Auditing Group Policy 15.4 Group Policy Auditing Software    

... in Group Policy. It successfully carry out granular auditing of Group Policy Objects, and GPO links. Changes ... In order to evaluate the functionality of this auditing Group Policy software you can download its 15-day fully featured trial license comes preinstalled with the software. After evaluating the software, you can purchase .... Free download of Auditing Group Policy 15.4

Auditing Exchange Server 15.1    

... administrators that is used for the purpose of Auditing Exchange Server through a centralized console. The software facilitates non-owner mailbox auditing which means that you can set various parameters ... for maintaining a central database to store the auditing logs that facilitate in restraining the long-term archiving. LepideAuditor Suite Exchange Server is an excellent auditing & reporting software to meet external security compliance .... Free download of Auditing Exchange Server 15.1

Auditing Active Directory User Accounts 15.2 Auditing Active Directory User Accounts    

... of reports on user change actions by date. Auditing active directory user accounts provide thorough visibility of who, what, when and where information. This tool easily audit active directory logon events, service access, object access, policy change, privilege use, process tracking, permission changes and system events. Other than this, it .... Free download of Auditing Active Directory User Accounts 15.2

Auditing Windows File Server 15.1 Windows File Server Auditing    

For Auditing Windows File Servers, professional tools like LepideAuditor for File Server are preferred over native auditing tools. Only LepideAuditor for File Server can provide ... files, folders, and permissions. As it offers centralized auditing facility, centralized audit data storage, predefined and customized auditing reports, and instant alerts for critical changes, no .... Free download of Auditing Windows File Server 15.1

SQL Server Auditing 15.0 SQL Server Auditing    

Manual auditing to the SQL Server is very tough task ... and audit it. To simplify entire SQL Server auditing, LepideAuditor Suite - SQL Server has been devised. ... GLBA. Furthermore, with the help of SQL server auditing tool the generated reports can be mailed or ... PDF, HTML and CSV. Now, this SQL Server Auditing tool is available with new advanced features. Try .... Free download of SQL Server Auditing 15.0

NetApp Filers Auditing 15.1 NetApp Filers Auditing    

... of this, many companies have implemented many file auditing tools that serve the purpose of their needs, ... is developed with the support for NetApp Filers Auditing and facility for centralized auditing of user activities related to any alterations in ... like HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc. * Offers the auditing adeptness for Windows File Servers as well as .... Free download of NetApp Filers Auditing 15.1

GPO Change Auditing 15.2 GPO Change Auditing    

Group Policy Auditor – a GPO change auditing solution available as a standalone part of LepideAuditor Suite not only facilitates real-time auditing but also provides you live reports by tracking ... trial. One can download the software and try auditing as many domains as he/she wants without any .... Free download of GPO Change Auditing 15.2

Exchange Server Auditing Software 15.4 Exchange Server Auditing    

... made to the Exchange Server. Lepide Exchange Server Auditing software keeps you informed about each and every ... needs. With the help of this Exchange Server Auditing software, Administrator can keep regular eyes over any ... - Exchange Server is a versatile Exchange Server auditing software which provides a complete solution for Exchange .... Free download of Exchange Server Auditing Software 15.4

File Server Auditing Software 16.1 File Server Auditing    

... to take care of all your file server auditing worries by displaying the graphical view of reports ... and requirements of the project. The file server auditing software is trusted by clients across the globe ... in a simplified way. As a reliable file auditing and monitoring software, LepideAuditor for File Server can .... Free download of File Server Auditing Software 16.1

Change Auditing Reports 15.2 Change Auditing Reports    

... Directory Auditor provides four different types of change auditing reports such as Active Directory Modification Reports, Active ... Reports. It’s a great tool for Active Directory Auditing. Its pre-defined auditing reports give details of every single change made .... Free download of Change Auditing Reports 15.2

File Server Change Auditing 15.3 File Server Change Auditing    

... process of Windows and NetApp file server change auditing. It provides all the features and facilities that ... platform and so on. LAFS also provides streamlined auditing feature, in which you can filter reports on the basis of various parameters such as File Server, time span, process, file mask, user, event, .... Free download of File Server Change Auditing 15.3

Windows AD Auditing 15.0 Windows Active Directory Auditing    

... the best. With the help of Windows AD Auditing, you can schedule time intervals for active monitoring, ... formats. The trait of real time Windows AD Auditing helps the Administrators to restrict the ongoing unwanted ... If you want to perform the Windows AD Auditing, then this can be achieved by running the .... Free download of Windows AD Auditing 15.0

AD Auditing Solution 15.4 Active Directory Auditing    

Active Directory Auditing is an intelligent monitoring technique to keep tabs ... within their network. With a sophisticated Active Directory Auditing tool like LepideAuditor Suite, users can put a ... comparisons. Another incredible feature of this Active Directory Auditing tool includes maintaining backup copies of AD while also managing modifications done in .... Free download of AD Auditing Solution 15.4

