Android Minesweeper Game 1.0 Android-Fish    

Android Minesweeper Game is single-player logic-based game played on rectangular board whose object is to ... is a mobile version of one of the best single-player logical games ever made. The game consists of squares arranged in a rectangular grid. Test your strategic thinking with the android minesweeper game. .... Free download of Android Minesweeper Game 1.0

Thief Hunter – Memory Match Game 1.0    

" Thief Hunter - Memory Match Game is an entertaining and fun puzzle game! It's designed to help you test and improve ... have that fun classic element of a memory game. Challenge you brain with different modes and exercises. ... a fun new twist to the classic matching game. Each mode consists of 3 levels (Easy, Medium .... Free download of Thief Hunter – Memory Match Game 1.0

Card Game Spiderette Solitaire 3.0 Solitaire    

... cards, instead of two. The goal of the game is to build stacks of cards (from king ... miniature stature! Spiderette solitaire is no second-rate card game. Fewer cards means fewer foundations, making this solitaire card game just a wee bit harder than traditional spider solitaire. This is a strategy game, so a good plan is to try to .... Free download of Card Game Spiderette Solitaire 3.0

Sudoku 1.1 Sudoku    

Welcome to 24/7 Sudoku -- the best in free, online sudoku games! 24/7 Sudoku offers all the difficulties a beginner ... sure to keep you playing this great sudoku game all day, every day! Sudoku is a brain challenging number game, played on a 9x9 sudoku board. The sudoku ... nine 3x3 squares. The object of the sudoku game is simple. Every row, column, and 3x3 box .... Free download of Sudoku 1.1

Gem Slider 3.1 Absolutist Ltd    

... Slider for Windows PC is a new puzzle game on a board featuring lots of combinations. There are four different games in one, each game with four game modes and four skill levels. Enjoy improved graphics ... them from the edges. Online contest for the best players. Different skill levels are available. This game .... Free download of Gem Slider 3.1

Animals Puzzle 2.0.0 Kids Puzzle Planet    

... name suggests, Animals Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game for children with mostly animal-based themes. Pets of ... your child will find in abundance in this game. Every image was created by the hand of ... and useful application for your kids with the best of the two worlds (fun and purposefulness), you .... Free download of Animals Puzzle 2.0.0

Bustling Hedgehog Puzzle 1.0    

New free arcade logic game by This bustling hedgehog provides with fruit ... are 20 levels and time limits. Publish the best result online. .... Free download of Bustling Hedgehog Puzzle 1.0

Shapzzle For Windows Phone 8 RV AppStudios    

Shapzzle is an extremely fun puzzle game specially designed for Windows Phone. Shapzzle will challenge ... one target shape till the end, otherwise the game will end. Plus, you only get a limited ... of fun. Every time you start a new game a new level is randomly created. So you ... Play Three Levels of Difficulty Endless Hours of Game Play Superb and Fun Sound Effects New Levels .... Free download of Shapzzle For Windows Phone 8

UFO Sokoban 3D 2.0 Teddy Games    

... is a 3-dimensional version of the classic logic game. The goal of the game is to push all the boxes into the ... bring the stunning graphics to your computer. This game is one of the best logic strategy games. Good fun for all the family. .... Free download of UFO Sokoban 3D 2.0

Pharaoh Puzzle 1.0 GameTop    

Pharaoh Puzzle is an Egypt-themed puzzle game in which you have to match up ancient ... the levels. With a variety of challenges, the game will keep you busy for a long time and, best of all, it is a completely free download. As with all the games on Gametop, Pharaoh Puzzle is completely free of .... Free download of Pharaoh Puzzle 1.0

Thanksgiving Dinner 1.3.4 Novel Games Limited    

Try your best to accommodate everyone in the family for the best enjoyment on Thanksgiving Day! Your goal in this game is to arrange the seats for each of ... far away from those they detest. When the game starts, multiple dishes of food will be placed .... Free download of Thanksgiving Dinner 1.3.4

Ceasar Pizza 1.0    

Ceasar Pizza is a simulation game for free. You are pizza chef that open ... win all the pizza tournaments to become the best pizzaria in the country. Use Mouse to guide the chef and left click to release the ingredients upwards. You can also change for keyboard control on options .... Free download of Ceasar Pizza 1.0

