Keylogger NET Plus CKM Systems    

... keyboard. It is the good program for parental control and employees control purposes with the function of sending all collected data to your E-mail address. The software records each application start, remembers passwords, Internet addresses and .... Free download of Keylogger NET Plus

Secured eUSB The Cryptzone Group    

Secured eUSB lets you take control. Secured eUSB is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for ... regulations. Secured eUSB provides strong encryption, centralized control of security policies, password policies and user access ... data content reporting, enabling you to deploy and control USB security across your entire network. With Secured eUSB you .... Free download of Secured eUSB

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Secured eUSB x64 The Cryptzone Group    

Secured eUSB lets you take control. Secured eUSB is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for ... regulations. Secured eUSB provides strong encryption, centralized control of security policies, password policies and user access ... data content reporting, enabling you to deploy and control USB security across your entire network. With Secured eUSB you .... Free download of Secured eUSB x64

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Secure it Easy USB Port Firewall Lock CoSoSys    

Secure it Easy gives you the ability to control the use of USB Flash Drive, iPods, card readers, digital cameras, external hard drives and other portable storage devices, to prevent them from copying data from your PC or copying unwanted data to your PC. With Secure it Easy you also .... Free download of Secure it Easy USB Port Firewall Lock

Big Brother Computer Monitor 4.0 Luxosoft    

Complete Power. Total Flexibility. Absolute Control. . Big Brother records Emails, Chats, IMs, Web Sites, Web Searches, Programs Run, Keystrokes Typed, Transferred Files, Screen Snapshots and more! Silent and Stealthy No one knows Big Brother is running on the target computer. It starts automatically when the computer starts, and .... Free download of Big Brother Computer Monitor 4.0

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Hide My Windows Mini 2.7 ALSEDI    

... office, whose computer activity is usually under strict control, but it's usefull in home too. Hide My Windows Mini is the most economical way to protect your privacy. Hide My Windows Mini keeps all hidden applications running in the background and allows you to continue your work or game from .... Free download of Hide My Windows Mini 2.7

KeyProwler 7.0.8 APANSoftware    

KeyProwler allows you to record and control everything that happens on your computer and have ... automatically watching every chat, monitor every website and control it all easier than any other spy software on the market. No other spy software gives you the security of knowing you will be able to .... Free download of KeyProwler 7.0.8

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MotOrBAC 2.2 Beta Telecom Bretagne    

... security policy using the OrBAC (Organisation Based Access Control) model. It is developped using the OrBAC API, an implementation of the OrBAC model. Features: Full OrBAC model implementation Full AdOrBAC administration model implementation .... Free download of MotOrBAC 2.2 Beta

uHook USB Disk Security Personal 2.5.3 Dataresolve Technologies(P) Ltd.    

... all authorized and alien USB Storage devices to control unauthorized storage device access and files copy attempt on USB Storage devices. .... Free download of uHook USB Disk Security Personal 2.5.3

Net Monitor for Employees Pro 4.9.22    

... doing! Additionally, you have the ability to take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. You can record remote ... they are in trouble (by using the remote control feature). For administrating all computers just from one .... Free download of Net Monitor for Employees Pro 4.9.22

Removable Access Tool 1.0 Sordum    

... it helps an individual or a system administrator control USB storage devices. You can protect your confidential data from being copied by others . Ratool can disable USB storage access or enable write protection on all USB Flash drives thus prevent data from being modified or deleted. There are a .... Free download of Removable Access Tool 1.0

Winwash A.S.C 4 Consulog    

... A.S.C, you can remove popup windows, clear history, control window properties of your browser, and more. Features of © A.S.C.: - Quickly clear internet URL history - Clear Internet Explorer history - Clear Internet Explorer Cache (and Custom wash items) - Clear typed URL - Clear URL Registry Keys .... Free download of Winwash A.S.C 4

