Data Manager for Excel 1.0 Datasoft Solutions    

Transform Excel into a fully functional database application with this powerful Excel add-in. Data Manager allows you to convert worksheets into tables, conduct queries, and create forms for data entry all within the Excel environment. It offers a wide range of data validation options to ensure that only valid data is added to your database. Using customized buttons .... Free download of Data Manager for Excel 1.0

Active Table Editor DB Software Laboratory    

... helps the users edit ANY table in ANY Database. Let's imagine following situation you have accounting software ... to design some additional reports. You know the database structure pretty well and created some mapping tables ... change the mapping tables, print and export the data. You may use Oracle SQL plus or MS .... Free download of Active Table Editor

ezForm Filler 1.0.11 KlariSoft    

ezForm Filler allows you to maintain database of the fillable PDF files. You will be able to create data entry forms based on the Adobe PDF documents, retrieve saved ... from a text file, print and save PDF data in both editable and uneditable formats, extract and .... Free download of ezForm Filler 1.0.11

ResumeGrabber Standard 2008 eGrabber Inc.    

ResumeGrabber is a one-stop solution for all resume data entry related problems. It extracts candidate information (contact information ... of resumes. Resumes come in a multitude of forms - applicant emails, web forms from the company website, online job boards and ... candidates - Checks for duplicates in the destination database before transfer You can download the trial version .... Free download of ResumeGrabber Standard 2008

Adillis smartDBforms.NET 2.8 Adillis    

... that allows fast and easy creation of professional database entry forms. smartDBforms.NET framework is highly customizable. You have full ... You have full control over the mapping of data types to user interface templates. smartDBforms.NET provides a data source control which auto generates insert, update and delete statements. When reading the data it extracts the meta information which is used .... Free download of Adillis smartDBforms.NET 2.8

BosqMap 1.2 BosqMap Limited    

... enables the user to add, view and edit data held in MapInfo tables, simply and easily link ... ones BosqMap uses dynamic dialog boxes to display data in a standardised format with multiple options for data entry and viewing. It has been designed for use ... office and in the field and simplifies MapInfo data entry and collection and minimises the scope for .... Free download of BosqMap 1.2

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10.0 ABBYY    

... next generation of intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing software. It provides a single entry point to automatically transform the stream of different forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. With automatic document classification and data extraction features. ABBYY FlexiCapture helps organizations of any .... Free download of ABBYY FlexiCapture 10.0

ClipFast 1.2 Starglider Systems    

... to the current program. Great for filling, forms, data-entry software, standard e-mail replies and any activity where you have to enter the same text frequently. No need to leave your program, just type .... Free download of ClipFast 1.2

FormsAssistant 1.7 MomSoft    

MomSoft has released FormsAssistant, a Microsoft Word add-in that takes the work ... uncertainty out of creating and filling in business forms. Working from within the familiar Microsoft Word interface, FormsAssistant makes it easy to create new forms, modify existing ones, and fill forms with the appropriate information. By standardizing and automating .... Free download of FormsAssistant 1.7

SmartBOL Bill of Lading Software 12.1.0 Adi Data International Inc    

... of lading software creates various bill of lading forms on plain paper using regular laser, inkjet or ... order and invoice information from QuickBooks and Peachtree database and creates bill of lading form/s for those orders / invoices. Saves on redundant data entry and eliminates shipping errors. . Free download of SmartBOL Bill of Lading Software 12.1.0

EazyCode (.Net and SQL Wizard) 7.1.13 Datacraft    

... 2013) to search, sort, edit, delete and add data in SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014) databases. Customizable templates based generator. ---------------- 2) Code generator Generates Business Layer and Data Layer in VB.NET and C#. Generates SQL Statements and SQL Stored-Procedures to add, edit and delete data in SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014) .... Free download of EazyCode (.Net and SQL Wizard) 7.1.13

PageFocus Pro 7.00 Creative Stars, Inc.    

