Desktop Calender for Mac 1.1 Desktop Calender for Mac    

The Desktop Calendar for Mac introduced by the Gladwev Software ... have their data on iCal can use the Desktop Calendar for Mac very efficiently. The Desktop Calendar download can be your first step to efficiently managed routine. Features of the Desktop Calendar for Mac 1. The Desktop Calendar comes with a very easy and intuitive .... Free download of Desktop Calender for Mac 1.1

Desktop Heap Monitor 8.1.2925.0 Microsoft    

The Desktop Heap Monitor is a tool that examines usage of desktop heap. WIN32 subsystem has internal heap area known ... This behavior can occur if the desktop heap in the WIN32 subsystem is depleted (see KB#126962). By using the Desktop Heap Monitor, you can examine how much desktop .... Free download of Desktop Heap Monitor 8.1.2925.0

Desktop Explorer 2.0    

A powerful File Manager, Viewer and Editor with Dual Pane Interface - A Dual Pane interface allows you to display directories side by side, or one on top of the other - Makes it so easy to copy/move, drag and drop files between different folders and drives. You can easily switch .... Free download of Desktop Explorer 2.0

Copernic Desktop Search Professional 5.2.1 Copernic    

Copernic Desktop Search is like your personal assistant that finds ... to add more, no file goes missing. Copernic Desktop Search is an intuitive application that provides a powerful search engine on your desktop, targeting local files, local contact and emails, browser ... With the new award-winning indexing technology, Copernic Desktop Search scans the 150 file types even faster. .... Free download of Copernic Desktop Search Professional 5.2.1

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Copernic Desktop Search Home 5.2.1 Copernic    

Copernic Desktop Search is like your personal assistant that finds ... mailboxes and archives from past years, download Copernic Desktop Search to give you a hand. With a ... With the new award-winning indexing technology, Copernic Desktop Search scans the 150 file types even faster. ... information that matters to you, almost instantly. Copernic Desktop Search not only provides a search engine, but .... Free download of Copernic Desktop Search Home 5.2.1

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Parallels    

Discover Parallels Desktop for Mac Parallels Desktop for Mac is simply the world’s bestselling, top-rated, ... running Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows ... were native to your Mac. Setting up Parallels Desktop for Mac is simple and quick. Enjoy the ... and Mac OS X - on one seamless desktop. Performance and Personalization Experience as .... Free download of Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac 5.0.9376 Parallels    

... than 70 new, exciting features and enhancements, Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac is faster, smarter and more powerful than ever — helping you run Windows programs and devices seamlessly on your Mac. Faster * Run thousands of Windows programs faster on your Mac * Enhanced! Install Windows XP, .... Free download of Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac 5.0.9376

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Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 4.0.3 Ulteo    

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is an installable Open Source virtual desktop and application delivery solution for corporations. It allows IT departments to deliver desktops and applications easily and at a lower cost ... to use: Applications are delivered as a complete desktop or displayed seamlessly and integrated to the user's desktop. Access is possible from a simple web browser, .... Free download of Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 4.0.3

ShutdownPlus Desktop 7.2.643 WM Software    

... restarted on a specific schedule. Reduced TCO for desktop computers.Enterprise licensing is available. Benefits: Shutdown/Standby the computer if no user is logged on. Delete temporary, temporary Internet, and temporary Outlook files automatically. Run the most popular anti-virus and anti-spyware programs with a schedule or at logoff. Idle time logoff/lock/stand .... Free download of ShutdownPlus Desktop 7.2.643

SwitchSync 5.0 LivePIM Software Inc.    

Synchornize Palm devices with both Palm Desktop and Outlook. If you have Palm Desktop and PocketMirror installed. SwitchSync can help you to synchronize your Palm OS devices with both Palm Desktop and Outlook. For Palm Zire 72, Zire 31, Tungsten .... Free download of SwitchSync 5.0

WinDrag 0.1 Nemeth Richard    

... that enables you to move windows around your desktop easier. Once WinDragis activated, you won't have to pick a window by clicking on the title bar only. Just left click anywhere on the window while holding the Left CTRL key in order to move the window. You can exit the .... Free download of WinDrag 0.1

Quicknote 5.5 Jens Müller    

Often you do not need an advanced text processor but a virtual scrapbook to quickly write down an occasional thought, a plan for the day or an Internet URL. With a plain text editor, which can be used for this purpose, you have to run the program first, then create a .... Free download of Quicknote 5.5

ModernMix 1.22 Stardock Systems    

... 8 "Modern" apps in a window on the desktop. Windows 8 Modern apps, also known as ... Modern apps in individual separate windows on the desktop as well as launch them from the desktop. Apply custom settings Modern app window ... be pinned for quick access later. Also create desktop shortcuts for Modern apps. Bring back the .... Free download of ModernMix 1.22

DeskSpace Otaku Software Pty Ltd.    