Active Directory Auditing 15.4 Active Directory Auditing    

LepideAuditor Suite for Active Directory makes auditing a simple, quick and hassle-free task. With facilities for agentless and agent based auditing for domains and SQL Server, it effectively tracks ... and helps you keep AD environment secure. Manual auditing is very troublesome and time-consuming, hence, a third ... Active Directory. It is a combined platform for auditing Exchange Server, Active Directory, MS SQL Server, SharePoint .... Free download of Active Directory Auditing 15.4

Exchange Server Auditing Solution 15.4 Exchange Server Auditing    

... this tool, you get a centralized platform for auditing multiple Exchange Servers from multiple domains. It generates ... for Exchange Server provides a comprehensive exchange server auditing solution by providing complete visibility of who, what, ... to find needed and necessary information. Exchange Server Auditing Solution easily generates more than 40 graphical critical .... Free download of Exchange Server Auditing Solution 15.4

Change Auditing Software 15.3 Change Auditing Reports    

Active Directory Auditor is an intelligent change auditing software for AD health monitoring and keeping IT ... details of every change facilitating efficient Active Directory auditing. Another incredible feature of this tool includes maintaining backup copies of Active Directory while also managing changes in accounts, security, configuration, memberships and values over .... Free download of Change Auditing Software 15.3

Active Directory Auditing Solution 15.4 Active Directory Auditing    

An intelligent Active Directory Auditing solution calls for sophisticated monitoring technique that can ... an excellent software that can manage all AD auditing tasks with ease. With this tool, one can ... ownership. Another incredible feature of this Active Directory Auditing tool includes recovery of tombstoned objects within the AD, maintaining backup .... Free download of Active Directory Auditing Solution 15.4

SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4 SharePoint Auditing    

... what, when and where information. This SharePoint Server auditing tool is very powerful when it comes to ... different options on these reports. With its centralized auditing, one can easily collect data of multiple SharePoint ... The web console provided by this SharePoint Server auditing software provides a web-based access to audit reports. .... Free download of SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4

Active Directory Auditing Software 15.3 Active Directory Auditing    

... why most of the clients seeking help for auditing & monitoring AD trust Active Directory Auditor is – it performs comprehensive AD audits via comparative analysis of security levels along with before and after values. Also, one can also track change in user permissions at granular level which no other .... Free download of Active Directory Auditing Software 15.3

SharePoint Server 2013 Auditing 16.1 SharePoint 2013 Auditing    

LepideAuditor for SharePoint facilitates complete SharePoint 2013 auditing by enhancing security, meeting regulatory compliances and managing ... GLBA, SOX etc. Also, the sharepoint server 2013 auditing tool possesses the ability to search data based ... can be used to perform advanced SharePoint 2013 auditing. With a secure web based console that the ... when it comes to performing effective SharePoint 2013 auditing. Another important feature that makes LepideAuditor for SharePoint .... Free download of SharePoint Server 2013 Auditing 16.1

File Access Auditing 15.1 File Access Auditing    

... Auditor for File Server (LAFS) is a powerful auditing software to keep track of all changes made ... content and when this was done. File Access Auditing tool notifies users about the occurrence of suspicious ... DOC, TXT, HTML, or PDF format. File Access Auditing is packed with more powerful features along with .... Free download of File Access Auditing 15.1

Exchange Server Auditing 15.0    

... lead to data security glitches. But, Exchange Server auditing through native tools is not feasible for Exchange administrators. To help them, professional Exchange Server auditing tool has been developed as LepideAuditor Suite - ... much capable to perform a comprehensive Exchange Server auditing and helps you to monitors all the changes ... of the Exchange changes? Now, this Exchange Server Auditing tool is preferred by many organizations and Exchange .... Free download of Exchange Server Auditing 15.0

File Server Auditing 15.3 File Server Auditing    

File server auditing, undoubtedly, is the most effective way to be ... use LepideAuditor for File Server for file server auditing. Administrators can perform centralized auditing of Windows file servers and NetApp Filers, and can collect the auditing details in a central repository. Simply, it empowers ... Server boasts of some advanced features that elevate auditing to a level of comprehensiveness. Customized auditing facility .... Free download of File Server Auditing 15.3

Windows File Auditing Software 15.3 Windows File Auditing    

... used software for file server and NetApp Filer auditing. With incidences of security lapses and data leaks ... administrators are very much dependent on Windows file auditing software for effective auditing. LepideAuditor for File Server monitors Windows file servers ... after values of a change to prepare comprehensive auditing logs. These auditing logs are stored in a .... Free download of Windows File Auditing Software 15.3

Windows Server Auditing 15.1 Windows Server Auditing    

Windows Server Auditing is a complex task that requires a lot ... it difficult to perform it smoothly with native auditing tools. But with LepideAuditor Suite, one can easily ... installed components like AD, Exchange, Group Policy, etc. Auditing, change reporting, health monitoring, and alerting are the ... unwanted changes—a facility that is rarely found in auditing tools. Also, for auditing domains and SQL Server .... Free download of Windows Server Auditing 15.1

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