CommandLine 2.6 Canadian Mind Products    

CommandLine parses the command line for a description of ... into a list of individual files to process. CommandLine does nothing by itself. It is library code ... incorporate into your own Java programs like this: CommandLine wantedFiles = new CommandLine( args, new AllDirectoriesFilter() /* which directories to include .... Free download of CommandLine 2.6

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner Emsi Software GmbH    

For system administrators, security experts, and experienced commandline users. Check your system for malware infection with the Commandline Scanner. It includes all functions of the Anti-Malware ... scan engines (Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Ikarus Antivirus). Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is a part of the Emsisoft Anti-Malware ... cd "%ProgramFiles%Emsisoft Anti-Malware" Start the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner as follows: a2cmd.exe /S Alternative .... Free download of Emsisoft Commandline Scanner

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MiniCap 1.32.01    

... is a minimal screenshot capture app, with great commandline support, including the ability to launch (and then terminate) apps, capture windows by pid, handle, program name. And a nice interactive mode including scrolling capture. Tons of options for saving files in different formats with automatic naming and versioning. .... Free download of MiniCap 1.32.01

OutlookParameterGUI 1.0.5 Wieldraaijer    

All versions of Microsoft Outlook support commandline switches, most of the switches are used to resolve some problems with Microsoft Outlook. OutlookParameterGUI will make this task a lot easier. Selecting a parameter in the GUI will show the description of the selected parameter and allows you to execute Microsoft Outlook .... Free download of OutlookParameterGUI 1.0.5

AnalogX NewMove 1.02 AnalogX    

AnalogX NewMove allows you to move a portion of files from one directory to another, based on their dates. For example, you could move all files except the last days' worth, or you could copy only the three newest files, and skip everything else. .... Free download of AnalogX NewMove 1.02

AnalogX SQLCMD 1.01 AnalogX    

AnalogX SQLCMD is a simple way to run SQL queries from a batch file, or have a command line based SQL query tool. It allows you to specify a database, username and password (if necessary), and a SQL query you wish to perform. The results are either output to the screen, .... Free download of AnalogX SQLCMD 1.01

CheckDiskGUI 1.2.0 Wieldraaijer    

"CheckDiskGUI" is an Graphical User Interface for the commandline version of chkdsk.exe. CHKDSK (short for "check disk") is a system tool in DOS, OS/2 and Windows. It verifies the file system integrity on hard disks or floppy disk and fixes logical file system errors. It is similar to the fsck .... Free download of CheckDiskGUI 1.2.0

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Password Generator Professional 5.552 Kristanix Software    

... CSV and Excel files. Everything is available in commandline mode for easy integration with your system. You can generate up to one billion unique passwords, and also create phonetic spelling or hexadecimal versions. Additionally you can also load up user-created VBScript scripts to perform custom actions to the generated passwords. .... Free download of Password Generator Professional 5.552

Mat 1.0.3 Build 1 Skwire Empire    

... change your mouse acceleration and speed settings via commandline. Run MouseAccelToggler.exe with one or both of the following parameters: accel=[on|off|toggle] This will turn mouse acceleration on, off, or toggle its state. speed=[1-20] This will set the mouse speed. cursor=[path to ani/cur file|Default] This allows you to set a custom .... Free download of Mat 1.0.3 Build 1

Power Scheme Toggler Skwire Empire    

Easily switch between two power schemes. Commandline support for use in scripts, hotkeys, etc. .... Free download of Power Scheme Toggler

PDFtextCmd 1.4 Ingo Schmoekel    

PDFtextCmd - A commandline-exel for your pdf-files... Royalty free! For all pdf-specs! With this exe you can get the complete text-content out of your pdf-files. To do this you can use two ways: As an automated text-export into a generated file and as clipboard-content. Additionally you can get hash-values from .... Free download of PDFtextCmd 1.4

D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.4 Alexander Herzog    

... DOSBox emulates a complete computer including the DOS commandline and allows to run nearly all old DOS ... games (D-Fend Reloaded GUI, DOSBox, language files, FreeDos commandline tools). During the first start of D-Fend Reloaded everything is set up automatically. Searching and sorting games: · D-Fend Reloaded contains many service .... Free download of D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.4

