SQL Decryptor 1.0 SQL Decryptor    

SQL user can decrypt sql functions and decrypt SQL triggers by using SQL Decryptor in an efficient manner. Get SQL Decryptor for decrypting SQL Stored procedure as this utility is available for decrypting SQL scripts which are encoded by SQL users and now need decryption of that code.SQL Decryptor performs SQL Script decrypt .... Free download of SQL Decryptor 1.0

SQL Decrypter Pro 1.20 SQLDecrypter.COM    

SQL Decrypter Pro is a sql decryption tool that helps DBA and database programmer decrypt the encrypted sql object. It is suitable to use for programmer & DBA. Now feel the convenience of SQL Decrypter Pro! Key Features of SQL Decrypter Pro: - Work in MSSQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 and ... easier reading. - Use Unicode technology during the decryption. - Decrypt multiple database objects at One Time. .... Free download of SQL Decrypter Pro 1.20

DMT SQL Decryptor 3.20 DMT Software Inc    

DMT SQL Decryptor is the leading tool for decrypt SQL stored procedures, triggers, views and user defined functions. Compatible with SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012, its user-friendly .... Free download of DMT SQL Decryptor 3.20

dbForge SQL Decryptor 2.1 Devart    

dbForge SQL Decryptor is a database tool, used to decrypt SQL Server procedures,functions, triggers and views. Key features: - supports all versions and editions of Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, and SQL Server 2012); - does not require the use .... Free download of dbForge SQL Decryptor 2.1

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 4.0 Devart    

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable, easy-to-use tool for comparing and synchronizing Microsoft SQL Server database schemas. This product is specially designed to help you compare your SQL Server databases, analyze differences and synchronize your schemas using generated SQL script in a well-designed user interface quickly and without errors. Key features: * Support of SQL Server 2014,2012,2008R2,2008,2005(including Express editions), 2000(including MSDE edition) and .... Free download of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 4.0

AzSQL Script Decryptor 4.30 AzSQL Technology    

AzSQL Script Decryptor is a powerful SQL object decryptor. It allows you unravel a single encrypted sql object or an entire database full of stored ... of encrypted code of any size and complete SQL Script quickly and exactly. Our decryptor is very suitable for database programmer & DBA. Key Features: * Work with Microsoft® SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Microsoft® Database Engine .... Free download of AzSQL Script Decryptor 4.30

DecryptSQL 3.7.0 Devlib,Inc.    

... experience that you can not view the complete SQL Script because of the reason with "WITH ENCRYPTION" ... Stored Procedure, View, Trigger and Function of MS SQL SERVER? If yes, the DecrypSQL can help you to view the complete SQL Script quickly and exactly. It is suitable to ... programmer & DBA. Now feel the convenience of DecryptSQL! Key Features of DecryptSQL: - Work in Microsoft .... Free download of DecryptSQL 3.7.0

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DBF Commander Professional 3.6.60 Elphsoft    

... DBF Commander Professional has several unique features: - SQL queries executing - Converting DBF files to ANSI ... UTF-8 encoding - Import/export data from/to DBMS (MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Interbase, and etc.) - Encrypt and decrypt DBF files with AES-256 (Rijndael) algorithm - BLOB ... full support (view/edit BLOB data) - Export to SQL file - script DBF file as CREATE TABLE .... Free download of DBF Commander Professional 3.6.60

SQLite Developer 4.13 SharpPlus Software Corp    

... sqlite3 database! SharpPlus Sqlite Developer features: * Power SQL Editor o Sqlite Sql Syntax Highlight o Sql history o Parentheis Matching o Sql keyword autocomplete, Schema Complete(Table/View/Field) o Live Sql Syntax Check o Unicode support * SQL formatter. * Test Data Generator. * Supports ansi, ... * Customizable Data Type Mapping. * Execute multiple sql separated by semi colon. * Execute sql script .... Free download of SQLite Developer 4.13

ArtistScope Web Encrypt 1.0 ArtistScope    

... until you allow the page to download and decrypt to display is original form. ArtistScope Web Encrypt does not require DLLs to be installed on the web or the server. For your installation and management all that you need is a web site on a Windows web server with ASP .... Free download of ArtistScope Web Encrypt 1.0

SoftKey Revealer 2.7.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS    

... Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 product keys - Recover Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 product keys - Recover thousands of ... - Change Microsoft Windows XP/2003 product keys - Decrypt Adobe keys - Remove Content Advisor password - ... as administrator" on Windows 7/Vista. 3- Adobe Key Decrypter 3.1- Type and/or paste 24 digits encrypted Adobe .... Free download of SoftKey Revealer 2.7.0

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer SharpPlus Software Corp.    

... that will manage sqlite3 database! * Power SQL Editor o Sqlite Sql Syntax Highlight o Sql history o Sql keyword autocomplete o Parenthesis matching o Table/View/Field Autocomplete o Live Sql Syntax Check o Unicode support * SQL Formatter * Supports ansi, unicode data encoding and ... * Customizable Data Type Mapping. * Execute multiple sql separated by semi colon. * Execute sql script .... Free download of SharpPlus Sqlite Developer

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Quick Key Generator 1.0 Dariosoft, LLC    

... to encrypt the file so only you can decrypt it. For convenience and faster setup, you can ... keys". Automatically generate "copy-and-paste code" for C/C#/VB/Java/PHP/MS Access/MySQL/MS SQL Server/Oracle. 64 Bit Support. .... Free download of Quick Key Generator 1.0

IntelliLock Helpsofts VB 6    

... database – No requirement for special databases (MS SQL, Oracle… ) Software development kit 100% managed SDK libraries Integrate license checking into your assembly and extend licensing fuctionality IntelliLock automatically merges the main SDK library (IntelliLock.Licensing.dll) with your assembly Create license files – Automate license file generation Generate Hardware IDs .... Free download of IntelliLock

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