DonorQuest 7.0 Intrepid Systems, Inc.    

DonorQuest helps you manage your donors, prospects, board members, foundations, volunteers and any other entities that are involved with your organization. It also enables you to efficiently manage all of these entities, discover new relationships, share information and become a more effective fundraiser. Track all of your fundraising efforts including .... Free download of DonorQuest 7.0

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Solitaire HD for Win8 UI Bernardo Zamora    

... Beautifully crafted graphics Multiple designs for the board and the cards Your choice: move cards by tapping columns or dragging cards Double tap to autocomplete or finish a game Three scoring modes: none, normal and Vegas Option to play with One or Three-card draw Track High scores and Statistics .... Free download of Solitaire HD for Win8 UI

Challenging Reversi Maroš Vranec    

... player. Players take turns adding pieces to the board so that their color is face up. When you add a piece, you surround and flip over your opponent's pieces. The winner is player with the most pieces showing their color at the end of the game. Features Computer .... Free download of Challenging Reversi

Wappalyzer 2.7.5 ElbertF    

... websites. It detects CMS and e-commerce systems, message boards, JavaScript frameworks, hosting panels, analytics tools and several more. We collect information about web based software to create publically available statistics, revealing their growth over time and popularity compared to others. Most of this data is anonymously collected from the .... Free download of Wappalyzer 2.7.5

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Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

Decuple Mah Jongg is named as such because of its ten layers at the game's highest peaks. This game is for the most seasoned mah jongg player, as there are many layers to navigate through to win this mah jongg game. The rules are the same as all mah jongg games. .... Free download of Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0

Multiplayer Ludo 1.3.0 Novel Games Limited    

Want to try a simpler board game before moving on to the more challenging ... is to move all your pieces around the board once, then move up the route of your ... the arrow-shaped area in the middle of the board before your opponents do so. When the game ... make valid moves accordingly. Before moving around the board, your pieces need to enter the board by .... Free download of Multiplayer Ludo 1.3.0

Multiplayer Tapa 1.5.2 Novel Games Limited    

... of the best ways to win in a board game is to trap your opponent so that ... until they are all placed in your home board, then remove all your pieces before your opponent ... set of black or white pieces. The home board of black is located at the lower right .... Free download of Multiplayer Tapa 1.5.2

Gul Bara 1.1.3 Novel Games Limited    

... your pieces and move them out of the board before your opponent gets in your way? In ... until they are all placed in your home board at the lower right region, then remove all ... computer will move its pieces to its home board at the upper left region. Before the game .... Free download of Gul Bara 1.1.3

Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1 Novel Games Limited    

... most opponent dots so as to win. A board which consists of 38x31 intersections will be used ... place dots onto the empty intersections on the board. The first dots of both players must be ... the highlighted area in the middle of the board. During your turn, you can click to place .... Free download of Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1

Mancala 1.3.3 Novel Games Limited    

This is an ancient board game which dates back to the 6th century ... your store as you can. On the game board, 12 small pits are divided into 2 rows, ... pits on the left and right of the board are the stores, with the one on the right belongs to .... Free download of Mancala 1.3.3

Dolphin Checkers 1.0 Apps Malaya    

... "straight checkers", is a form of the checkers board game played on an 8x8 board with 12 pieces on each side that may ... people, on opposite sides of a checkers playing board, alternating moves. One player has black colored checkers ... red colored checkers pieces. Most commonly, the checkers board alternates between red and black. The opponent's pieces .... Free download of Dolphin Checkers 1.0

Pad2Pad 1.9.113 B4402 Pad2Pad    

... new way to get the custom printed circuit boards you need. Download our free PCB software, design your board, and click to order - it's that easy! Your boards will be manufactured and delivered at low cost. ... Pad2Pad simplifies the whole process of getting circuit boards by up to 80% and open doors to .... Free download of Pad2Pad 1.9.113 B4402

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Multiplayer Pebbles 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

