Library .NET (Free Note Edition) 18.6.5350 fish    

Library .NET (Free Note Edition) is a personal notes and information management system, With it you can store all of your notes and information in an easy-to-use outline, It makes your data easier and convenient management, quicker and exact search, simpler and flexible backup, clearer and intuitive interface. Features: Multiple databases .... Free download of Library .NET (Free Note Edition) 18.6.5350

Add-in Express Toys for Excel and .NET 2.0 Add-in Express Ltd.    

This is a free sample COM add-in (ready to install and use) that adds a number of useful features to Microsoft Excel, including advanced options for Excel styles, merging cells, aligning text and special paste options. The add-in is based on the advanced Add-in Express technology and is designed to show .... Free download of Add-in Express Toys for Excel and .NET 2.0 Hasanur Rashid was designed as an Open Source Windows based GUI for the popular avrdude Command Line utility for AVR microcontroller Programming. It has got many features with a lightweight easy to understand interface. LibUSBdotnet and avrdude is provided with it. .... Free download of

StreamRecorder.NET Ohad Schneider    

Record online streams using MPlayer, VLC or any other recorder of your choosing. Join, tag and post process as you please. Schedule recordings of your favorite internet radio shows and download full streams to your hard drive. Requires .NET 3.5SP1. Features: Records, joins and post processes stream using the .... Free download of StreamRecorder.NET

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Acumen Business Systems Ltd    

Multiple Image Resizer .NET allows you to process individual images or folders of images. You can resize, add borders, crop, overlay text, overlay/underlay images and rotate/flip images. Multiple Image Resizer .NET can open images in 31 different image formats, and save processed images in 16 image formats. The graphical user interface .... Free download of Multiple Image Resizer .NET

ZLIB.NET 1.03 ComponentAce LTD    

100% managed version of ZLIB compression library. Full C# source code is included. .... Free download of ZLIB.NET 1.03

CommonLibrary.NET 0.9.6 Beta Kishore Reddy    

A collection of very reusable code and components in C# 4.0 ranging from ActiveRecord, Csv, Command Line Parsing, Configuration, Validation, Logging, Collections, Authentication, and much more. This is ideal for C# developer looking for a Utility library, Java developers looking for a C# version of Java Commons. .... Free download of CommonLibrary.NET 0.9.6 Beta

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Snap.NET Conquistadore    

Snap is a lightweight tool developed in WPF that gives you the ability to capture a screenshot using an overlay to crop out the desired part to be captured. Since it lies in the system tray it's very fast to take a screenshot whenever you want. The overlay color and .... Free download of Snap.NET

Dot Net 3.5 Features Fix 2.0 TechyGeeksHome    

Fixes Windows 8 features download errors. If you are using a Windows 8 or 8.1 machine you may come across the requirement to install additional features like .NET Framework 3.5 for some software to work. Normally, if you click Download and install this feature, it will do just that are work .... Free download of Dot Net 3.5 Features Fix 2.0

Aloaha PDF Crypter.NET 6.0.16 Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH    

Standard PDF Encryption with owner and user passwords used to be the only PDF protection. Unfortunately passwords do not stop somebody of passing the PDF document on to somebody else. Even worse is the fact that PDF passwords can be removed very easy. The owner password for example can be removed .... Free download of Aloaha PDF Crypter.NET 6.0.16

DimFil MailBox .NET RC 2.0 DimFil    

Send, receive e-mail messages; TLS/SSL protocol .... Free download of DimFil MailBox .NET RC 2.0

DimFil FileUtil .NET DE 2.0 DimFil    

File manager; Sort by name, ext, date and size; Tabs for folders; Two streams of copying; Size of files; View - text, images; Edit; Copy; Move; New file; New folder; Rename; Find; Find in files; Delete. .... Free download of DimFil FileUtil .NET DE 2.0

digiMXAS Article Submitter .NET 1.5.3 digiXMAS Limited    

DigiXMAS Article Submitter is automated article submission tool that quickly submits your articles to hundreds of free article directories. With digiXMAS Article Submitter, your article submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool. KEY FEATURES - Automated account registration. - Automated article submission with smart, self-learning category .... Free download of digiMXAS Article Submitter .NET 1.5.3

