VisioForge Media Player SDK Delphi LITE 6.20 VisioForge    

... output screens support Frame capture to TBitmap/HBITMAP in Delphi/ActiveX, BMP/JPEG/GIF/PNG files OSD (On-Screen Display) Audio streams from additional audio/video files Subtitles support .... Free download of VisioForge Media Player SDK Delphi LITE 6.20

VisioForge Video Capture SDK Delphi LITE 6.20 VisioForge    

... (using LAME) - Frame capture to TBitmap/HBitmap in Delphi/ActiveX, BMP and JPEG files - Video processing and effects * graphic overlay * text overlay * video transparency * brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc. * deinterlace * denoise * resize to any resolution * chroma-key * 3rd party DirectShow filters support .... Free download of VisioForge Video Capture SDK Delphi LITE 6.20

VisioForge Video Edit SDK Delphi LITE 6.20 VisioForge    

VisioForge Video Edit SDK allows programmers to easily integrate video editing and processing capabilities into their software applications. VisioForge Video Edit allows you to create your own movie out of any audio and video files. You can add various effects to it and transition effects between tracks. VisioForge Video Edit supports .... Free download of VisioForge Video Edit SDK Delphi LITE 6.20

WMI Delphi Code Creator The Road To Delphi    

The WMI Delphi Code Creator tool, allows you to generate Object ... pascal code compatible with one of these compilers Delphi Win32, Delphi -Prism (Oxygene) , Free Pascal You choose between ... Binding, Early Binding or Direct COM access. The Delphi code generated is compatible with Delphi 7, 2005, BDS/Turbo 2006 and RAD Studio 2007, .... Free download of WMI Delphi Code Creator

GSA Delphi Induc Cleaner 1.00 GSA    

... of virus in the wild called Win32.Induc.A / Delphi.Induc since April 2009 that only infects Delphi Compilers. Unfortunately anti virus software started to detected ... about this virus is, that it only infects Delphi 4 - 7 and no other programs or ... start applications that have been compiled with infected Delphi compilers. Most anti virus applications are also unable .... Free download of GSA Delphi Induc Cleaner 1.00

WhiteStarUML Beta Janusz Szpilewski     update

... of StarUML with an intent to revive its Delphi code base by updating code to recent Delphi editions, reducing dependence on third party components and fixing bugs and adding new features. Features: Refreshed user interface Handling of UNICODE strings .... Free download of WhiteStarUML Beta

WhiteStarUML Portable Beta Janusz Szpilewski     update

... of StarUML with an intent to revive its Delphi code base by updating code to recent Delphi editions, reducing dependence on third party components and fixing bugs and adding new features. Features: Refreshed user interface Handling of UNICODE strings .... Free download of WhiteStarUML Portable Beta

Visual Pascal 1.32 SoftConstructors    

Small tool for Delphi and Pascal programmers. By a several clicks you get a large amount of code in the Pascal programming language. Keyboard is needed for typing names only. The program window is separated into two parts. On the left you insert program constructions - on the right you .... Free download of Visual Pascal 1.32

Toolbar2000 2.2.2 Jrsoftware    

Toolbar2000 is a set of components for CodeGear Delphi and C++Builder (4.0 and later) designed to mimic ... support. * Support for .NET VCL projects on Delphi 2006 and later. .... Free download of Toolbar2000 2.2.2

Sool 1.2 Thomas Wenzlaff    

Toolbox for VB, C++, Delphi in OCX format, ActiveX .... Free download of Sool 1.2

LSFindReplaceDialogW 1.0.0 Luzius Schneider    

LSFindReplaceDialogW contains two components for Delphi 6 and 7: TLSFindDialogW displays a Find dialog, TLSReplaceDialogW a search-and-replace dialog. Both use wide strings (Unicode) and do work only with Windows NT/2000/XP and higher. LSFindReplaceDialogW includes all source code! .... Free download of LSFindReplaceDialogW 1.0.0

AMRandom 4.3 ESB Consultancy    

This aims to supply an Embarcadero (formerly CodeGear/Borland) Delphi translation of Alan Miller's Random Module for FORTRAN-90. ... and is being made FREELY available to all Delphi Developers, though we do ask the Alan Miller ... - von Mises - Cauchy -Lognormal Includes full Delphi Source and Demo. .... Free download of AMRandom 4.3

