TrustPort USB Antivirus Sphere 2017.0.1.7019 TrustPort     update

... Anytime the memory media gets connected to a computer, the software will be launched. It will then monitor all files being copied to the drive, so ... of files, folders or drives on any host computer. To ensure the highest level of security, the .... Free download of TrustPort USB Antivirus Sphere 2017.0.1.7019

Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.2.5 Hemtex - Wlodzimierz Kubera     update

... and above. It enables childs contact with a computer. It teaches children how to make a choice and basic computer skills. There are 12 pictures to select from. ... 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit together with updates, Monitor Full HD 16:9 Optional: printer Support I18N: English, .... Free download of Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.2.5

PNetMon 3.4.9 WDPS Software     update

PNetMon is a personal network monitor that doesn't require a degree in IT to ... steal your information or take control of our computer to wreak havoc on specific internet targets, or ... evil deeds for as long as possible. Many computers are infected for long periods of time without ... something that just doesn't look right. What's my computer doing talking to that unfamilar host in a .... Free download of PNetMon 3.4.9

Employee monitoring software review 1.1     update

... solutions come useful - to help an employer monitor the activities of both individual employees and the entire office. Monitoring programs keep an eye on the applications launched ... in social networks, and many other things. Employee monitoring software review is a comparative table of the best solutions for monitoring. All the programs were tested by our experts .... Free download of Employee monitoring software review 1.1

Chris-PC RAM Booster 4.10 Chris P.C. srl     update

Chris-PC RAM Booster will manage your computer memory and page file usage more wisely than ... smoother, benefiting of the full power of your computer's RAM memory. The software gives the option of ... Chris-PC RAM Booster will definitely improve things! Your computer will get a boost, since RAM Booster will monitor the RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and when .... Free download of Chris-PC RAM Booster 4.10


All-in-one System Information, Diagnostic, Network Audit and Monitor, Hardware Inventory, Benchmark and Computer Management application designed to be used by Small Business to Large Business and Professionals. HARDiNFO displays the hardware information in well organized categories with high .... Free download of HARDiNFO 8.0

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 10.4.6 ZD Soft     update

... camcorder can record many real world things including computer screen, while ZD Soft Screen Recorder can only record computer screen but can do much better than a ... you want to capture what you see on computer screen, as well as what you hear and/or .... Free download of ZD Soft Screen Recorder 10.4.6

All In One Keylogger 4.2.1 Relytec     update

... is Invisible Keylogger surveillance software , Keystrokes Recorder, monitoring Spy Software tool that registers every activity on ... you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs to a desire ... By activating All In One Keylogger, you can monitor everything Including blocking unwanted programs and websites. All .... Free download of All In One Keylogger 4.2.1

GlassWire Free Firewall 1.2.102 GlassWire     update

... software helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity. You'll be shocked by how many applications on your computer are sending your private data over the Internet ... and hosts are accessing the network from your computer. Our software automatically resolves host names so it's easy to see who or what your computer is communicating with over the Internet.Go to the .... Free download of GlassWire Free Firewall 1.2.102

Simple Shop RED ZION d.o.o.     update

... means that no business owner needs to be computer savvy to benefit from this POS program. Benefits ... sales and profits. With Simple Shop you can monitor the various shopping trends of your consumers and find out exactly when the best time to offer specials to help boost sales is. -Shopping .... Free download of Simple Shop

REFOG Personal Monitor Refog     update

... of exactly what they are doing. Without being monitored, it is often the case that employees get ... an employee is wasting the company's time. Multiple monitor configurations are supported! Application monitoring and file tracking Refog is able to record ... reveal inappropriate interest in specific confidential documents. IM monitoring Refog is also compatible with all major instant .... Free download of REFOG Personal Monitor

BioniX Wallpaper 9.64.0 BioniX Wallpaper    

... on folder that allows BioniX Wallpaper Changer to monitor a folder and automatically update its playlist when ... You can move the program around in your computer without reinstall. You can put it on a ... run so it can work even on ancient computers. Advanced Playlist Editor with wallpaper rating system that .... Free download of BioniX Wallpaper 9.64.0

Free Keylogger 4.0 Iwantsoft    

... is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. It intercepts everything ... on keyboard (including passwords, emails, chats, documents etc), monitors clipboard changes and all internet navigation. Then collects .... Free download of Free Keylogger 4.0

Disk Pulse Server 9.7.26 Flexense Computing Systems Ltd.    

