StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855 StaffCop     update

... internal threats. Also the product is used for controlling users of terminal servers. Using aggregated information about PC users actions you can optimize staff schedules, improve staff efficiency, detect and eliminate data leakage. Besides, data collected by StaffCop can be used as evidence during accident investigation. It takes only a .... Free download of StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855

Icecream Screen Recorder 4.85 Icecream Apps     update

... and features drawing tools and additional options for controlling the recording. The program features several recording modes modes that are Custom area, Fullscreen, Last area, Area auto detection and Around mouse. Zooming in and out is available during the screen capture. There is a drawing panel with a number of .... Free download of Icecream Screen Recorder 4.85

Daphne Portable 2.04 Portableapps    

... is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debugging Windows' processes. It was born to kill a windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. Daphne requires admin rights to run. .... Free download of Daphne Portable 2.04

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Security Center Pro 4.1 Lan-Secure Company    

... environment using any number of remote viewers for controlling the network security permissions and operation status. FEATURES: · Provides online network discovery. · Automatic threats and vulnerabilities level discovery. · Real-time manual and automatic protection rules against potential intruders. · Real-time protection including intrusion detection IDS and prevention .... Free download of Security Center Pro 4.1

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Xeoma 17.5.5 Felenasoft    

... an eye on your child playing or sleeping, controlling your personnel activity, having an eye on your car and other valuables, using as a perimeter security system, watching your babysitter, ghost hunting and more. .... Free download of Xeoma 17.5.5

Checklist Templates 2.29 VIP Quality Software    

... effective and efficient manner, to focus on planning, controlling and monitoring performance of the employees. Customer Management Checklists give you guidelines to help your company to provide customers with great services and earn the best customer recognition because the way how you treat you customers defines the amount of the .... Free download of Checklist Templates 2.29

FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer 1.3.0 FireDaemon Technologies Limited    

FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer is an application for Microsoft Windows that allows you to easily switch back and forth between your logged in Windows desktop session and Session 0. Since the release of Windows Vista and Windows 2008 interactive Windows services (ie. those with a console or GUI component) have been .... Free download of FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer 1.3.0

Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.4.3 Employee Monitoring    

... you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard. - The remote computers screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails. - Schedule remote computers desktop recording to MPEG4 files - Execute several actions on all remote computers with on .... Free download of Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.4.3

iTrain 4.0.6 Xander Berkhout    

... * Simple train route creation and activation. * Controlling one layout via multiple computers in a network. * Modification of definitions possible at all times and directly visible. * Support for: Märklin 6051, Intellibox (serial and USB), ECoS, Märklin CS1 & CS2, Loconet, Lenz XPressNet (both serial and USB), HSI-S88 .... Free download of iTrain 4.0.6

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Futsal Scoreboard Pro 2.0.6 PC Scoreboards    

... advertisements) -Scoreboard title KEY OPTIONS: Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy. COLOR OPTIONS: Easy to use options allow you to customize every color to match your team's colors. TEAM OPTIONS: Home and visitor team names can be customized, and team logos can be displayed. SOUND OPTIONS: Change .... Free download of Futsal Scoreboard Pro 2.0.6

Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.2.4 Employee Monitoring    

... can take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. This way, you can ... you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard; Turning off, restarting, hibernating .... remote computers can be done with few mouse clicks. Full control over processes on remote .... Free download of Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.2.4

Wirecast 7.6.0 (30841) Telestream, Inc.    

... between them with a single mouse click. Controlling your broadcast in real-time is easy. With Wirecast's multiple layer support, it's simple to place a background music track or a company logo over your webcast, while changing between the cameras you want your viewers to see. Wirecast takes advantage .... Free download of Wirecast 7.6.0 (30841)

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Vysor 1.7.6 ClockworkMod    

... application for Android phones. But aside from remote controlling the handset, you can also take phone screenshots (by default, they open in a web browser on your PC) and save them locally. Furthermore, Android developers can use it as an alternative to other Android emulators, this time on a real .... Free download of Vysor 1.7.6

Rocrail Revision 12254 Rob Versluis    

Rocrail is an Innovative Model Railroad Control System that runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and Windows. Written in C/C++, it is based on the wxwidgets.org_images_blocks2.jpgwxWidgets class library. Rocrail can control a model train layout from one or more computers. Running trains manually or automatically is fully configurable. Many .... Free download of Rocrail Revision 12254

FastCube 2.6.4 Fast Reports, Inc.    