AVLock SIMPLE 5.1.4 AV-SOFT    

If you are a Delphi programmer and need to market your software securely, ... you were wanted for. Now with support for Delphi XE6. Several changes were made on this new version, now with support for the PayPal IPN service. Two new examples has been added to explain how to integrate .... Free download of AVLock SIMPLE 5.1.4

Ultimate Pack 2013.10 Greatis Software    

... pack which contains all Greatis Software's products for Delphi and C++ Builder. Runtime Fusion (with Form Designer ... within), Print Suite Pro, Commented Image, Image Editor, Delphi Toys, WinDowse and Delphi Bonus! All in one and all with full ... news. When we'll create some new product for Delphi and C++ Builder, it will be automatically included .... Free download of Ultimate Pack 2013.10

DelphiCodeToDoc v0.23b TridenT    

DelphiCodeToDoc is a free documentation system for Delphi. It uses information about source code symbols and ... extend to CHM, PDF, and furthermore other format. DelphiCodeToDoc makes sure the structure of your documentation always ... for other "tags based" styles. You can configure DelphiCodeTodoc to extract the code structure from undocumented source ... the relations between the various source code elements. DelphiCodeTodoc is developed under MS-Windows with Borland Delphi, but .... Free download of DelphiCodeToDoc v0.23b

TWCrypt 1.0 Thomas Wenzlaff    

Crypt ocx/ActiveX for VB, Delphi, C++ for strings .... Free download of TWCrypt 1.0

maXbox Max Kleiner    

maXbox is a scripter tool and inbuilt delphi engine in one exe! It is designed for ... runs under Windows and Linux (CLX) to set Delphi in a box without installation. maXbox is built on RemObjects Pascal Script, the smart evolution of programming. With include-file, event handler, math lib, printing, drag .... Free download of maXbox

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Speller 3.0.5 Luzius Schneider    

Speller contains two components designed for Delphi: TSpellChecker and TSpellLanguageComboBox. TSpellChecker is a non-visual Delphi component designed to add spell check capability to ... spell language, use TSpellLanguageComboBox. TSpellLanguageComboBox is a visual Delphi component designed to display a list of available spell .... Free download of Speller 3.0.5

DFM Editor 6.0.0 Mitec    

DFM Editor allows edit and create Borland Delphi VCL/FireMonkey Forms in text and binary format. It ... create a set of commands and forms for Delphi. .... Free download of DFM Editor 6.0.0

FreeReport 2.34 Fast Reports, Inc.    

... 100% Object Pascal and can be installed in Delphi 4-7,2005,2006 and C++Builder 4-6. This version of FreeReport based on FastReport ver. 2.32. ROYALTY-FREE with FULL source code. .... Free download of FreeReport 2.34

PrintDialogEx 1.0.2 Luzius Schneider    

... PrintDialogEx contains an extended Print Dialog component for Delphi. TPrintDialogEx displays a PrintDialog with an additional ComboBox to select: - All Pages - Odd Pages - Even Pages. PrintDialogEx includes all source code! .... Free download of PrintDialogEx 1.0.2

Unicode MySQL ADO Tutorial for Beginners 1.0 3delite    

This tutorial shows you how to make a Delphi application which manages a unicode database. Steps: - Create a new database from code - Create tables with unicode fields from code - Fill table with unicode data from code - Query the database and display the results in a TDBGrid .... Free download of Unicode MySQL ADO Tutorial for Beginners 1.0

Pretty Reports 1.2 delphi step    

Pretty Reports is a nice freeware reporter. In the designer you design report, define variables, define datasets which connect to databases via OLE DB and you can even design input mask that users will use. You can use all sorts of controls on the report from bands, labels, DB labels, expression .... Free download of Pretty Reports 1.2

Photo Wall 0.75 Delphi Sources    

Program to generate a single image consisting of many different photos, pictures, etc. graphic files. For example, for clarity, you can create a single image file gallery of some event in the form of a set of multiple images of reduced size. .... Free download of Photo Wall 0.75

ProDelphi 26.5 Helmuth J.H. Adolph    

... to measure the runtime of programs written in Delphi Object Pascal. First successful industrial usage of ProDelphi ... also ensures that idle times caused by certain Delphi- or Windows- API-functions (e.g. Sleep, MessageBox, WaitForSingleObject etc.) ... file with the measured method is opened in Delphi. The cursor is positioned at the beginning of .... Free download of ProDelphi 26.5

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