Desktop Security Rx Software 4.0 Horizon DataSys Inc.    

Desktop Security Rx software is a powerful desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Server 2003 Operating Systems. Desktop Security Rx software's advanced technology prevents users from deleting ... files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop, saving unwanted programs, running disallowed programs, and downloading .... Free download of Desktop Security Rx Software 4.0

Desktop Orbiter 9.0 Anfibia Software    

Desktop Orbiter is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, computer security administration solution. With Desktop Orbiter, protecting multiple local and remote machines is a matter of a point-and-click procedure. Security features include a suit of powerful desktop security settings, and filtering capabilities to stop users from ... protect multiple workstations remotely. Maintain secure environments with Desktop Orbiter, the preferred solution for security administration. Available .... Free download of Desktop Orbiter 9.0

Desktop Boss Icons 2013.1 Desktop Icon    

The collection of Desktop Boss Icons include highly detailed images representing various ... boss and sheikh, army, navy and police officers, security, king and queen, angel and devil, admin, professor, teacher and more. Desktop Icons also offers a wide spectrum of high resolution stock icons and .... Free download of Desktop Boss Icons 2013.1

Desktop IRIS 3.0.6 MobilVox, Inc.    

Desktop IRIS is an easy-to-use search program that can ... you to intuitively find stored information from your desktop and network without imposing any restrictions on the ... folder locations indexed. The system uses the same security model for the desktop and network operating systems, allowing full search capabilities ... you to quickly access information stored in your desktop and network paths. It gives you the ability .... Free download of Desktop IRIS 3.0.6

Desktop Patrol 2.0 B1.1 Hkeylocal Executables    

Desktop Patrol is a handy and simple application that ... Windows options, access to external media etc. Desktop Patrol has a simple and comprehensive interface that ... web browser typed URL history Backup and restore Desktop Patrol’s existing configuration feature Administrator password protection System ... can be hidden from all users except the Desktop Patrol Administrator .... Free download of Desktop Patrol 2.0 B1.1

Security Software Icon Pack 2013.1 Icon-Packs    

Well, your web products as well as your security software will definitely appear attractive & advanced by ... icons you can avail with several kinds of security related icons. These icons may be card file, ... internet. You will be glad to know that Security Software Icons comes in different file formats like .... Free download of Security Software Icon Pack 2013.1

Security Unlocker for PDF 1.0.1 AdroitPDF    

... restricted. Use AdroitPDF Unlocker software to quickly unlock security owner password which has been lost or forgotten. This is easy to install and use robust desktop program having interactive GUI to access by users ... Acrobat pdf files, decrypts all level of encryption security including RC4 128 bit and AES 256 bit. .... Free download of Security Unlocker for PDF 1.0.1

Security Administrator 14.0 Ixis Ltd    

Restrict access to your PC with Security Administrator. This password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of ... privacy and stop others from tampering with your desktop. You can deny access to each individual component ... windows, Registry editing, and network access. Hide your desktop icons, local, network and USB drives, Start menu .... Free download of Security Administrator 14.0

Protegent PC - Complete PC Security 12 Uunistal Systems    

Protegent PC allows the user to safeguard data from unauthorized access. It prevents vital & important data to be transferred from one PC to another using Flash drive, DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet ports, Printer ports, Infrared ports. It provides the Options to lock/unlock single or multiple ports with authorized password. .... Free download of Protegent PC - Complete PC Security 12

Pdf Security Remover Utility Pdf security remover    

... not possible due disabled print option (button)? Pdf security remover software is very fast and easy to use desktop application decrypts thousands of pdf documents instantly. If ... means the document is protected with owner password security which you forgot and now unable to unlock. At this situation, our password security remover is best solution for your entire problem. .... Free download of Pdf Security Remover Utility

AWinware Pdf Encryption Security pdf security remover    

... pdf encryption software is best and affordable pdf security lock tool, encrypt pdf bulk documents with password ... files with strong RC4 and AES 128-bit encryption security lock using this robust and easy to use desktop utility. Program is graphical user interface based self ... users can also use application easily. AWinware Pdf security software supports batch pdf encryption mechanism, set password .... Free download of AWinware Pdf Encryption Security

WX Supreme Desktop New Architecture 2014 WXSDA    

... tools with 500 tools, effects and features: Innovative Desktop by category Audio Player with 10 bands equalizer ... and Mouse Gestures Easier Backup Scheme Password Encrypted Security Exchange of Passwords and PIN Virtual keyboard with ... App Shortcuts with Mineminic Image Aqualize Interface Effect Desktop Modern and Advance Interface Features Create Shortcut System .... Free download of WX Supreme Desktop New Architecture 2014

Axommsoft Pdf Security Remover 1.2 pdf security remover    

Axommsoft pdf security restrictions remover software is fast and robust desktop utility devised to convert your locked pdf documents ... strong 128 bit RC4 and AES encryption level security, removes both user (open) password and owner password. Pdf unlocker program removes all user level security except third party DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. .... Free download of Axommsoft Pdf Security Remover 1.2

