Affiliate Script 3.0    

Affiliate Script is used by many webmasters all over the ... downloaded by over 10000 webmasters. Because its so cheap, with this software you can be sure that your ROI (Return of Investment) will be in less than 1 month. If you want to customise it, no problem you can do .... Free download of Affiliate Script 3.0

ChatPat 2.0 Calendar Scripts    

... for live support - ChatPat is simple and cheap. It is compatible with any website and any modern web browsers and at the same time does not load anything than simple HTML. Your website needs this elegant and powerful PHP/MySQL based tool. Now there is administration console available. .... Free download of ChatPat 2.0

CMUD 3.17 Beta Zugg Software    

... tools, such as aliases, actions, macros, keys, buttons, scripts, maps, databases, etc, to make your MUD player's ... advanced users, CMUD can be completely customized and scripted. You can create "robot" programs that respond to ... the MUD and take action for you. CMUD scripting can even be used to interact with other .... Free download of CMUD 3.17 Beta

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