SharePoint AD Administration 1.8.508.1 boostsolutions Co., Ltd    

... the workload of the systems administrator? SharePoint AD Administration provides the systems administrator authorization to delegate other ... total workload of System Administrators. The SharePoint AD Administration web part allows administrators to safely delegate limited Active Directory administration permissions and user management capabilities to front-line employees, ... time invested by IT for system maintenance and administration increases, meaning that it becomes increasingly difficult for .... Free download of SharePoint AD Administration 1.8.508.1

Softerra Adaxes 2010.2 Softerra, Ltd.    

... automates and secures Active Directory management, maintenance and administration. Softerra Adaxes guarantees high-performance user lifecycle management achieved ... console. Now you may easily modify your own account information and perform numerous Active Directory management tasks with just one solution! .... Free download of Softerra Adaxes 2010.2

Standard Admin Icons 2013.1 Aha-Soft    

... representing World Wide Web, PHP, SSL, About, Add Account, Auto Reply, Calendar, Customers, Database, Enable and Disable, Documents, Domain Name, Edit Account, E-mail Software, Error Page, Filter, FTP Accounts, Help, Info, Lock and Unlock, Logout, Logs, Mail, Maintenance, PC, Print, Properties, Remove Account, Reports, Server, Settings, Statistics, Tools, User and User .... Free download of Standard Admin Icons 2013.1

Active Directory Query 7.1.1 Tumbleson    

... and is the perfect compliment to built-in Windows administration tools. It works together with freely available products ... objects stored within Active Directory * Perform basic account administration such as disabling accounts, resetting passwords, etc. * Wake On LAN capabilities .... Free download of Active Directory Query 7.1.1

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Ciirus Property Manager 2.55 Ciirus, Inc    

Property Manager is an Integrated Property Management Administration System specifically designed for vacation rental homes. Escrow, ... based on your personal security preferences. Instant Escrow Accounts Property Manager instantly produces escrow reports, saving many hours of time and effort. The escrow accounts are automatically updated when any activity is detected. ... encryption technology. Web Site Management Each Property Manager account includes a fully featured web site that can .... Free download of Ciirus Property Manager 2.55

Active Directory Janitor 2.2 Special Operations Software    

... a growing problem with outdated computer and user accounts that do not correspond to real physical computers ... the entire network to easily identify these computer accounts. You can then decide, from a number of ... environment. Pick user (NEW in 2.0) or computer accounts to scan in three different ways: Manually, from .... Free download of Active Directory Janitor 2.2

abylon UAC-GRABBER 2014 abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde    

... security concept introduced in Windows Vista, called “User Account Control (UAC)”. The program enables the administrative start of trusted applications without prompting the confirmation dialog box each time. In order for this the UAC security dialog will show only, if programs are executed without the knowledge of the user. An .... Free download of abylon UAC-GRABBER 2014

HomeWeb Starter Kit 2.0 Cognitier, Inc.    

... your computers. Push files to your cloud storage account. Access multiple computers simultaneously. You can route requests from a web site directly to your computer and monitor the content of all web site requests - even chat with web site visitors in real-time. Use the built-in command editor to extend .... Free download of HomeWeb Starter Kit 2.0

SUADE Aphex Software and Design, LLC    

... into your servers to reset passwords or enable/disable accounts. You can effectively administrate the core features of ... in Active Directory. Automatically be notified when an account becomes locked when using SUADE to administer your ... lets you track what happened to a user’s account when using SUADE to perform Active Directory administration. .... Free download of SUADE

Deskroll Remote Desktop 1.8 Tomsk Inc. dba DeskRoll    

... computer. Locally, you just open your online DeskRoll account - from a mobile device or a computer. ... app, enter a secure code from your DeskRoll account - and you're ready to go! Put your ... Access to do remote access. In your DeskRoll account, you will find an additional tool for doing .... Free download of Deskroll Remote Desktop 1.8

StatWin Professional 9.0 Employee Monitoring Software    

... listing, it's possible to find out the user account name, date, start and finish time, session period and other details. StatWin Professional also lets you monitor user activities and administer the system, even in the stealth mode, so users of the monitored computer cannot suspect the presence of the monitoring .... Free download of StatWin Professional 9.0

Magic Winmail Server 5.1 B0718 AMAX Information Technologies Inc.    

... RBL ,SPF, SpamAssassin, Network Storage, remote access, Web-based administration, and a wide array of standard email options ... allowing access by multiple users to one email account without conflict. · Automatic extraction and conversion of ... information within an internal network Ease of Administration: · Import and export of user accounts data .... Free download of Magic Winmail Server 5.1 B0718

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TM-POP3 Server 2.14 TMSOFT, LLC.    

... mailboxes, multiple domains, e-mail aliases, distribution lists, remote administration, logging, and security controls. Admin account supports remote configuration and e-mail auditing for monitoring ... couldn't be easier with the automated installer and administration tool. The server and administration tool are designed to not require any additional ... conflict with other software! The TmPop3 server, TmPop3 Administration tool, and help documentation are included in the .... Free download of TM-POP3 Server 2.14

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PDF, XLS, DOC , Sharing PHP Script 1 SimplyPHP Scripts, Inc    

... access and download files and has a full administration side that allows operations on files, users, groups ... Login Page - Upload Document Page - Member Accounts - Search Page - Advertisements - View Document Page - Document Section - Categories - Account Help - Administration - Document Validation System - Create Multiple Administrators .... Free download of PDF, XLS, DOC , Sharing PHP Script 1

Radmin Remote Control 3.5.1 Famatech Corp.    