Jetico Personal Firewall Jetico Inc    

... and Terminal Services. Jetico Personal Firewall supports Access Control Lists for all main functions. Administrator can configure ... creation options can be modified. Firewall variables formerly controlled by Configuration Wizard, are integrated into main application ... single protected firewall configuration for all users. Simplified controls for configuration. New hash handling scheme. Separate table .... Free download of Jetico Personal Firewall

KeySnitch 1.0 Milan Stezka    

... isn't completely hidden. KeySnitch's sole interface is a control panel that is used only for configuration. Novice users can rely on the default settings, or there's a wizard for more advanced users. Setting KeySnitch to send the log files by e-mail or FTP is easily accomplished by intermediate to expert .... Free download of KeySnitch 1.0

WebWatcher Awareness Technologies    

... just seeing the finished product. Monitor and control laptops no matter where they go! WebWatcher is the ONLY software that makes accessing recorded activity available through a web-based user interface. Be notified when "alert words" you choose are used in any communications. Also, take a picture of the .... Free download of WebWatcher

Terminator 8.1 GKC ElectroSoft    

... System, installed on any computer within the network, controls the information on all hard drives of the network, whereas other devices for data removing have to be installed on each hard disk. .... Free download of Terminator 8.1

ProsperityControl 1.4 Просперити Системс    

ProsperityControl - a program for emergency response to overload situations, such as the raider attacks, fire, serious threat to steal information, etc. Signal sources can be: radiobrelki (about the size of stick from the car alarm), call for a certain phone number, card reader door access system companies, etc. Modules of .... Free download of ProsperityControl 1.4

OM Spy 2014 OM SPY    

OM SPY is a software product that enables you to record all computer activity without being detected. Think of OM SPY as providing the equivalent of a digital surveillance system which enables you to see everything your family members or employees are doing. You can view the recorded data .... Free download of OM Spy 2014

TinyWall 2.1 Károly Pados    

... impact is neglible. More than just a controller Password lock, firewall tinkering protection and built-in tight firewall rules make TinyWall secure. Safe operation No drivers or kernel-components are installed, which keeps your system stable. Convenient Firewall modes and lots of other convenience features make TinyWall extremely easy .... Free download of TinyWall 2.1


It’s a simple yet powerful software app that allows you to very easily block specific types of USB device on your PC. This is useful in a variety of scenarios were you might prefer certain USB devices not to available to the OS. For example, in a small office were .... Free download of GIGABYTE USB Blocker B12.0807.1

REFOG Personal Monitor REFOG    

... from the office. If you require even more control, REFOG Personal Monitor may email or FTP all logs to you. And just to give you a better idea of what's happening, REFOG Personal Monitor will save periodic snapshots of your computers' screens. No need for that much information? You can .... Free download of REFOG Personal Monitor

i-Catcher Console 5.3 B26 iCode Systems Ltd.    

... alerting, simultaneous record & playback, scheduled activity, device control, and flexible display options, exceeding the standards you'd ... event to ensure you capture everything, and sensitivity controls add an extra level of flexibility. Digital ... with, and feed management allows you to precisely control the storage of images per camera feed. .... Free download of i-Catcher Console 5.3 B26

Screenshot Keylogger Sondle    

... only the person who knows the password can control the software. Screenshot Keylogger can block any ... task manager, it just can be exit from control pane of the Screenshot Keylogger. 3. Password-protected, Only the person who knows the password can control the application. 4. Web Site Black List .... Free download of Screenshot Keylogger

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Hauberk Firewall 1.12 Hauberk    

Hauberk Firewall protects your computer and your data from spyware software; allows to monitor your Internet traffic in very convenient way; provides visual information about your network connections; has an ergonomic and stylish design; has beneficial price compared with other Firewalls. Hauberk Firewall is the best choice for computer protection and .... Free download of Hauberk Firewall 1.12

OpenVPN 2.3.6-I601 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.    

... 2-factor authentication, and allows user or group-specific access control policies using firewall rules applied to the VPN ... ethernet bridges using virtual tap devices, and · control OpenVPN using a GUI .... Free download of OpenVPN 2.3.6-I601

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