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Far 1.1 Fatih Kodak    

Far is a commandline utility for Windows and Linux to search and replace text/data in files. It allows searching for text or byte sequences in text and binary files, and reading from stdin/writing to stdout. .... Free download of Far 1.1

Download Manager Password Dump 2.0 SecurityXploded    

Download Manager Password Dump is the free command-line based all-in-one tool to instantly recover your lost or forgotten passwords from popular Download Manager softwares. Currently it can recover passwords from following Download Managers, * BitComet * Mipony Downloader * JDownloader * Orbit Downloader * Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) * Free Download .... Free download of Download Manager Password Dump 2.0

Bat To Exe Converter 2.4.6 Fatih Kodak    

... Creation of 32-Bit and 64-Bit EXE files - Commandline interface - Portable - Encryption - Multilanguage support - Free for commercial and non-commercial use .... Free download of Bat To Exe Converter 2.4.6

Portable CheckDiskGUI 1.1.9 Emiel Wieldraaijer    

CheckDiskGUI is compatible with the U3 technology. The settings are saved on the U3 memory pen and will stay there during the use of CheckDiskGUI. Store your data and carry software applications! It is similar to the fsck command in Unix.operating systems that displays the file system integrity status .... Free download of Portable CheckDiskGUI 1.1.9

Portable D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.4 Alexander Herzog    

... games (D-Fend Reloaded GUI, DOSBox, language files, FreeDos commandline tools). During the first start of D-Fend Reloaded everything is set up automatically. Searching and sorting games: · D-Fend Reloaded contains many service tools to keep the overview even in large game archives. Games can be filtered by categories like .... Free download of Portable D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.4

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RUNick 0.2.0 Michael Telgkamp    

... device and using the added AutoPlay option. The commandlines can contain variables. Additionally it can be defined that a commandline is specific for a single computer. .... Free download of RUNick 0.2.0

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Emsisoft Ltd     update

... a scan. The cleaning toolkit includes the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, which contains the same functionality as the Emergency Kit Scanner but without a graphical user interface. This tool is made for professional users and is perfect for batch jobs. You can extract the contents of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to .... Free download of Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Email Password Dump 3.0 SecurityXploded    

Email Password Dump is the free command-line based all-in-one tool to instantly recover all your Email passwords from popular email clients and other desktop applications. Currently it can recover your lost email passwords from following applications, Microsoft Outlook Express Microsoft Outlook 2002/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013 Mozilla Thunderbird Windows Live Mail 2012 IncrediMail Foxmail v6.x .... Free download of Email Password Dump 3.0

PageGate 7.0.25 NotePage, Inc.    

... a combination of the following methords: email, webpage, commandline, textfile, Internet, serial port, modem, mobile phone, wireless modem, direct database access and windows client. SMS or text messages can be sent to cell phones, mobile phones, wireless devices, pagers, fax machines, billboards, etc.... PageGate's gateway is a flexible powerful way .... Free download of PageGate 7.0.25

PDFTK Builder Portable 3.6 Rev2 Portableapps    

... PDFTK Bulider is a GUI for the pdftk commandline utility. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind. Features: PDFTK Builder is a pdf manipulation utility for Windows .... Free download of PDFTK Builder Portable 3.6 Rev2

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jPDFPrintCLI 4.30 Qoppa Software™    

Print PDF documents directly using a command-line interface on Mac, Linux and Windows. jPDFPrintCLI is built on on top of Qoppa Software's proprietary PDF technology using our jPDFPrint Java library so there is no need for any third party software or drivers. Simply run the executable from the command-line and .... Free download of jPDFPrintCLI 4.30

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Drag and Drop Robot 1.15.01    

... files by specifying a target application and various commandline parameters or options. To use the program, you ... in zipping or unzipping multiple folders. First the commandline for involking the zip command is specified (you'll want to save it for later reuse), and then drag your folders from windows explorer onto .... Free download of Drag and Drop Robot 1.15.01

JPEG & PNG Stripper SteelBytes    

... Just specify a folder or file on the commandline. .... Free download of JPEG & PNG Stripper

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