Dubser Systray Application 1.0.1 Hexagon Consulting Kft    

... way of accessing these web services in your browser without disturbing pop-up windows and unwanted browser tabs, just as if you had a browser in browser. It helps you to: -improve your browsing ... process -perform many tasks more easily in your browser -collect your frequently used web-based services in one .... Free download of Dubser Systray Application 1.0.1

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Linkman Pro Outer Technologies    

... a bookmark management solution which supports 10 different browsers and integrates with Firefox 3, Internet Explorer and ... calls upon many powerful features that replace the browser's native URL management and allow to browse faster ... Drag and Drop support including link drops from browser to Linkman · Advanced Tray Icon menu · .... Free download of Linkman Pro

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YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker 2.2.0 Yahoo Coders Cookbook    

... (YM). YCC Yahoo Bot Maker mimics a Web browser by requesting the same pages the browser would during a normal account sign-up process. YCC Yahoo Bot Maker then displays the information in a more friendly Windows application and solicits a .... Free download of YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker 2.2.0

Net Profile Switch 7.0 JitBit Software    

... profile can include LAN-settings (IP-address, DNS, gateway), your browser's proxy settings (supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera), ... creates a profile with your configuration settings: TCP/IP-settings, browser-proxy (Firefox-compatible, Opera-compatible), network drives, default printer settings, SMTP server address etc. Then you can easily switch between network settings by activating a profile. .... Free download of Net Profile Switch 7.0

RemoveAds 1.4 Major Share    

... and blocks commercial banners from being loaded by browsers, ICQ, MSN Messenger, MetaCafe, PalTalk and any other ... customize any addition settings in the program or browser. Compatible with all popular browsers regardless of the version. Make Internet faster. ... appearing on the screen - it stops the browser from loading them at all, which gives you .... Free download of RemoveAds 1.4

Touro Cloud Backup 2.0.1 HGST    

... either view or download it in their web browser. Now your friends can see your photos, listen ... photos, music, movies and files is a web browser or the free iPhone® or iPad® app*. You can also password protect shared files. Version control Need to reference back to different .... Free download of Touro Cloud Backup 2.0.1

Ldap Admin Tool 5.10 LDAPSoft    

LDAP Admin Tool is the premier GUI administration tool for Ldap/Active Directory management, control and development. LDAP Admin Tool provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary LDAP admin routines such as creating, editing, copying, extracting and dropping ldap objects. It supports all the latest ldap features; moreover, you .... Free download of Ldap Admin Tool 5.10

Thunderbird Portable 31.1.1 Portableapps    

... the same people who brought you the Firefox browser. Thunderbird gives you IMAP/POP support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping, labels, return receipts, smart address book LDAP address completion, import tools, and the ability to manage multiple .... Free download of Thunderbird Portable 31.1.1

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IMInspector Workgroup Edition 1.4 B52 Coral Works, Inc.    

... important conversations and search for content through the browser at a later time. Due to its unique design, the software can be installed on a single computer and is capable of logging messages generated from other computers. Includes a convenient Client Setup tool that facilitates workstation configuration. # Don't .... Free download of IMInspector Workgroup Edition 1.4 B52

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IMInspector Enterprise Edition 1.4 B52 Coral Works, Inc.    

... This technology allows for message capturing, and your browser can search for content in each log file. Employers can maintain a log of instant message communications in the workplace for detail reference and productivity monitoring. Includes the Client Setup tool. This is an unbelievable value at $299 USD per server .... Free download of IMInspector Enterprise Edition 1.4 B52

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CinemaDrape Aurelify    

... online video, compose an email, or play a browser game. Use CinemaDrape to stop getting distracted by all those side elements, ads, or social network and instant messaging notifications. With CinemaDrape you no longer have to manually clean up your working screen area, close windows, or watch lower resolution .... Free download of CinemaDrape

Socket Workbench 4.0 Sigma Solutions    

... to be a socket client (like a web browser or e-mail client) or a socket server with ... library of HTTP requests from the popular Web Browsers and the HTTP Responses from Web Servers. - Ideal for testing and monitoring real-time applications or two/three/n-tier client-server applications. - All socket state transitions .... Free download of Socket Workbench 4.0

