

Math Flash Cards For Kids Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... are check boxes for: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and for game levels from 1 digit (easy) to 3 digits (hard). A score is kept. This can be useful when trying to encourage children to learn basic math. .... Free download of Math Flash Cards For Kids Software 7.0

Kids maths games for girls and boys 1.0.0 Gnet Ventures    

... learn and practice mathematics addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Mental calculation game for kids of ages 3 - 13 and teenegers. It has 3 level of difficulty to strengthen sequential abilities, mental manipulation , attention and fine motor skills. This application will help to build and increase your children mathematical .... Free download of Kids maths games for girls and boys 1.0.0

Concepts InMotion 2.0 Fresh Ideas Division, LLC    

Think, teach, share, document, and present. Make informed decisions based on a clear understanding of how something works or will work! Concepts InMotion, is a software product that will help you to more clearly and easily communicate concepts and ideas visually using motion. It's a fun and easy to use business .... Free download of Concepts InMotion 2.0

IENetP Intelligent Systems Division    

Industrial Ethernet Network Performance (IENetP) Test Tool developed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This test tool determines the network performance of industrial devices using standardized metrics and tests. .... Free download of IENetP

Football Rankulator 3.2.3 Whitaker Software Applications    

... to create your own computer rankings of college Division 1A football teams. You can also keep an ... schedule works. There is no data entry. The Division 1A and 1AA data are provided free of ... the scores yourself, you may. If you follow Division II or III football, the software will allow .... Free download of Football Rankulator 3.2.3

Math Games Jujuba Software    

... basic arithmetic equations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math Games provides an easy to view ... your child to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using a variety of number combinations. There is a feature in Math Games that provides a way to define the time and error limits .... Free download of Math Games

Household Calculator Tvalx    

... arithmetic operations with two operands, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and complex formulas with unlimited number of operations and operands. For example, you can type in Edit Window such formula ((12.55+10.05+8.45+17.35)/30)*0.7-(13.45+15.76+2.05)*0.33 . Ergonomic design allows easily navigate through controls and enter data using both mouse and keyboard. The Household Calculator has .... Free download of Household Calculator

Typhon III NCC Group    

Typhon III combines expertise from our consultancy division with insights from our world–beating research department to deliver a product that provides you with the very best network and application security audit available. Typhon III transforms the process of identifying and fixing infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities into an exact science. .... Free download of Typhon III

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FLAC Splitter Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... segmented file will be the remainder of the division. .... Free download of FLAC Splitter Software 7.0

WAV Splitter Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... segmented file will be the remainder of the division. With this software, dividing your WAV files can be done quickly in batch. .... Free download of WAV Splitter Software 7.0

MyTeamPlan 1.0 MyTeamPlan    

... web based Project Management Software that supports the division of projects into tasks and subtasks allowing them to be tracked on Kanban style boards, lists and calendars. The unique user interface allows each team member to see and interact with a focused view of their project work, allowing communications about .... Free download of MyTeamPlan 1.0

MentoLiga LeBe    

... track of results by adding information about the division, round, score and referee, classification (division and round), players for the first and second division, as well as betting data for the first and second division by entering the scores. Additionally, the tool is ... or Manual Fixtures. Pre installed 1st and 2nd division Spanish LFP 2012/2013. Load emblems, League and Division .... Free download of MentoLiga

GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Premium Edition) December.2016     update

... and ISO, regions, sub-regions, state or First-Order Administrative Division and county or Second-Order Administrative Division. Complete database in text format suitable for applications requiring a complete list of city names. It is a subset of the GeoDataSource Cities Database .... Free download of GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Premium Edition) December.2016

Diamond Scheduler 6.96 B4058 Cactusware    

... calendar. The program allows you to define divisions, teams, and venues, and then to automatically create a schedule for up to 30 teams per division (or maybe a few more). Pairings can employ ... formats. * Create reports by team, venue or division. * Easily display subsets of teams in calendar .... Free download of Diamond Scheduler 6.96 B4058

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ConcaDec 3.0 David Bouchet    

... files which are larger than 4 GB. - Division preview. - Progress display. - Processing can be paused or cancelled at any time. - Several division options: by size, by number of files, etc. - A great many choices of predefined sizes. - Drag-and-drop facilities. - No required installation (only .... Free download of ConcaDec 3.0

Free The Saturdays Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

Free The Saturdays Screensaver. The Saturdays are a British/Irish girl group formed in London in 2007, consisting of Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman and Una Healy. They made their recording debut in 2008 under the record label Fascination Records, a sub-division of Polydor Records. Their debut album, Chasing .... Free download of Free The Saturdays Screensaver 3.0

Free Arsenal FC Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

... clubs in English football, having won thirteen First Division and Premier League titles and ten FA Cups. They hold the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the English top flight and are the only Premier League side to have completed a season unbeaten. This amazing and FREE Arsenal FC .... Free download of Free Arsenal FC Screensaver 3.0

MMrng Module 1.0 Bob Delaney    

Written with REALbasic, MMrng Module generates pseudo-random doubles >(= 0 and .... Free download of MMrng Module 1.0

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MP3 Split Into Multiple Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... segmented file will be the remainder of the division. Skip the studio editing, this software finishes your project quickly. .... Free download of MP3 Split Into Multiple Files Software 7.0

Graph Paper Creator Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... the X and Y Axis before setting the division measurements. For example, if using the metric scale for the X Axis, the drop down menu will offer options for 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm and if the Imperial scale is chosen for the Y Axis, the .... Free download of Graph Paper Creator Software 7.0

Matches Cup Ideal Solutions    

... is true. Possible operations comprise: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and castling operation. The game consists of 12 levels, with a growing level of difficulty. Each level is labeled with the name of a bird species. .... Free download of Matches Cup

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