Desktop Calender for Mac 1.1 Desktop Calender for Mac    

The Desktop Calendar for Mac introduced by the Gladwev Software ... have their data on iCal can use the Desktop Calendar for Mac very efficiently. The Desktop Calendar download can be your first step to efficiently managed routine. Features of the Desktop Calendar for Mac 1. The Desktop Calendar comes with a very easy and intuitive .... Free download of Desktop Calender for Mac 1.1

Bar Code Generator 5.1 Barcode Generator    

... distinct popular dedicated predefined barcode templates and format. Desktop utility is imperious tool to print directly with selected barcode template (Aone, Apli, and Avery etc.) through any common and barcode printers without distorting barcode quality after managing and organizing barcode parameters. Additionally, application is integrated with significant features: Import data .... Free download of Bar Code Generator 5.1

Able Launch Bar 3.8.28 RasterVect Software    

Tired for dozen of icons on your desktop or Start menu? Try this simple but powerful Launch Bar to organize your shortcuts (applications, documents, links, folders ... Drag & Drop support, auto-hide function... Able Launch Bar is a window similar to the Quick Launch bar. This is Application Desktop Toolbar with built-in Windows .... Free download of Able Launch Bar 3.8.28

Quick Access Bar 1.6.0 Daniel Martinek    

This tool displays an aero-glass quick access bar for folders and drives on the top of your desktop. It has options to automatically hide itself when not needed and to add custom folders and system folders (e.g. Control Panel,...). It displays the available .... Free download of Quick Access Bar 1.6.0

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 2.0 SharewareBoss Software    

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is widely used in business printing industry. ... typesetting works. Which was unique, Print Layout for Desktop Publishing supports dynamic publishing by attaching to database. Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is professional in designing and dynamic publishing label, business card, bar code, check, ticket, coupon, flowchart, interface, cover, schematic .... Free download of Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 2.0

Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... traders and individual investors. It appears on your desktop as a simple tape that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays quotes of a selected list of stock and indices symbols as a scrolling text line. Stock ticker displays stock quotes for up to 200 .... Free download of Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30

Tab Bar Icon Set 2.0 Tab Bar Icons    

... standard for Apple iOS, icons from the Tab Bar Icon Set can be used in navigation bars, ... iOS devices with standard and high-resolution displays. Tab Bar Icon Set contains everything you need to design ... small, super-high resolution screen. All images from Tab Bar Icon Set come in PNG and PSD formats .... Free download of Tab Bar Icon Set 2.0

Show Desktop 1.211 DeviantArt    

'Show Desktop' is a small standalone application, inspired by Windows ... at the right side of the user's task bar, next to the clock, which, when clicked, allows ... transparent so the user can "peek" at the desktop. 'Show Desktop' also allows the user to change the application's ... can change how windows are minimized. 'Show Desktop' even gives the user to easily shutdown, restart, .... Free download of Show Desktop 1.211

VirtualGirl HD Dancing Desktop Totem Entertainment    

... software that allows internet users to transform their desktops into a babefest featuring the most stunning models ... the unregistered version) at the bottom of your desktop. You can easily configure the software to have ... you everyday? Then get VirtuaGirl HD on your desktop! There are over 400 VirtuaGirls available to download .... Free download of VirtualGirl HD Dancing Desktop

Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 0.9 AutoButton    

Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 is a package of over ... for Microsoft Windows systems, this collection of application bar images includes 48x48 pixels images with a transparent ... your apps ready for Metro experience? These Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 offer over 130 unique fresh ... Get ready for the Windows 8! Free Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 represents symbols and concepts commonly .... Free download of Show Desktop Icon Windows 2000 0.9

SideSlide 3.5.60 Northglide    

... developed to be an advanced, dockable, highly configurable desktop-launcher. Unlike any other launcher you've seen before. Desktop extension on steroids! Keep shortcuts to files, folders and URLs you frequently visit; add multiple notes, multiple, sizable pictures. Customize it to emphasize .... Free download of SideSlide 3.5.60

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KidDesktop KidDesktop    

* KidDesktop™ is a desktop replacement which simplifies the computer for kids. With ... he or she doesn't even see the Windows desktop. Instead, the child sees a child-friendly, customized start screen and an Activity Bar with their own favorite activities. * Icon-driven with spoken help: The start screen and Activity Bar are completely icon-driven, and even include spoken help, .... Free download of KidDesktop

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Glass Gadgets Pack DeviantArt    

