Mini Locator Map of World 3.6 Inc.    

Interactive Mini Map of World for Websites and Intranet. Variants of using a map locator: - Real-Estate websites - ... provide visitors with a better and faster means of accessing information, as well as improve the way ... customizable. In just a few minutes you can change the whole look of the map - whether .... Free download of Mini Locator Map of World 3.6

Zoom Map of USA 2.0 Inc.    

Interactive Zoomable Map of United States with Clickable Cities for Web and Intranet sites. Variants of using a map locator: - Real-Estate websites - ... provide visitors with a better and faster means of accessing information, as well as improve the way ... customizable. In just a few minutes you can change the whole look of the map - whether .... Free download of Zoom Map of USA 2.0

Secrets of happiness free 06-13 The Work of God    

... happiness in our lives. The most complicated part of any human being is the art of being always happy. Normally we think that things ... about to discover that even in the middle of tribulations we can be happy if we learn ... our emotions and if we are in control of our lives. It sounds easy but it is .... Free download of Secrets of happiness free 06-13

North American State Mapping Template 2.0 Winwaed Software Technology LLC    

North American State Mapping Template consists of Microsoft MapPoint templates that enable you to create maps of individual (or combined) US States & Counties; and Canadian Provinces. Supports MS MapPoint ... is often useful to "blank out" unused areas of maps for visual clarity. The North American State Mapping Template lets you blank out unused States .... Free download of North American State Mapping Template 2.0

Mat 1.0.3 Build 1 Skwire Empire    

... a small tool that will allow you to change your mouse acceleration and speed settings via commandline. Run MouseAccelToggler.exe with one or both of the following parameters: accel=[on|off|toggle] This will turn mouse acceleration on, off, or toggle its state. speed=[1-20] This will set the mouse speed. cursor=[path .... Free download of Mat 1.0.3 Build 1

Portable Quick Config Intelloware    

... developed to be a convenient tool aimed to change quickly various settings of your computer. FEATURES: Network: · ... settings (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server, MAC), state of network connection · Computer identification computer name, domain ... stop, restart system services · Registry delete, add, change registry keys · Power switch the current power .... Free download of Portable Quick Config

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MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.6 MAXA Research Int'l Inc    

... However, if you are not always in front of you computer, you cannot track the online status of individual contacts without losing time and disturbing your ... for Skype will notify you AUDIBLY about the state of the individual contacts you are interested in, and .... Free download of MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.6

Quick Config Intelloware    

Quick Config is a convenient tool aimed to change quickly various settings of your computer. Current version of Quick Config can change next settings: Network - Network connections TCP/IP settings (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server), state of network connection - Computer identification computer name, domain ... switch the current power scheme - Registry add, change, delete the registry keys Internet Browser - Internet .... Free download of Quick Config

Mac Brightness Control 1.0 Wondersoft    

... adjust brightness any more? Can your Mac brightness change on its own with ambient light sensor? If ... software, which allows to adjust the brightness level of your Mac (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac ... slider in the Mac Brightness Control software to change your screen brightness. The software enables your Mac .... Free download of Mac Brightness Control 1.0

Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6 PAS-Products    

... to excel files (create your own Excel sheet) Change RMS level Meter with Peak Meter:: New features ... labels * 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 Octave displaying of the Spectrum * Zoom function, where you can select 4 frequency ranges* resolution from 32768 fft so you have 1,46 Hz steps per each .... Free download of Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6

Nervebit Dipole 1.0 Nervebit Ltd    

In the vicinity of the galactic core faced the interests of humans and aliens, when one of the star clusters were discovered artifacts of long-vanished civilization. Artifact was named Dipole. Located next ... accumulates through the symmetric converters in two types of energy. Humans use only one type, and aliens, ... was soon discovered that occupy the empty space of the Dipole operators can manually save the critical .... Free download of Nervebit Dipole 1.0

Mega Bomberman GameFabrique    

Mega Bomberman is a video game of the Bomberman series, utilizing the same “explosive” gameplay, ... first game to feature the new (1993) design of Bomberman, as well as other characters from the ... once protected by five spirits; however their source of power was destroyed when the evil Bagular invaded, ... goal to restore the planet to its original state. As the title implies, you fight using .... Free download of Mega Bomberman

