Automatic App Translator 1.1.1 312 Development    

Automatic App Translator is an automated translation application for OS X ... pre-assigned language code, and retrieving the data while automatically saving the newly translated file. By translating files used in iOS and OS X interface development in this manner, the time .... Free download of Automatic App Translator 1.1.1

DualClip Translator 2.2 Beta Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez    

DualClip Translator provides translation of selected text or clipboard contents, with Google Translator. Automatic translation can be made in both directions of the languages. You can send the .... Free download of DualClip Translator 2.2 Beta

Multilizer PDF Translator 10.3 Multilizer (Rex Partners Oy)    

Multilizer software translates PDF documents automatically to more than 25 languages. The translated file ... saved as image (e.g. scanned files). Multilizer PDF Translator includes also Drag & Drop feature that allows starting the automatic translation easily and quickly. The application is available in several .... Free download of Multilizer PDF Translator 10.3

Portable Google Translate Client 5.0.517 Alexey ILJIN    

... Translate application was developed to be a free translator for Windows, which enables the fast translation of ... the selected text · More than 50 languages, automatic language detection · Shortcut keys to open the translator · "Suggest a better translation" function · Automatic checking for updates and news .... Free download of Portable Google Translate Client 5.0.517

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Files Converter (HTML, Text, RTF, Word) Image Files to PDF Converter    

... Web in a very fast, simple, easy and automatic manner. You can convert HTML files in RTF files with tables or can transform tables to the text. HTML to text can convert HTML files to TXT format and reformat the text. Features: * Modify DOC document into Text. * Amend .... Free download of Files Converter (HTML, Text, RTF, Word)

Horoscope Daily Windows Gadget    

12 constellation automatic updates daily horoscope. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Any language text easy to see your own daily horoscope. Coincide with the universe, happy every day. International multi-language version, supports more than 30 languages. .... Free download of Horoscope Daily Windows Gadget

Braille Maker 1.7/D Cragside AccessABILITY Limited    

... for print page numbering from MS Word including automatic print page indicator. .... Free download of Braille Maker 1.7/D

MultiTranse Pro 6.4.1 TialSoft software    

... connection. MultiTranse PRO is a fast and high-quality translator of small texts in 48 world languages. .... Free download of MultiTranse Pro 6.4.1

Google Translate Client 6.0.612 Alexey ILJIN    

Google Translate Client is a free translator for Windows which enables the fast translation of ... tutorial. Free version * Translation from Microsoft Translator * Instant Inline Translation * Translate over 50 ... you type * Transliteration and alternate translations * Automatic language detection * Translation with Hot Keys * Automatic checking for updates * Desktop and Portable versions .... Free download of Google Translate Client 6.0.612

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Just Translate 2016 3.2.1 jalada GmbH    

... click + Save and view previous translations + Automatic language recognition + Spell checker inside + Uses of mayor translation service + Transliteration support for various languages + Translate text while working in other applications **** Supported Languages **** Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, .... Free download of Just Translate 2016 3.2.1

Just Translate 2.9.1 Jalada GmbH    

... · Translation between more than 40 languages. · Automatic language recognition. · Build-in Word processor features. · Uses mayor translation service. · Import source text from existing files. · Save and print your translations · Easy to use. .... Free download of Just Translate 2.9.1

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Just Translate for Mac OS X 2.9.1 Jalada GmbH    

... · Translation between more than 40 languages. · Automatic language recognition. · Build-in Word processor features. · Uses mayor translation service. · Import source text from existing files. · Save and print your translations · Easy to use. .... Free download of Just Translate for Mac OS X 2.9.1

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TranSolution 3.4 Hexadigm Systems    

... and store them in a single file that translators can localize using a free standalone application (Visual ... (those whose translations need updating), the ability for translators to view your Windows forms and user controls ... and location adjustments if you grant permission), an automatic translation feature if you grant permission, the ability .... Free download of TranSolution 3.4

LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685 ToBeSmart Sp. z o.o.    

... import/export, xls (Excel) export. - Assembly post-build scripts. Automatic translations: - Integrated with Google Translate. - Uses Dictionary Translation. - Checks and reduces translations costs by using smart query optimalization. - Exports translations and builds your own dictionary to reuse it to other projects. Powerful grid editing: - Multilevel Undo/Redo. .... Free download of LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685

Doc To ODT Converter Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert one or more MS Word DOC files to OpenOffice ODT files. The user chooses the files or an entire folder to be processed before starting the conversion. Using this time saving software, even large numbers of files can be handled .... Free download of Doc To ODT Converter Software 7.0

Freelang Dictionary Freelang    

The Freelang Dictionary is an offline dictionary software. You download the program once, then you can add as many wordlists as you wish. Basically a wordlist is made of two columns, one language in each: Spanish-English, German-French, and so on. We have most of the main languages spoken, as well as .... Free download of Freelang Dictionary

TsiLang Components Suite 7.5.0 SiComponents    

... there is TsiLang Component Suite - the complete automatic localization solution. First, TsiLang Component Suite supports the ... interface to most European languages without paying a translator. If you don't know the German term for Access Violation or Save As’ simply look it up in GPTD. The second advantage of this .... Free download of TsiLang Components Suite 7.5.0

Precision Language Suite 2.5 Precision software & consulting    

... for preparing your language files (translations) * PLS Translator - a free lightweight editor intended for translators PLS Engine features: * TplsController component for easy ... including an automated tagging * Spell checking * Automatic scan and synchronization of defined source code files ... formats including formats defined by scriptable extensions * Automatic translation features, including the support for custom dictionaries, .... Free download of Precision Language Suite 2.5

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Gtranslator 1.9.5 Gtranslator Team    

... very useful features like Find/Replace, Translation Memory, different Translator Profiles, Messages Table (for having an overview of ... several PO files in tabs Plural forms support Automatic headers update Comments editing Management of different translator profiles Translation Memories Assistant to configure initial profile .... Free download of Gtranslator 1.9.5

SmartCAT 01.16 SmartCAT    

Translation automation software. For professional translators, translation agencies, and corporate translation departments. Main functions: ... creation/management, integrated quality assurance, real-time collaboration by multiple translators on the same document, and vendor management. Also available: automatic recognition and conversion (OCR) of PDFs, scanned documents, ... that correspond to previously translated materials. The program automatically inserts a high-quality human translation (not a machine .... Free download of SmartCAT 01.16

CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15 SilverCyberTech    

... create update packages) - Dependencies Finder tool completely automatic - multilanguage support (Translator tool included) - creation and automatic management of infinite serial codes - management of minimum requirements for current package - support for Microsoft .Net framework 1.x, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 version .... Free download of CyberInstaller Suite 2011 1.15

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Headline Viewer 0.9.9 SeventhWave Software    

... & fonts Double-click to open story in browser Automatic flipping between stories Context Menus, Drag & Drop ... will be updated several times per week. Automatic invocation of a language translator to translate content written in Spanish, French, German, .... Free download of Headline Viewer 0.9.9

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tmaplatform 915 RTIT    

... migration between databases of different types; module for automatic updates and platform; repository (centralized storage of parts ... the code queries and improve their visibility; query translator SQL, allows you to run without changing the programs developed for other types of databases; set of components for building user interfaces, sharpened by .... Free download of tmaplatform 915

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