Currency Converter FX 1.3 Abhisoft Technologies    

Currency Converter FX is an easy to use financial utility that allows you to get latest currency exchange rates for more than 150 currencies. All rates are collected live from the internet so .... Free download of Currency Converter FX 1.3

Currency Converter Jujuba Software    

The Currency Converter Modern UI app for Windows 8 allows you to calculate accurate currency conversion rates between any two currencies. By using the Currency Converter, you are assured of getting the latest currency conversion rates along with the capability to monitor rates using a diverse set of methods. Currency Converter allows you to view currency conversions at .... Free download of Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter 3.52 Ashkon Technology LLC    

Easy Currency Converter is a simple currency calculator and converter. It converts about two hundred world currencies including Euro and instantly updates exchange rates with a single button click. Cross currency rates calculations are based on a US Dollar and local currency exchange rate. .... Free download of Easy Currency Converter 3.52

IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service 2.0    

IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service is a hosted XML-Based Web ... easy way to get a localized and latest currency exchange rate based on the visitor's IP address. There ... originates from, and what is the commonly used currency, and the currency symbol. In other words, it provides you all .... Free download of IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service 2.0

Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator Pro 2.8c Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd    

Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator is a simple and fast currency conversion software for the Microsoft Windows platforms. Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator offers the convenience to perform currency conversion on your desktop, saving you the hassle of connecting to the Internet! Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator features include: -Immediate currency conversion between 2 .... Free download of Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator Pro 2.8c

CurrCon Currency Converter 4.5 Canadian Mind Products    

Currency Conversion Applet. CurrCon is an Applet you embed in your HTML to display prices in a variety of world currencies defaulting to the user's country. It usually works in conjunction with the htmlmacros pre-processor to insert the necessary Applet calls, though you can do it manually. Shareware for non .... Free download of CurrCon Currency Converter 4.5

BestMonitor 2.01    

BestMonitor is designed for monitoring automated Internet exchange points. With it you can view rates and reserve online monitor exchangers directly from your computer without going to any ... longer need to wander through dozens of sites exchangers in search of a better rate and a ... rates from the most popular and reliable Internet exchange points. Information on rates and reserves are regularly .... Free download of BestMonitor 2.01

Magnetic Money Desktop Int 1.0 Magnetic Money International    

Magnetic Money Desktop Int is monitoring of exchangers of electronic currencies. Simple tool for the quick search for the most favorable exchange rates and exchangers of electronic currencies, such as: Liberty Reserve, PayPal, .... Free download of Magnetic Money Desktop Int 1.0

Magic Forex Intuition Magic Intuition    

... to develop intuition to work at Forex (foreign exchange market). Everyday training will help you to correctly determine the correct currency exchange rate trend. With time, as you will see, ... The software allows the user to select a currency pair (symbol) and the number of points the ... Stop Loss). Software Features: - Database of 27 currency pairs - Ability to set different Take Profit .... Free download of Magic Forex Intuition

WorldPaperMoney Gave    

... their banknotes. The application also displays the current exchange rate. You can specify the amount and choose any currency conversion. Free trial version has only limited functionality. In trial mode, currency exchange rates are not updated and detail of some ... Features detail view of banknote (with zoom) currency converter exchange rate movements you can select and .... Free download of WorldPaperMoney

ContactGenie Export 1.3.37 The Claxton Group    

... Output text format control for date, number, and currency fields. Strip alpha fax prefixes on export without affecting Outlook data. Supports custom fields, multi-folders, multi-lingual field names, standardized CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs output values. Create re-usable export templates allowing scheduled unattended command-line operation. Export "duplicates only", "first in set", or "unique .... Free download of ContactGenie Export 1.3.37

Merops 8.05 Merops    

... nominal, subscription rights, ... Graphics by security, valuation, currency, market, sector, profits, loss Printing of portfolios Synthesis ... marker RSS feed reader, patrimony, simulator quote Stock exchange intraday feed differed by 15 min Stock exchange historical feed from 5 years Multi-portfolios / Families ... Management Multiple currencies New-York, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam stock exchange (partial and delayed) Indexes Import quotes file Quotes .... Free download of Merops 8.05