Ezypage Industrial Edition 16 Ezyware Software    

Ezypage Industrial Edition is one of the best low cost all in one user ... today. Incorporating all the best features from six of best software packages in today's market, from creating ... Industrial Edition is designed to be a simple, state of the art and reliable utility within the Windows ... their created project. Significantly lessening the chance of the computer slowing, dropping out or crashing saving .... Free download of Ezypage Industrial Edition 16

Salt for Sap 2.0 Revelation Software Concepts    

Salt, a change intelligence software for SAP solutions, gives instant visibility ... in progress, and even quickly finding specific pieces of code are just a few examples of Salt's powerful functionality. By monitoring change activity and then providing specific data to the ... and set alerts so when nominated objects are changed you are notified Access to a “Google-like” engine .... Free download of Salt for Sap 2.0

Windows Firewall Console 9.0 (BlackBox) Hacker    

... to operate modifications on your system, which will change the status to ‘Patched’ in the main window. ... clicking on the red button will revert the changes to the default state. Moreover, the utility enables you to ‘Vaccinate USB’, .... Free download of Windows Firewall Console 9.0

Actual Transparent Window 8.1.1 Actual Tools    

Actual Transparent Window serves the purpose of facilitating work with several windows at a time. ... and convenient controls will help you take advantage of new technologies for reaching optimal organization of your work. You can turn on transparency via ... options provide additional comfort. The program lets you change options that affect all window types or create .... Free download of Actual Transparent Window 8.1.1

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Quantum Hulls 1.0 Atomic Concepts Software    

Visualization of the polyhedra whose vertices have repelled eachother on the surface of a sphere, until their positions have stabilized. The ... tetrahedron. The remaining polyhedra, with an integral number of vertices, are NOT regular polyhedra. I call them ... convex hulls with triangular faces, and the number of vertices is quantized. When the consecutive polyhedra are .... Free download of Quantum Hulls 1.0

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 4.5 ZOHO Corp.    

... Plus addresses the security, audit and compliance demands of Active Directory, Member Servers, Workstations and File Servers. The software provides detailed change information on: user and computer accounts, user activity, ... history, group memberships, logon activity, GPO and OU changes, administrative and domain policy changes. Active Directory Event log data are fetched from .... Free download of ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 4.5

Active Directory Audit 13.07.01    

In a huge organization with hundreds of people, it gets difficult to manage entire details of Who changed What from Where. Here, we must rely on ... Active Directory Audit Software that proficiently records all changes made in the AD and keeps them in ... It collects all data and allows taking backup of all Active Directory files to restore them to .... Free download of Active Directory Audit 13.07.01

Veeam Reporter Free Edition Veeam Software    

Veeam Reporter Free Edition is a handy piece of software specially designed to offer all the core functionality of the full version of Reporter, including full data collection, multi-user support, and ... backend. There are no limits on the number of hosts, virtual machines (VMs), users or the size of your archive. Features: Different consumers — .... Free download of Veeam Reporter Free Edition

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Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... who want to convert US city, town or state names or zip codes in a selected block of cells in MS Excel. The software allows the ... choose to convert zip codes to the names of the cities, with or without the state name. Alternatively City names can be converted to ... codes, which can be displayed alone, with the state or with the city and state. The refined .... Free download of Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software 7.0

Filo 4.32 Basta Computing, Inc.    

... to your criteria. Filo can selectively modify thousands of files and folders in a single operation by ... stamp, remove the read-only attribute from a group of files copied from a CD-ROM or a DVD, ... files and folders in a certain order or state, Filo is a powerful alternative to the limited .... Free download of Filo 4.32

USB Preloader 1 FlashDo    

... USB Preloader component. It has the fancy effect of going from green to red state when near end.It was used plain AS3 code ... 4.5 and lower, for Flash Player 9.You can change the code to suit your need, change colors, placing, size etc... .... Free download of USB Preloader 1

TCPView 3.05 Microsoft    

... Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, and XP, TCPView also reports the name of the process that owns the endpoint. TCPView provides .... Free download of TCPView 3.05

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Session Manager Morac    

... Firefox tab sessions. It comes with the option of loading the last saved session, not loading a ... In addition, it can save any number of older sessions, configurable from the main window, and ... plug-in automatically backs up sessions in the event of a crash. Users can also configure how the .... Free download of Session Manager

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