DeskSpace gives you separate desktops for each of your day-to-day tasks, and lets you quickly and easily switch between desktops and the applications on them. DeskSpace gives you ... for your windows and icons. You can eliminate desktop clutter by arranging your windows and icons across up to six desktops, all easily reachable by navigating a desktop cube. .... Free download of DeskSpace

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WinPenguins 0.76 Michael Vines    

... cute little penguins that wander around your Windows desktop. Ever wanted cute little penguins roaming along ... you have a window full-screen, the deprecated active desktop enabled or an animated desktop background. .... Free download of WinPenguins 0.76

N-Button Pro Serial Port Tool    

... Pro v1.8 creates widgets that float on your desktop to control external devices, send specified data, run ... to show static text or image on your desktop. Customized Button widgets can be set to send specified command data to any connected devices besides relay boards. It can be set to open .... Free download of N-Button Pro

AirParrot 2.6.0 Squirrels LLC    

... wirelessly. It can even let you extend your desktop to the other device if you need a little more space. You're also able to optimize your video quality so you can find the right data rate for your network. AirParrot is easy to install and requires no configuration of whatsoever, .... Free download of AirParrot 2.6.0

MobileSyncBrowser for Mac 5.0.3 Vaughn Cordero    

MobileSyncBrowser (MSB) for Mac allows you to view and use this data at any time! You do not have to have your iPhone present or perform any hacks! MSB can read your backup and give you access to your data. Whether on a Mac or PC, you can view your .... Free download of MobileSyncBrowser for Mac 5.0.3

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ContactMirror 3.6 B1370 LivePIM Software Inc.    

ContactMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop lets you synchronize contact information between Palm desktop and Microsoft Outlook. You may want to access the contact information on your Palm, Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook. Then you will need to ... date, especially when you are using both Palm Desktop and Outlook. ContactMirror for Outlook and .... Free download of ContactMirror 3.6 B1370

DesktopAnalyzer 4.07 Visualware Inc.    

... occur in the last mile by quickly locating desktop compliance, configuration and performance problems impacting the user ... configuration that changes frequently as software is updated. DesktopAnalyzer provides a way to deliver customized scripts to the user desktop to test configuration and connectivity parameters for application ... enables fast web delivery directly to the customer desktop • Provide Support personnel with valuable insight into .... Free download of DesktopAnalyzer 4.07

Mikogo Portable BeamYourScreen    

... presenter communicates using a visual component, known as desktop sharing, which allows the presenter to show documents ... the audience live over the Web. Along with desktop sharing, communication can also be facilitated via voice communication, a whiteboard that the presenter can write or draw on, and instant messaging. Mikogo .... Free download of Mikogo Portable

Wallpaper Manager Software 1.0 MurGee Dot Com    

... management features. Download Wallpaper Manager Software and manage desktop background on single or dual monitors. The Wallpaper Software Utility allows to set wallpaper orientation for the selected wallpaper. Change Wallpaper in Windows 7 style on XP, Vista, 2000 and other Windows versions. Inbuilt wallpaper downloader to download wallpapers from internet .... Free download of Wallpaper Manager Software 1.0

WindowTangler 1.0 Solid Eight Studios LLC.    

... organizing and controlling groups of windows on your desktop. It allows you to set up hot keys ... show different types of windows, freeing up precious desktop space and removing distractions from your daily workflow. .... Free download of WindowTangler 1.0

InstantSync Secure FTPS / SFTP 2.1 Build 3 SiteDesigner Technologies, Inc.    

InstantSync is a secure desktop tool for high speed file synchronization, mirroring, replication and backups.InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP uses industry standard FTP/SSL and FTPS over SSH protocols to ensure data safety and encrypts all data with strong encryption ciphers. The underlying smart SyncDB file tracking technology guarantees that only new and .... Free download of InstantSync Secure FTPS / SFTP 2.1 Build 3

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NVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Linux 260.19.44 NVIDIA Corporation    

... unleashes the full power and features in NVIDIA's desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile products. Delivering a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability with the widest range of games and applications, NVIDIA GeForce Driver software ensures the best experience with your NVIDIA hardware. Incredible 3D and .... Free download of NVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Linux 260.19.44

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