Forex Tester 2.8.4 Forex Tester Software    

... competitive Forex trading. Learn how to perform basic currency trading and master advanced strategies without spending a ... environment, supplying the trader with real data on currency values and exchange rates and allowing you to try various trading ... real historical data, allowing you to play back exchange rates of any period of time while carrying .... Free download of Forex Tester 2.8.4

JCL Hotel 2.23 JCL Team Business Solutions    

... allows you to manage the information about the currency exchange rates the hotel works with, also can be updated frequently for a higher accuracy in money exchanges. While no currency is added to the system, it will adopt ... payments. You can manage the information about the currency denominations of the foreign exchange which the hotel .... Free download of JCL Hotel 2.23

Alarm Clock HD for Win8 UI Antara Software    

... you unlimited roaming alarms, 3 world clocks, weather, currency exchange rates, music player, Facebook feed, news feed, picture ... - World Clock: Know the time, weather and currency exchange rate for any 3 cities in the world .... Free download of Alarm Clock HD for Win8 UI

CharTTool 2.22 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... version supports charting stocks listed at major international exchanges including the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. .... Free download of CharTTool 2.22

Glossary of International Banking & Fina 1.0 I.Sharshakov dba Author    

... covers the expanding and influential field of foreign exchange, treasury, money and capital markets, sovereign and corporate ... and international, with entries for the world's standard currency units and many of the financial institutions in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, and Frankfurt. .... Free download of Glossary of International Banking & Fina 1.0

Aspose.Tasks for .NET Aspose Pty Ltd    

... Project® documents as well as MPX (Microsoft Project eXchange), MPP projects (native MS Project 98 - 2007 ... dates as well as change data, date and currency format settings, etc. With Aspose.Tasks for .NET, you gain access to all root structures such as Calendars, Tasks, Resources, Resource assignments, Relations and access .... Free download of Aspose.Tasks for .NET

AceMoney 4.36.1 MechCAD Software    

... than 150 different currencies and automatically downloads their exchange rates from Internet. * Track your spending habits and see where the money goes Generate any report by categories or payors/payees, including pie charts. Now you can see at a glance how much you spent on food last month. Find all .... Free download of AceMoney 4.36.1

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Monex 0.731 Andrej Završnik    

... expense and income accounts or join accounts by currency or type. Create, remove or change your account ... expenses/incomes and sums. Supports multiple currencies and exchange rates. Calculate account balances or transaction sums in different currencies or just exchange currencies. Schedule repeating transactions and let Monex ... expense and income accounts or join accounts by currency or type. Create, remove or change your account .... Free download of Monex 0.731

BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2016.9 Davis Software    

... selling price is automatically converted to the customer's currency. Payables and receivables are tracked separately for each currency and the GL automatically converts revenues and expenses to domestic currency. Gain or loss due to exchange rate fluctuations is tracked. User-defined financial statements .... Free download of BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2016.9

AceMoney Lite 4.36.1 MechCAD Software    

... than 150 different currencies and automatically downloads their exchange rates from the Internet! Track your spending habits and see where the money goes. Generate reports by categories or payees, as tables or pie charts. Now you can really find out just where last month's paychecks went! Find all your withdrawals .... Free download of AceMoney Lite 4.36.1

Internet Quotes Assistant 4.59 Marcos S. Rocha    

... Keeps track of prices of stocks, mutual funds, currency exchange rates, options, futures, etc. Retrieves quotes from any ... Imports historical quotes directly from the internet (stocks, currency exchange rates, mutual funds, etc.) Supports automatic currency conversion Graphical display, including comparison charts Portfolio tracking .... Free download of Internet Quotes Assistant 4.59

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Moneydance for Mac 2017.2 (1597) The Infinite Kind    

... various types of charts: account balance, asset allocation, currency history, expenses, income, income and expenses, net worth and much more. Moneydance's simple, intuitive interface makes taking care of your finances a breeze. Save time and money with online banking and bill payment. Moneydance makes it easy to set and .... Free download of Moneydance for Mac 2017.2 (1597)

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Nebula Business Suite 1.4.6 Nebula Computer Software    

... organization, · fund transfer among organization · maintain currency exchange rate for your organization · store your bank's in-charged person you communicate with Contact: · Manage personal and company contact information. · print .... Free download of Nebula Business Suite 1.4.6

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