... news, drives/folders, and other information without cluttering the desktop. For example, you can use a the default ... covered 20 useful gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop. This time around, we have another awesome set of glass gadgets to spice up your desktop. The pack contains 14 gadgets: - calendar : resizable desktop calendar - clock : analogue desktop clock - .... Free download of Glass Gadgets Pack

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myPortablePIM 1.7.0 Mauro Domenico Ferrua    

Desktop calendar with many functions.Day's event,tasks with alarm,GMail checker,twitter ... identify the events easily.There are two views, called Desktop 1 and Desktop 2, where arrange your windows as you want.You ... switch from views by the button on status bar. .... Free download of myPortablePIM 1.7.0

DeskAngel DeskAngel    

... a window by right clicking on its title bar. Roll up a window by double clicking on its title bar. Toggle move mode by right clicking the bottom ... pressing right alt then double clicking on title bar of it. Maximize/Restore a window by middle button .... Free download of DeskAngel

Desk Topmost 1.00 Bopsoft    

... the keyboard shortcut "Win+D" or press the "Show Desktop" button in the Quick Launch Bar to access desktop, but unfortunately it isn`t very convenient: If you ... a program or opening a document from the desktop, you have to look for it in the ... in a different way: It will let the desktop float on the top instead of minimizing all .... Free download of Desk Topmost 1.00

PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0 itigic    

... shortcut manager which enables you to launch your desktop like an iPad. If you are familiar with ... PaperPlane Smart Launch gives you an entirely different desktop feeling with its cool interface, quick access, and ... customization, so that you can leave your old desktop behind. Key features: - Gives you a new .... Free download of PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.80 Mike Singer    

Weather Watcher Live is a desktop weather application for Windows*. It can connect you ... weather station. Today's Highs & Lows The bar graphs show the minimum, current and maximum weather ... selected weather station so far today. Watch the bar graphs update in real time as new weather ... can be linked to on the Internet. Desktop Magnets Stick map images, weather camera images, or .... Free download of Weather Watcher Live 7.2.80

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LaunchBar Commander 1.149.04 Mouser    

... a slightly different focus than some other launch bar tools: It's designed for power users who ... you might like). It's designed to store docking bar configurations in self-contained files - so you can ... specific program, or add them to the launch bar. Smart tree building - extracts icons and descriptions .... Free download of LaunchBar Commander 1.149.04

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Mac OS X Lion 10.8.5 Apple Inc.    

... release of OS X, the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. Hardware and software made for ... purchased or downloaded apps neatly organized in the desktop at the tip of your fingers at a ... view a full-screen preview by hitting the space bar. Want to share a file with someone nearby? .... Free download of Mac OS X Lion 10.8.5

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MenuBarFilter 1.0 eece    

... allow you to have an iOS-like dark menu bar on your Mac's desktop. To make sure that your menu bar stays dark after restarting your Mac, drag MenuBarFilter ... may also want to un-check the "Translucent menu bar" option under System Preferences/Desktop. .... Free download of MenuBarFilter 1.0

DesktopCoral 1.10.01    

DesktopCoral is an unusual program designed to "reserve" some portion of your desktop which is shielded from maximized applications.. Essentially, it acts like an invisible resizeable docking bar, which can be docked to any side of your desktop. This invisible dock acts as a barrier to ... applications and essentially shields this area of your desktop from other applications. Within this shielded area you .... Free download of DesktopCoral 1.10.01

WinDrag 0.1 Nemeth Richard    

... that enables you to move windows around your desktop easier. Once WinDragis activated, you won't have to pick a window by clicking on the title bar only. Just left click anywhere on the window while holding the Left CTRL key in order to move the window. You can exit the .... Free download of WinDrag 0.1

SimpleCoversheet 3.3 Simple Software    

SimpleCoversheet is a free application for printing bar code document separator sheets and Avery labels. Unlike ... and text files to dynamically build lists of bar codes to print. This is especially useful in ... server-based PDF creation. Supports a wide variety of bar code types, including Code 39, Code 128, PDF417, ... Web applications can use SimpleCoversheet to generate PDF bar code pages that users can print without having .... Free download of SimpleCoversheet 3.3

LaunchBar Commander 1.149.01    

LaunchBar Commander is a highly customizable professional Launch Bar and Tray Menu tool with tons of features and a powerful configuration gui. It includes advanced button and menu types like Tool Buttons, Batch Buttons, Virtual Links anre more. Full drag+drop support for configuration and launching. .... Free download of LaunchBar Commander 1.149.01

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