... Radmin 3 fully supports Windows 8, including User Account Control and Fast User Switching. Radmin utilizes unique DirectScreenTransfer(TM) technology that provides unprecedented speed of work with a minimal CPU usage. The major advantage of DirectScreenTransfer(TM) is that it receives data directly from Windows, before it ever gets to the Video .... Free download of Radmin Remote Control 3.5.1

FCChat 3.0 Fastcat Software    

... site to sign up for a free chat account. Key Features * Can be integrated into any ... site. In addition, it comes with a detailed administration and moderation system. .... Free download of FCChat 3.0

O&O BlueCon 11 O&O Software GmbH    

... also use the Pack for system backups, recovery, account management and much more besides. Using a standalone Windows system, which can be run from a USB stick or CD, the installed operating system is bypassed and can be analyzed and repaired using the integrated tools in O&O BlueCon. A .... Free download of O&O BlueCon 11

hMailServer 5.4.2 Build 196 hMailServer    

... minutes. The server comes with an easy-to-use MMC-like administration called hMailAdmin. hMailAdmin lets you add domains & accounts, specify settings, enable virus scanning and so on. ... IT-systems so that new employees automatically get email accounts. Both hMailServer Administrator and the PHP web-based frontend ... backup * Multihoming * SQL backend * Web administration Integrations * ClamWin * SpamAssassin .... Free download of hMailServer 5.4.2 Build 196

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BlackMoon FTP Server Selom Ofori    

... FTP server application with features such as remote administration, services, virtual directories, user and group accounts, file resuming and passive mode transfers, unlimited accounts and connections, multi-homed & multi-port listening, low memory ... auto date and time activation, vb-scriptable, NT user accounts and NT Authentication, bandwidth caps, domain allow and reject setting, anti-hammering and anti-dos, remote administration, pasv range support, SSL3 and TLS support and .... Free download of BlackMoon FTP Server

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HOAI-Pro 2014 Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH    

... program to prepare proposals as well as fee accounting and administration. Based on easy to use interface you are able to account simple fee rates as well as to manage ... templates according RBBau. Further you are enabled to account lump fees or temporary fees. By DIN 276 accounting you are able to explicitly determine costs according .... Free download of HOAI-Pro 2014

AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS 7.4 Beta GECAD TECHNOLOGIES    

... (online/Offline mode, per-folder synchronization levels) Powerful technology: -Web Administration & Automated Operations (CLI) -Account Classes -Charts & ... -FTP Backup & Restore -Automatic migration tools -Delegated Administration Advanced security: -Multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam filtering -Anti-impersonation & Password Enforcement Policies -Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting -Encryption & Authentication -SPF & DomainKeys compliance LDAP .... Free download of AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS 7.4 Beta

AXIGEN Mail Server Enterprise Edition 7.3.3 GECAD TECHNOLOGIES    

... Enterprise Edition features Groupware, Personal Organizer, Public Folders, Account Classes and much more. Main services: (E)SMTP/IMAP4/POP3, WebMail ... PCs and mobile phones, List Server, centralized WEB/CLI administration. AXIGEN is available for many Linux distros (such ... User Management Console integration -Increased manageability of domain accounts and group *** NEW PROMOTION AVAILABLE, PLEASE VISIT: .... Free download of AXIGEN Mail Server Enterprise Edition 7.3.3

AXIGEN Enterprise Edition for Windows OS 7.3.3 GECAD TECHNOLOGIES    

... Enterprise Edition features Groupware, Personal Organizer, Public Folders, Account Classes and much more. Main services: (E)SMTP/IMAP/POP3/WebMail, List Server, advanced Logging/Reporting, centralized WEB/CLI Administration. AXIGEN is available for Windows Server 2003/2008 operating ... User Management Console integration -Increased manageability of domain accounts and group membership *** NEW PROMOTION AVAILABLE, PLEASE .... Free download of AXIGEN Enterprise Edition for Windows OS 7.3.3

XMail 1.27 Davide Libenzi    

... need for users to have a real system account, SMTP relay checking, DNS based maps check, custom ... (PLAIN LOGIN CRAM-MD5 POP3-before-SMTP and custom), a POP3 account syncronizer with external POP3 accounts, account aliases, domain aliases, custom mail processing, direct mail files delivery, custom mail filters, mailing lists, remote administration, custom mail exchangers, logging, and multi-platform code. .... Free download of XMail 1.27

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Winmail Mail Server 5.1 AMAX Information Technologies Inc.    

... protection, SSL/TLS security, Network Storage, remote access, Web-based administration, and a wide array of standard email options ... allowing access by multiple users to one email account without conflict. Automatic extraction and conversion of MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments. Static and dynamic IP connections. Ease of Use Winmail Server supports the following user .... Free download of Winmail Mail Server 5.1

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