Puzzbots 1.0    

Puzzbots is a lights out type puzzle game. Try to help Mr Bot get to the ... 25 puzzles to earn medals and be the best on our leaderboard. Have fun and good luck! .... Free download of Puzzbots 1.0

Epsilon 1.0    

The must play science fiction skill game Epsilon brings together black holes and time travelling, features a great gameplay and a stunning design! Cool unique game where you need to get the ball from ... another using wormholes! Test your mind on how best to reach there. .... Free download of Epsilon 1.0

Kitchen Defence 1.0    

... to you to kill that fly using your best physics strategy. This game starts off really easy but gets much harder as you go through the levels. Some skill also required! Good luck, have fun. .... Free download of Kitchen Defence 1.0

3 Card Klondike Solitaire 1.0 Solitaire    

Klondike Solitaire is a game known by many names: patience, klondike, classic solitaire. ... tableau. This version is more difficult, because its best to pay attention to the order of cards ... as quickly as possible serves advantage. Not every game is beatable, so experienced solitaire players tend to ... sense" about which ones to just hit "new game" repeatedly until they find a winner. Your best .... Free download of 3 Card Klondike Solitaire 1.0

Wordament for Windows Phone Microsoft    

... Wordament® is a unique and highly addictive word game: a two-minute long word tournament where you compete ... player progress by maintaining private statistics including your best word found, total score, best word count, first place finishes and the number of games you have completed. Public, real-time leader boards show .... Free download of Wordament for Windows Phone

Wordament for iOS 1.0 Microsoft    

... Wordament® is a unique and highly addictive word game: a two-minute long word tournament where you compete ... player progress by maintaining private statistics including your best word found, total score, best word count, first place finishes and the number of games you have completed. Public, real-time leader boards show .... Free download of Wordament for iOS 1.0

Kindergarten 1.0    

Become the owner of the best and the biggest Kindergarten in the city! Keep ... to play a fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game were you play Mila, the day care center owner, who has to make sure that all of the babies are happy and taken care of! It looks .... Free download of Kindergarten 1.0

Hammer Penguins 1.0.3 Small Fun Games    

Small Fun Games has released Hammer Penguins, a new Windows tile-matching game for children and adults. Similar to the Mahjonng Solitaire genre of computer games, Hammer Penguins lets you help two penguins save ... of logic, strategy, and planning ahead. And a game at the high difficulty level will provide ten ... minutes of fun for even the most savvy gamer. Each game board is a randomly shuffled set .... Free download of Hammer Penguins 1.0.3

Buscaminas 1.3 Oscar Gavira    

If you are a fan of arcade game, the biggest video game console's, the classic games or retro game, you have able the minesweeper's download, the biggest game of all time. If you never has been ... time in front of your computer, in this game,invented by Robert Donner in 1989 for Microsoft Windows .... Free download of Buscaminas 1.3

Simplz Zoo 1.0    

... the zoo finances to make your zoo the best in the world! Bring in new animals and ... the crowds coming. Filled with fun and challenging game play, upbeat music, hidden secret codes, and lots of make-you-smile goodness, Simplz: Zoo is roaring good time for everyone! .... Free download of Simplz Zoo 1.0

Downfall (for Windows) 2.9.3 Norbyte    

3D arcade puzzle game (similar to Bloxter and other falling-blocks games). It features real-time 3D graphics and lots of ... importing, Downfall merges the highscores together, keeping the best ones. The game is easy to learn. You just drop stacks .... Free download of Downfall (for Windows) 2.9.3

Mr. Matt 3.54 J. Andrzej Wrotniak    

An addictive logical puzzle game for Windows, similar to the classic Boulderdash, but ... stones or bombs. The trial version includes 10 games with 49 levels, ranging from simple to frustrating; over 500 extra games (2500 levels written by other players) and game editor are available upon registration. Sampled sound effects and graphics are extensible by the user. Your best results can be matched against others in the .... Free download of Mr. Matt 3.54

Hangman Pro for Windows 1.1.1 Space-Time Associates    

... modern take on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. It ... alike to keep track of winning streaks. And, best of all, separate score boards are kept for each difficulty level, so users can compete against users choosing the same difficulty level. Hangman Pro .... Free download of Hangman Pro for Windows 1.1.1

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