Advanced Security Net Level 2.3 SoftFolder Inc    

Advanced Security Net Level is comprehensive security software used for protecting Windows-based workstations over a ... windows, Registry editing, Internet and Network access; hide desktop icons, individual drives, Start menu items, and taskbar; ... much more. The software supports over 600 different security restrictions and tweaks that allow you restrict access ... almost every aspect of Windows. Try our Advanced Security Net Level for free. .... Free download of Advanced Security Net Level 2.3

PC Security Tweaker 10.0 PC-Safety    

PC Security Tweaker is a security tweaking utility you can use to tweak Windows-based ... with their own custom shell folders such as Desktop, Start Menu, Favorites, My Documents. Additionally, by tweaking, ... editing, taskbar, task manager, and network access, hide desktop icons, and much more. You can password-protect Windows and restrict users to running specific applications only. Security tweaks can be applied universally or just to .... Free download of PC Security Tweaker 10.0

AWinware Pdf Security Removal Remove pdf security    

AWinware Pdf security remover is best means for unlocking locked, password ... on clipboard, signing, commenting and page extraction. Pdf security removal is lightning fast desktop utility decrypts user password & owner password protected ... unlock if document is protected with open password security. Free evaluation is available to download and try ... pdf document including modifying, printing and copying. Pdf security remover software breaks pdf securities, enables all pdf .... Free download of AWinware Pdf Security Removal

Advanced Desktop Locker Encrypt4all Software    

Advanced Desktop Locker (ADL) is an easy to use desktop protection software, you can lock your desktop with one mouse click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, you can password protect your desktop and display custom message to any one click your desktop, our software record mouse clicks and invalid passwords .... Free download of Advanced Desktop Locker

MTE Desktop Locker MTEbyte Software    

Lock your desktop with one mouse and prevent anyone from accessing ... importand data, no one can access your locked desktop without the valid password, mte desktop locker provide the following features: - lock your desktop with virtual desktop, - you must enter valid password to access the desktop, - show custom alert to any one try .... Free download of MTE Desktop Locker

Advanced Security Level 7.6 SoftFolder Inc    

Advanced Security Level is the best computer security application for Windows-based computers. It gives you an ... users providing each of them with own custom Desktop, Start Menu, Favorites, My Documents, etc. Optionally you can hide desktop icons, local and network drives; disable Start Menu ... Windows and restrict users from running specific applications. Security restrictions can be applied to all or just .... Free download of Advanced Security Level 7.6

A-PDF Password Security 4.7.6    

A-PDF Password Security is a desktop utility program that lets you change password security of existing Acrobat PDF files. That means you ... password pool and hot directory. With A-PDF Password Security, you can set a PDF file if need ... includes author, title, subject and keywords. A-PDF Password Security even support disable/enable expiry function. A-PDF Password Security .... Free download of A-PDF Password Security 4.7.6

Acrobat PDF Security Remover 1.3.5 AxpertSoft    

Acrobat PDF Security Remover is best pdf decryption software utility used ... 40-bit & 128-bit advanced AES encryption. Pdf Password security removal utility is easy in use and standalone desktop program, decrypts bulk pdf files quickly with few mouse clicks. Security removal tool is designed to unlock pdf open ... delete owner password from pdf document. Pdf password security remover is advanced tool runs of Windows 8, .... Free download of Acrobat PDF Security Remover 1.3.5

Boxoft PDF Security 3.7    

Boxoft PDF Security is a flexible and powerful desktop utility program that lets You setting various security parameters to your PDF file easily, with Boxoft PDF Security, you can protect PDF files with 128 bit .... Free download of Boxoft PDF Security 3.7

Online Desktop Presenter Infonautics GmbH    

Present your windows desktop via Internet to any other user without any problems of firewalls nor any other security related installations. Transmit your screen content online via ... customers, partners, colleagues and co-workers can follow your desktop presentation system-independent (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) only by ... Program Features - Data transmission of your Windows desktop in rapid sequences. - Supporting desktops spanning multiple .... Free download of Online Desktop Presenter

Corporate Network Security 3.3 Emailarms    

... PC workstations over your network with Corporate Network Security. This network-based password-protected security software lets you impose access restrictions to all ... the TCP/IP-based network or Internet. Using Corporate Network Security you can do the following to your PC ... windows, Registry editing, Internet and Network access; hide desktop icons, individual drives, Start menu items, and taskbar; .... Free download of Corporate Network Security 3.3

Protector Plus Internet Security Proland Software    

Protector Plus Internet Security software designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows7 and ... hack tools, rootkits and other malware.Protector Plus Internet security is packed with many useful features like Proactive ... found. The Update feature of Protector Plus Internet security will automatically download the virus database updates from ... and also in case of emergencies.Protector Plus Internet security interface is attractive and easy to use. This .... Free download of Protector Plus Internet Security

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