PageFocus Pro merges desktop publishing with hypertext-enabled database management and application development. It can be used ... can also be used to create and manage databases of number, text, drawing, and image. The underlying ... graphical user interface lets you create form-based (and database) applications with ease. The package supports unicode text, including vertical text entry. Has spell check for American English, Britsh English, .... Free download of PageFocus Pro 7.00

Address Capture Software - AddressGrabber Business 2013 eGrabber Inc    

Manually entering contact information into database consumes a lot of time and also results ... information and thus eliminates need for manual address data entry. To transfer a contact 1. Highlight the contact ... AddressGrabber The contact information gets transferred into your database instantly. AddressGrabber's advanced duplicate check facility helps you maintain a clean and non-redundant database. Once AddressGrabber identifies a duplicate of the contact .... Free download of Address Capture Software - AddressGrabber Business 2013

eMail-Lead Grabber Business 2011 eGrabber Inc    

... sales team and schedule follow-up. Companies using Web forms in their website, who wish to enter customer responses from web forms into their database and send personalized email auto responder. Mortgage Brokers, ... extract customer information which are submitted through web forms & email leads into their database and send personalized email auto response. eMail-Lead Grabber .... Free download of eMail-Lead Grabber Business 2011

InTrek Ultra Sapientech    

... can: Create Customasset templates to speed up the entry of common asset information. For example create a ... service record.Add up to an additional 20 customized data fields to further define both assets and locations .... Free download of InTrek Ultra

InTrek Ultra General Sapientech    

... can: Create Customasset templates to speed up the entry of common asset information. For example create a ... service record.Add up to an additional 20 customized data fields to further define both assets and locations .... Free download of InTrek Ultra General

PageFocus Reader 7.00 Creative Stars, Inc.    

... Then they can view, print, fax, or enter data into your form/document and return the data back to you via email or fax. This ... great tool for delivering information and performing remote data collection. .... Free download of PageFocus Reader 7.00

queXF 1.15.0 ACSPRI    

... can be used as a CADE (Computer Assisted Data Entry) tool. queXF removes the need to manually enter form data, therefore reducing error and fatigue. queXF does OMR ... correct, and also enter or confirm any character data. Operators need little knowledge of the form ... a web browser, so distributed processing possible Allows forms to be reviewed over the web to confirm .... Free download of queXF 1.15.0

Stock List 1.3.04 WaverlyStreet    

... to purchase things from you - do the data entry for them! Creates stock list and data import file that can be emailed to customers ... a blanket discount to prices in exported .SID data. Send you customers pre-discounted data so that they do not have to remember ... file. Stock List can then read in the data and put it in the correct format for .... Free download of Stock List 1.3.04

BScan456 1.12 Jon Munro    

... BScan456 was designed to be a unique mobile data collection system that is 'user programmable' to build the mobile data collection applications you need. BScan456 provides an operational ... format of concatenated barcodes remains variable, making fixed data entry forms unsuitable and you may have dozens of different ... BScan456 makes it easy to extract information data elements from all your different formats of scanned .... Free download of BScan456 1.12

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Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro 11.07 PHP Code Generator (CBL)    

... quick and easy way to put your MySQL Database on the Web or your Intranet. Generate BETTER quality PHP data-entry Web/Intranet Applications in minutes without writing a single ... next-generation tool for building robust, Ajax enabled PHP Data Maintenance Applications for your MySQL Databases. It quickly analyses your databases structure, makes intelligent .... Free download of Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro 11.07

FarFast Form Filler 04.2 HexaTech    

... and a spreadsheet-like grid table below. You define data fields by drag-and-drop onto the form, and the corresponding data entry fields (grid cells) are automatically created in the grid. Each data entry field (grid cell) can be individually labeled for ... tab-and-type information in the bottom grid for fast data entry. If needed, the grid will be automatically .... Free download of FarFast Form Filler 04.2

Web Response Grabber Business 4.0 eGrabber    

... It automatically downloads emails submitted through multiple web forms and various third party sites, and processes them ... benefits for any business that uses online web forms. A comprehensive list of features that makes Web ... include - Accurate and fast in processing web forms into your Database. - Dynamic Filtering and Re .... Free download of Web Response Grabber Business 4.0

TransferRent 1.5 ListrentRent    

... to make analyze as per all kinds of data entry space. You are able to print the transfer forms. You are able to print the transfer list. .... Free download of TransferRent 1.5

WordTempl 2.0.2 SMP-Soft    

... day-to-day documents, such as essential business contracts, legal forms, letters, proposals, press releases etc. WordTempl makes it easy to create new forms, modify existing ones, and fill forms with the appropriate information. By automating your business forms processing, productivity increases and errors become less and ... WordTempl allows you to enter only the changed data in the business documents. All of your form .... Free download of WordTempl 2.0.2

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