... is a possibility to control totals display * Controlling axis sorting ( according to measurement value or figures) * Controlling each level of measurement sorting (line of sorting) Saving of templates (schemes) and data itself for future usage. * Exporting cube's cutoff in Excel, .... Free download of FastCube 2.6.4

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Print Distributor 2017.4.29.804 Frogmore Computer Services Ltd    

... support lets you write your own rules for controlling the routing and processing of documents using simple snippets of VBScript code. · An easy to use manager application means you don't need a technical background to install and configure Print Distributor. · Flexible actions allow you to send copies of .... Free download of Print Distributor 2017.4.29.804

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Stock Position BLQ software    

Stock Position helps end-user and small organization to manage and follow his inventory. It is required at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course of production and stock of materials. Management of the inventories, with the primary objective .... Free download of Stock Position

Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus Avira    

... · Control Center for monitoring, administering and controlling the entire program · Central configuration with user-friendly standard and advanced options and context-sensitive help · Scanner (On-Demand Scan) with profile-controlled and configurable search for all known types of virus and malware · Integration into the Windows Vista User Account Control .... Free download of Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

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Basketball Scoreboard Pro 2.2.3 PC Scoreboards    

... advertisements) Scoreboard title KEY OPTIONS: Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy. COLOR OPTIONS: Easy to use options allow you to customize every color to match your team's colors. TEAM OPTIONS: Home and visitor team names can be customized, and team logos can be displayed. OTHER OPTIONS: See .... Free download of Basketball Scoreboard Pro 2.2.3

Wrestling Scoreboard Standard 2.0.9 PC Scoreboards    

... number Weight number KEY OPTION: Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy. SOUND OPTIONS: Change ... shows the part of the scoreboard you are controlling. OTHER OPTIONS: Customizable period durations let you set the length of each period. Customize the style of digits used to display numbers. Also allows .... Free download of Wrestling Scoreboard Standard 2.0.9

NxFilter 4.0.8 Jinhee Lee    

NxFilter is a DNS filtering software controlling user activity on Internet. You can monitor Internet usage in your network and block user request for websites with NxFilter. Features * Active Directory integration * Unlimited custom categories * User or Group based policy assignment * Embedded webserver and embedded .... Free download of NxFilter 4.0.8

Team Scoreboard 2.1.5 PC Scoreboards    

... Customizable team logos KEY OPTIONS: Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy. Score change keys provide quick access to common score changes. COLOR OPTIONS: Easy to use options allow you to customize every color to match your team's colors. TEAM OPTIONS: Setup your own list of teams with .... Free download of Team Scoreboard 2.1.5

in-STEP BLUE 6.0.11 microTOOL GmbH    

... With up-to-date information for project planning and project controlling available at any time. Actual values and content is updated automatically by each team member and managed revision-secure. Collaboration within your projects is improved allowing for more efficient project work. .... Free download of in-STEP BLUE 6.0.11

Deep Freeze Faronics    

... Record (MBR) Prevent unauthorized administrators from accessing or controlling a computer that runs Deep Freeze via a unique Customization Code for all components Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates Disable keyboard and mouse, including touchscreen .... Free download of Deep Freeze

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FilterOptix 1.0.136 VanDerLee    

... them with the world; the possibilities are endless. Controlling a filter in FilterOptix is just like in real-life; slide in a filter, rotate it however you want and move it about to achieve the perfect look. On-screen controls show an immediate preview of what you are doing; use a filter .... Free download of FilterOptix 1.0.136

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