SourceCode Organizer .NET PipisCrew    

Is your library for organizing and storing your source code. It doesn’t matter what type of language you program in, Source Code Organizer will keep it safe and secure until you need to use it again. .... Free download of SourceCode Organizer .NET

Age Calculator .Net 1.0 Ricardo Villalba    

Age Calculator allows you to know your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It can calculate the time between two dates. Multiple profiles are supported so you can also calculate the age of your children, relatives, friends... Everything is saved, so you don't need to enter the .... Free download of Age Calculator .Net 1.0

Capture .NET Free v2 12.8.5310 fish    

An integrated, multi-functional, powerful and general-purpose System, Design, File, Desktop and Develop utility tool. Includes many helpful tools: Capture Screen/Image Editor/Capture Color/Post-It/Screen Clock/Screen Calender/Screen Reminder/Screen Ruler/Screen Pencil/Screen Magnifier/Converter/Backup Expert/Quick Launch/World Clock/Timer...and much more. All-In-One, Multlanguage, Simple and Standalone (no installation). .... Free download of Capture .NET Free v2 12.8.5310

Alcantara-Designs Job Engine (ADJE) 1.4.3 Alcantara-Designs    

... is a FREE job board software made using ASP.Net, DevExpress controls, and MySQL database server. It is highly customizable via CSS, HTML, control themes, and templates. Some features include: Resume upload, Medium trust hosting ready, Cufon Fonts, Templates, PayPal and DalPay Payment integration, Facebook share/recommend built-in, Google Analytics integration, and .... Free download of Alcantara-Designs Job Engine (ADJE) 1.4.3

VevoCart 6.2.0 VevoCart    

... Process - PA-DSS Certified - Totally secured - ASP.NET C# source code Included - Community support - ... knowledge. VevoCart community is flexible and extensible. The ASP.NET C# source code is included for customization, behavior ... questions, suggestions, sharing and all others, VevoCart community forum is where VevoCart Team & VevoCart users around .... Free download of VevoCart 6.2.0

Knockout MVC 0.5.1 Perpetuum Software    

... is a free extension of Knockout.js library for ASP.NET MVC 3 that moves all business logic to server side and automatically generates JavaScript code necessary for client side based on C# or VB.NET data model. Creation of JavaScript-based application is just as easy as development of a common C# / .... Free download of Knockout MVC 0.5.1

Source Editor Kovalev Serguei    

... (.js), Cascading Style Sheets (.css), Html (.html, .htm), ASP.NET(.aspx, .asmx, .ascx, .asax,...). View edited web-files in the ... - has templates for Asm, C/C++, C# and ASP.NET files. - has examples for C/C++, C#, Java and Masm32 .... Free download of Source Editor

AssessmentTool 1.0 Gizmox    

Run a free assessment readiness test on your .NET application EXE and learn how close you are to upgradiing it to SaaS Web or Cloud using Visual WebGui CLoudMove solution and without sharing any sensitive data or commitment on your side. The new free tool which runs on the runtime assemblies .... Free download of AssessmentTool 1.0

Windows Live SDK 5.3 Microsoft    

... (SDK) package includes OAUTH WRAP Handler to develop ASP.NET applications that interact with Windows Live. ... WRAP Handler: · OAuth WRAP callback handling for ASP.NET applications to process access tokens. You need this kind of handler when you build ASP.NET solutions. Channel.html: · HTML page required for .... Free download of Windows Live SDK 5.3

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ASTreeView 1.5.8    

ASTreeView is a free powerful treeview control for ASP.Net with drag drop, ajax loading, context menu, xml import/export, three-state checkbox, selection, add/editing/deleting nodes with ajax, themes supported, developer friendly data binding. .... Free download of ASTreeView 1.5.8

SWF To Image 1.43 ByteScout    

... JPG, GIF images from Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Visual C++, Visual C# programming languages. For example, you want to display thumbnail for every flash movie in your application or on your web-site. .... Free download of SWF To Image 1.43

Visual WebGui Express Studio 6.4 Gizmox    

Visual WebGui,, is the first .NET open source Ajax empowered Web/Cloud application platform. VWG is patent pending platform that provides .NET desktop benefits for Web/Cloud/SaaS. It offers rapid one layer development environment. Rich enterprise level application enhancement and unhackable, secured running environment. "Push of a button" legacy to web / .... Free download of Visual WebGui Express Studio 6.4

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