Active@ Boot Disk 8.5.3 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

Active@ Boot Disk provides an impressive range of utilities for ... Using this software, you can create a fully bootable operating environment allowing you to start up your computer from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive ... damaged and completely refuses to start. The independent boot environment means that it does not rely on .... Free download of Active@ Boot Disk 8.5.3

ASRock Instant Boot 1.29 ASRock Inc.    

... people these days don't like to switch off computers everyday, we keep our computer up and running 24 hours a day, because it ... such a long time for our system to boot up again every time! ASRock has overcome the ... a blink of an eye! The ASRock Instant Boot application not only it saves energy, money, it .... Free download of ASRock Instant Boot 1.29

Speed up Startup of Windows Increase Booting Speed    

... end here. Here we are presenting - Speed up startup of windows software. This software has outstanding capability to speed up startup of Windows computer. This application also increases the booting speed of your computer. So overall this software will help you to ... be slow because of full hard disk. Speed up startup of windows tool provides you the facility .... Free download of Speed up Startup of Windows

OSL2000 Boot Manager 9.30 OSL Corp.    

OSL2000 is an advanced multi boot manager. Using OSL2000 boot manager, you can directly install, boot and manage up to 100 independent OSs in your computer. Runs on Windows 95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP. The program can be ... Free technical support is available at The boot menu recognizes all partitions and automatically reconfigures itself .... Free download of OSL2000 Boot Manager 9.30

MaaS360® Boot Analyzer Tool Fiberlink Communications    

How long does it take for your computers to boot when users start them? Is your IT group ... but how can you be sure? The MaaS360 Boot Analyzer can maintain a history of up to 100 boot times, match boot time delays with changes to the computer, perform automated benchmarks, and set thresholds and notify .... Free download of MaaS360® Boot Analyzer Tool

ZoneAlarm PC Tune-up Zonelabs    

Speeds up your PC Optimizes PC performance Scans for ... Features: PC Optimization Quickly brings your sluggish computer back to life by removing the items that ... freezing, and impace the overall health of your computer. Full Registry Defrag Increases your PC memory and decreases boot-up time by removing blank registry entries. Automates your .... Free download of ZoneAlarm PC Tune-up

Retrieve Data from Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery for Personal Computers    

Retrieve Data from Computer Hard Drive is one of the most reliable ... to get back lost or deleted data from computer hard drive. You can use this advanced utility ... the hard drive has crashed or does not boot. However, you can recover deleted or lost files ... SATA / SCSI / IDE etc. Apart from computer hard drive you can also regain deleted or .... Free download of Retrieve Data from Computer Hard Drive

Professional PC Maintenance 8.01434     update

... The common issues that people see on a computer have varied causes. Professional PC maintenance was designed ... issues that cause a lack of performance, slow boot-up speeds and other frustrating problems. A user-friendly interface ties all of these utilities together so that you can get professional maintenance as easily as .... Free download of Professional PC Maintenance 8.01434

Remo MORE for Windows Remo Software    

... that can set you free from all the computer issues. Remo MORE Windows software is a complete ... to resolve all the issues on your Windows computer. It lets you to remove cookies, clear browser ... - Manage files and folders - Shut down computer automatically based on scheduled time - Improves boot .... Free download of Remo MORE for Windows

Advanced Security Level 7.6 SoftFolder Inc    

Advanced Security Level is the best computer security application for Windows-based computers. It gives you an excellent administrative support to control the user access rights for your computer by setting up the desired access control level for each user. ... You can assign separate system profile folders for computer users providing each of them with own custom .... Free download of Advanced Security Level 7.6

Best PC Fixit Complete 3.2 Best PC Fixit, Inc.    

Best PC Fixit Complete Computer Repair Software provides How To Solutions from experienced ... that show you how to fix your own computer using industry acclaimed and technician selected FREE software form our Home Technician Software Library. Computer Repair Software Instructional How To Guide with Computer Repair Emergency DVD. View Emergency Recovery How To .... Free download of Best PC Fixit Complete 3.2

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro 3.4.0 Lazesoft    

The most powerful Data and Windows System recovery Boot Utility Disk - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Professional Edition. Boot Recovery Utility Disk, instantly and easily recover data, ... CD or USB disk by yourself 3. Then boot PC from it to fix most of computer problems easily and instantly. Main Components of Lazesoft .... Free download of Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro 3.4.0