WebSite-Watcher 2010 10.3 Aignesberger Software GmbH    

... highlight all changes in the text. Supports IE/Firefox/Opera Browser-Integration, Import and Export. FEATURES: Monitor web pages: · Monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Why waste hours surfing the web, when WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you within a few minutes. Supports all kind of pages .... Free download of WebSite-Watcher 2010 10.3

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TranslateMe Google    

... easier to query the sources than opening a browser and going to the source website by listening to keyboard and mouse hotkeys. The application has basic OCR support. .... Free download of TranslateMe

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Portable Google Translate Client 5.0.517 Alexey ILJIN    

... translation is inconvenient: you have to launch the browser, open the website, copy and paste the text, select the language... Too time-consuming! Now you can translate web-pages, electronic mail and other documents without opening online-translation sites and buying expensive bulky programs. FEATURES: · Immediate translation of the selected .... Free download of Portable Google Translate Client 5.0.517

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AutoWikiBrowser WikiBluemoose    

... tasks quicker and easier. It is essentially a browser that automatically opens up a new page when the last is saved. When set to do so, it suggests some changes (typically formatting) that are generally meant to be incidental to the main change. At present, AutoWikiBrowser can create a .... Free download of AutoWikiBrowser

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Colorful Tabs 24.5 Shivanand Sharma    

ColorfulTabs is an add-on for the popular browser Firefox. Firefox is known for its tabbed-browsing feature(s). ColorfulTabs takes the experience to the next level. ColorfulTabs colors every tab in a unique color and makes them easy to distinguish while enhancing the appeal of the Firefox interface.ColorfulTabs is the favorite of .... Free download of Colorful Tabs 24.5

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Ariadne 5.50.73 OpenSoft    

... the action bar for one click jump from browser to outline object] * Category [Your choice. Multiple category assignments are possible] * Link [two way & multiple linking is possible] All objects can be exported to HTML, XML, Directory of folders and files or Ariadne data in any selection .... Free download of Ariadne 5.50.73

Adobe Flash Player for 64-bit Windows Adobe Systems    

Adobe® Flash® Player x64 is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers. Flash Player x64 delivers beautiful HD video, faster ... exciting, full-screen games with full keyboard support across browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and operating .... Free download of Adobe Flash Player for 64-bit Windows

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BitMeter OS 0.7.5 Beta Codebox Software    

... to view this information either via a web browser, or by using the command line tools. The Web Interface displays various graphs and charts that show how your internet/network connection has been used over time, why not try out the online demo right now? .... Free download of BitMeter OS 0.7.5 Beta

BitMeter OS for Mac OS X 0.7.5 Beta Codebox Software    

... to view this information either via a web browser, or by using the command line tools. The Web Interface displays various graphs and charts that show how your internet/network connection has been used over time, why not try out the online demo right now? .... Free download of BitMeter OS for Mac OS X 0.7.5 Beta

BitMeter OS for Linux 0.7.5 Beta Codebox Software    

... to view this information either via a web browser, or by using the command line tools. The Web Interface displays various graphs and charts that show how your internet/network connection has been used over time, why not try out the online demo right now? .... Free download of BitMeter OS for Linux 0.7.5 Beta

Upload Rabbit for Facebook Upload Rabbit for Facebook    

... new albums without logging in Facebook accounts via browser. Upload Rabbit for Facebook enables you to upload a batch of photos and videos to Facebook accounts easily and quickly. You can right-click or drag-and-drop to add multiple interesting photos or videos to the upload queue, or even drop entire folders .... Free download of Upload Rabbit for Facebook

BirdyAdder 3.0.0 AddNewFriends.com    

BirdyAdder leverages the newest marketing medium for you. Twitter is a social network site where millions of people go to interact with others. These members follow each other and take part in the many features Twitter has, creating an extremely large social network. BirdyAdder handles all of the work for .... Free download of BirdyAdder 3.0.0

Internet Turbo 2012 6.0 Clasys Ltd.    

... It boosts any Internet related software such as browser/email programs, CompuServe, RealAudio, RealVideo, ICQ and many others… Moreover it also prevents an undesirable disconnection. iNTERNET Turbo® is being used by people all over the world and the reviews are amazing. It Includes a very intuitive and simple to .... Free download of Internet Turbo 2012 6.0

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