... repeat. Then you will be given an empty board, and 8 pebbles of different colors will be ... on the panel on the left of the board. The board is composed of 10 rows of small holes, ... onto the row at the bottom of the board, then click the Guess button on the right. .... Free download of Multiplayer Pebbles 1.1.1

Dots Master Noam Studios    

Play on various board shapes and sizes, against a strong computer engine ... each player places a line on a squares board, trying to complete a square. When completing a ... continues to play. The game ends when the board is full and the winner is the player ... environment Strong computer engine Two players mode Many board shapes, symbols and colors Live leaderboards Languages: English, .... Free download of Dots Master

McCad PCB-ST 3.1.07 McCAD    

... an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does serious layout work and requires ... allows you to quickly and easily complete your board design. McCAD PCB-ST is net list driven and supports full forward and backward annotation of all net and component attributes passed to and .... Free download of McCad PCB-ST 3.1.07

McCad PCB-ST for Mac OS X 3.1.07 McCAD    

... an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does serious layout work and requires ... allows you to quickly and easily complete your board design. McCAD PCB-ST is net list driven and supports full forward and backward annotation of all net and component attributes passed to and .... Free download of McCad PCB-ST for Mac OS X 3.1.07

Pulsonix 7.5 Build 4913 WestDev Ltd.    

A totally integrated Schematic Capture and PCB design editor, Pulsonix is supplied ready-to-use with everything you need to start designing straight away. With no hidden extras, Pulsonix is easy to purchase and easy to install and use. Pulsonix is a truly modern high-tech program as you would expect. Built on a .... Free download of Pulsonix 7.5 Build 4913

Backgammon Pro Bernardo Zamora    

... Pro is an advanced implementation of the classic board game Backgammon, for Windows Phone 7. The game has the features you’d expect, like multiple play modes, fast or slow dice, and also has advance capabilities, like Crawford rule, Beavers, full Money play, advanced doubling AI, and more than 30 options! .... Free download of Backgammon Pro

David's Backgammon(Mac) 6.3.5 GammonSoft    

... time, shows best moves, can set up any board situation, can change board colors or create your own, multiple board sizes, tournament play, extensive help system, keeps statistics .... Free download of David's Backgammon(Mac) 6.3.5

Ariston Backgammon 4.89 Michael Rosner MICROGAM    

... recommend moves, rollout a position, set up any board situation, store positions in archive, save/load a position ... log files ( *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG ), board designer, help manual, demo, etc. .... Free download of Ariston Backgammon 4.89

FreeSweetGames Shashki 6.2.40 FreeSweetGames    

... two people, on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. One player has blue pieces, and ... piece that is captured is removed from the board. In all variants, the player who has no ... Notice that captured pieces are removed from the board only after capturing is finished. When shashka reach .... Free download of FreeSweetGames Shashki 6.2.40

Ball Drop Memory 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited    

... at the bottom of the screen and some boards at the area above the cups. If a ... dropped from above, the ball will hit a board and its direction will be deflected, and then it may hit another board again, and then finally into one of the ... challenge is to remember the positions of the boards when they are shown, after a few seconds .... Free download of Ball Drop Memory 1.0.0

Piskvork 8.9.1 Petr Lastovicka    

This game is often called GoMoku or Five in a row. You must make five symbols in a line and do that sooner than your opponent. You can choose a skin, set time limit for a move, set time limit for whole match, save positions to disk, undo all moves. The .... Free download of Piskvork 8.9.1

Checkersland 17.01.05 Pavel Porvatov    

... might need in order to enjoy their favorite board game. Hence, if you have a passion for ... to make own skins, see more details in board skins chapter Supported many look and feels. see more details in look and feels chapter Saving and loading files with game history in PDN .... Free download of Checkersland 17.01.05

Absolute Backgammon 8.6.5 Gammonsoft    

... shows best moves, can select from many interesting board styles and much more. Works with Intel Macs! ... functional. for the latest version and other board styles or e-mail me at email .... Free download of Absolute Backgammon 8.6.5

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