Vista Manager 4.1.6 Yamicsoft    

... software tool to tweak, optimize, maintain and tune up your Windows Vista, it includes over thirty different ... performance; Find and clean junk files; searchs your computer for duplicated files; easily checks registry and repairs ... Control what is started on Windows startup; tune up Vista boot menu; set context menus of mouse .... Free download of Vista Manager 4.1.6

Anvi Startup Booster 1.0 Anvisoft    

... to prohibit an unwanted program from running as computer boots up or ban an unconversant one that ranks high ... in one click to make a more agile computer. The user-friendly design has made the whole process .... Free download of Anvi Startup Booster 1.0

System Mechanic Free iolo technologies, LLC    

... technology fixes registry problems, defrags hard drives, cleans up junk files, accelerates downloads, boosts Windows speed and ... and make Windows take ages to start. Supercharges boot-times and frees up resources for improved overall performance. > Memory Mechanic: .... Free download of System Mechanic Free

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Symantec    

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a handy piece of software that will create a customized rescue boot disc to help you back up and running fast if your PC's operating system becomes so infected that it won't boot up or your Norton product cannot install or start. .... Free download of Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

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Quick Startup Glarysoft Ltd     update

When you turn on your computer certain applications, drivers, and services are automatically started ... "startup items" in order to keep your system's boot-up process as fast and efficient as possible. .... Free download of Quick Startup

RegCross 1.5.05 Onekit Internet    

Are you tired of a slow computer? Make your computer run like new again. RegCross increases your PC ... laptop performance with one click. It reduces your boot and shutdown times by optimizing the system settings and therefore speeding up your computer. It automatically scans the Windows Registry and corrects ... fixing Windows Registry corruption. It also optimizes your computer startup. You can easily manage the programs that .... Free download of RegCross 1.5.05

PCBooster Free Startup Manager 7.3.5 PCBooster, Inc.    

Many programs will load up automatically when you boot your PC, which could be a burden to ... you want to load at startup. Slow system boot-up is one of the most intolerable thing for a daily computer user. PCBooster Free Startup Manager is able to reduce the booting time apparently and cut the waiting time before .... Free download of PCBooster Free Startup Manager 7.3.5

GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.40 GSA    

... wonder why it takes so long until your computer starts up? Did you ever wonder why so many programs ... or if it can be deleted. This speeds up the whole boot process and finally resulting in a more stable ... finally makes it easy for everyone to clean up his PC. In addition you can also clean .... Free download of GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.40

PerfectDisk 13 Pro Raxco Software, Inc.    

Every time you use your computer, even when it's brand new, the files on ... can even see it. This makes using your computer, and doing everything you want, much slower than ... should be. Fragmentation also leads to much slower boot times and will make applications run slow or ... cause them to "lock-up" or freeze. Defragging your computer puts the pieces of your files back together .... Free download of PerfectDisk 13 Pro

PerfectDisk Free 1 Raxco Software, Inc.    

Every time you use your computer, even when it's brand new, the files on ... can even see it. This makes using your computer, and doing everything you want, much slower than ... should be. Fragmentation also leads to much slower boot times and will make applications run slow or ... cause them to "lock-up" or freeze. Defragging your computer puts the pieces of your files back together .... Free download of PerfectDisk Free 1

Startup Delayer 3.0 B360 r2 Studios    

The power to speed up your computer's startup process! Can you learn another language ... the time it takes for your machine to boot? Do you turn on your PC when you go to bed, so it's finished booting by the time you get home from work ... your Startup Process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer. .... Free download of Startup Delayer 3.0 B360

DriverHive 2.0.6 Bootstrap Development    

... including: hardware not working, slow internet surfing, slow boot times, system crashes, and slow computer performance. Hardware manufacturers regularly update their drivers--DriverHive will scan your computer, identify any out-of-date drivers you have, set a system restore point on your computer, and then download and install the most current ... task into a simple three step chore. Maintaining up-todate drivers on your PC is one of the .... Free download of DriverHive 2.0.6

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XP Smoker Pro 6.1 Waresoft Software    

... These settings can improve the performance of your computer drastically. XP Smoker Pro includes a State-Of-The-Art internet ... has maintenance tools to help you keep your computer clean and tidy. XP Smoker Pro Includes 94 extra security settings to safeguard your pc from curious children. XP Smoker Pro is compatible with .... Free download of XP Smoker Pro 6.1

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