... that provides users with a simple means of monitoring one or more disks or directories, and detect ... actions (e.g. item creation, changes, renaming, removal) to monitor, adding file search criteria, excluding selected folders and ... which does not put a strain on the computer’s performance as it uses minimal CPU and memory. .... Free download of Disk Pulse Server 9.7.26

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StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855 StaffCop    

... a result of web sites sessions and chat monitoring. This functional allows to conduct complex analysis of ... events The solution controls launched processes and applications, monitors system events and files sent to print. It ... users key strokes (keylogger). File operations StaffCop Standard monitors operations with files transferred via USB devices, Internet .... Free download of StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855

StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795 StaffCop    

... Home Edition - parental control software with unique monitoring features. This version of StaffCop is designed specifically for home use. Computers should be places where children can learn, make ... kids also need to be protected from the computer for two reasons: the first one is the ... The second reason to exercise vigilance with your computer - literate kids, is the danger lurking on .... Free download of StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795

SSuite Penumbra Editor SSuite Office Software TM    

... unnecessary functions and features hogging all your precious computer resources or overwhelming the screen like other bloated ... and very easy to use without slowing your computer down to a crawl. SSuite Penumbra Editor has ... no more squinting or moving closer to the monitor to see what button or heading you are .... Free download of SSuite Penumbra Editor

Keystroke Spy 8.52 Spytech    

... extremely powerful cost-effective alternative to our robust, all-in-one computer monitoring product - SpyAgent. Keystroke Spy, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also be set to log .... Free download of Keystroke Spy 8.52

Process Lasso Server x64 Bitsum Technologies    

Process Lasso x64 is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules, automated power schemes, you name it and Process Lasso x64 has it. Although most consider Lasso the ultimate process priority optimizer, it does so .... Free download of Process Lasso Server x64

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Kid Key Logger Pro 1.6.1 100dof    

... activity, while they let them play on their computers. Kid Key Logger Pro can log keystrokes, mouse ... Can be installed for all users of a computer or for specific users - Logs saved in plain text format for easy viewing. .... Free download of Kid Key Logger Pro 1.6.1

Spy Suite 9.1.1 Spytech    

... solution, becomes the most powerful and robust remote monitoring and administration software available anywhere. SpyAgent integrates seamlessly with SpyAnywhere, allowing you to gain total control of the remote PC with SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere. SpyAnywhere allows you to view and manage all of SpyAgent's activity logs; as well as view the .... Free download of Spy Suite 9.1.1

Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528 Microsoft    

... Microsoft SkyDrive With SkyDrive installed on all your computers, you'll have automatic access to the latest version ... is there to help. Use activity reports to monitor your kids' computer activity. Choose the websites, games, and programs they ... set time periods when they can use the computer. So go ahead, be busy. Family Safety can .... Free download of Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528

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Personal Monitor 10.6.2 Spyrix    

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful multifunctional program for full and detailed monitoring of user activity, including activity on social networks. ... parental control and control of employees. Spyrix Personal Monitor allows detailed recording of all user activities. Spyrix Personal Monitor will help you solve the problem of monitoring your children without being caught. You will always .... Free download of Personal Monitor 10.6.2

gPhotoShow Pro 7.4.7    

... or cd and run on any windows based computer. gPhotoShow Pro is the perfect software to create ... a background image - photowall mode - multiple monitors support - image sets - picture frames - ... (for example ImgFilters is useful to enhance images, MonitorOnOff can automatically switch-off monitor or the computer) - .... Free download of gPhotoShow Pro 7.4.7

RAM Saver Pro 17.5 WinTools Software Engineering    

Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster. It increases the operation system performance ... faster and more efficiently - even on old computers. Main program features: - System Tray monitor; - Desktop RAM monitor; - Desktop CPU Usage monitor; - specialized Control Panel; - professional memory monitoring; - flexible memory optimization with complete statistics output; .... Free download of RAM Saver Pro 17.5

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